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Welcome to RENEOCT.COM

Hellow friends, readers and strangers, welcome to my blog
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Irene Octoviani Tan, the author of this blog.
I was born in October and that explains the "Octoviani" of my middle name and I am a proud Libran.
ReneOct is a just nick that I came up with and it's challenging to pronounce. Well, you can just call me "Irene!" =)

About Me and My Country

I am an Indonesian-Chinese and I grew up in Indonesia. I came from a small amazing island called Batam.
I knew it! The island doesn't sounds glamorous to you. It may have or used to have bad reputation
 but, whatever it is, I am proud of my country. I love my country despite of all of the ugly perceptions.
I love the culture, I love all of the friendly people here, I love the food (for sure!) and a lot more other things.
Reason? I believed there's no perfect country.
Are you saying that your country is 100% free from prostitution, corruption and other bad things?
Well, Indonesia is the world's fourth largest country (based on its population). It is definitely not easy to manage!
So, I won't blame the government. I blame those individuals who can't resist the temptation.

About Me and My Education

I love the fact that I grew up in Indonesia. I went to school and was educated in Bahasa Indonesia.
And, because Batam is only 45-mins away from Singapore, we get to watch Channel 8 (Mandarin TV channel in Singapore)
That's how I get to practice my Chinese and in addition, both of my parent are mandarin educated.
So, since I was young, I always speak Mandarin when I am at home.
My great-grand parents are from Chaozhou, China.
In the other word, my parent can speak Teochew dialect and I get to learn a little bit of dialect from their conversation.
Now, about my school in Indonesia, Yos Sudarso. I spent almost my whole life (14 years) in Yos Sudarso, Batam (a local school).
TK Yos Sudarso (Kinder Garten) 2 yrs
SD Yos Sudarso (Secondary School) 6yrs
SMP Yos Sudarso (Junior High School) 3 yrs
SMA Yos Sudarso (Senior High School) 3yrs
It is my favorite place on earth. I met a lot of amazing friends from there.
I wasn't a good student. I visited teacher and principal office quite frequently too *giggles*.
I skipped school, I fought with my friend, I brought my cellphone to school illegally,
I did all the fun things and, I didn't regret.
My high school life was exciting, colorful, fun, amazing. I wish I could go back there again. =)

Then, after I've completed my high school, I further study to Singapore.
Reasons were simply because Singapore offers better education and the location is not too far from my place.
I went into Temasek Polytechnic and took an express course (2yrs only) and got my Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Business.

Then, I further study to SIM - RMIT and pursued a Business in Marketing degree (another 1.5 yrs wasted =P )
Honestly, I never thought that I can go through that 3.5 yrs so smoothly. I am quite amazed by myself. *pats my own back* haha!

Btw, I believed  you can tell that English is not my first language from they way I write.
So, pardon my broken English, messy grammar, etc. I am still learning.
You can read more about my school life here, here, here and here

About Me and My Love

I fell and stucked in love since when I was 17yrs old. We have been together for 9yrs! Hey! No, don't count my age! =P
How did it started? Well, it was kind of a typical old-school love story #blush.
I met this guy, a popular, naughty, playful guy from my high school. I don't remember exactly how did we became friend.
All I remember is, he was my senior high school classmate and also coincidentally my chair-mate.
We sat together for three consecutive years. That's insane! lol!
First year, we were enemy. You know right! Teenagers tend to always act and pretend to hate someone but secretly like them.

He love to tease people and give people random nicks, including me!
E.g: Predator, Apeq, Mee Siam, Lobak, Pembantu, hahaha I shall stop here. LOL
Btw, he has a crazy bff named "Nanas". His hair was spikey, just like pinapple that's why we called him nanas.
They, together as a team always bully and make fun of others people's name.
Anyway, in short, he's a trouble maker! I believed that's how we became friend?
I wasn't a good student. I often cheat on a test (ops!) Haha! Well, I believed you've ever did it too!
If you've never cheat on a test, you are indeed a very boring person! =D
My all-time-favorite cheating technique is to write it on an ant-sized paper.
Second favorite is to write it on the very corner of my skirt or on a wood pencil or calculator, so that I can flip it anytime.
Third favorite and most time-saving technique is the "peeking partner" method.
LOL! Btw, he is not a good student too! Now you know! Hahaha!
We worked as a team during exam. I peeked my friend's paper on the left-side and he peeked his friend's on the right side.
We double confirm before deciding the answ er. HAHAHA! Sounds like we have so much time to discuss yea? LOL!
To me, the most exciting part during high school is the exam. Oh! I love much!
On the second year, coincidentally, he was chosen or I was chosen to be his classmate cum chair-mate again!
However, unfortunately, we were separated on the third year. He was transferred to another class.
But then, I don't know how he did it, he  managed to convince the teacher and moved back to our class.
And, yes, he turned out to be my classmate again.
On one random night, he sms-ed me. He said, he think he is interested in me.
I was kind of shock and delighted at the same time. #HeartBeatsFasterThanUsual =D
The second day, I can't stop smiling to myself haha! I told my best friend, Lobak about it too.
Hahaha okay, lobak is just a nick. If you are reading this, santai bro! =P She was quite surprised I believed.
I became extremely shy and do not dare to talk to him! How did we became together?
Honestly, it was quite complicated! Hm..I also don't know how! Haha! Love changes people!
Instead of peeking other's paper during exam, he study hard and let me peek his. #Aww
Music playing in the background: "The Power Of Love..."
Well, btw, I didn't really copy his work. Because, even if he study, I do not believe in his answer too! HAHA!
I began to study harder too as it was our last year, you know!
I experienced a lot of romantic, sweet high school moments with him and those are priceless and unforgettable.
In short, we finally became boyfriend and girlfriend.Then, we further study to Singapore together.
You can read more about us here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
About Me and My Dog

He got me Gucci on my 18th birthday, if I am not wrong. Btw, yeah, long story.
In short, he's the one that wanted a dog, not me! Yes, he bought the dog for himself. Muahaha!
He is a maltese, imported from Taiwan, transferred to Singapore and have recently moved to Indonesia. =P
He is a good boy! But, he's not friendly to strangers and he will bite you if you come near to me!
I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. Haha! Read more about Gucci, here, here, here and here.
We moved back to Indonesia recently and we decided to get Gucci a partner, and we got him Mayo!
She's sexy and naughty..and noisy! But, she is extremely cute, fat and fluffy!
and now, she's heavier than Gucci! Read more about Mayo here, here and here.

About Me and My Blog

My first blog post was drafted through friendster blogger platform, which I don't remember when it was.
Then, when I moved to Singapore, I started to blog again. I named my blog 
and recently, I decided to buy a domain and created this
The purpose of writing a blog was purely to share about my haul, what I eat, where I go, etc.
I am not sure how but, my blog has accidentally transformed to a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.
I have worked with many many brands throughout the years and I am really proud of myself.
Through blogging, I met tons of amazing and awesome people, learnt a lot thing and gained countless of experiences.
It has been an amazing and addictive journey.









My Achievement

View my complete profile here

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