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03 August 2015

Singapore Top 5 Online Shopping Tips !

It’s GSS season now so all my friends and I have really gotten into the mood for shopping! But it seems like shopping online is still cheaper than shopping outside. So many shops just mark up the prices when their items are from China or Thailand. The same things can be bought from online shops for so much cheaper!! And now there are so many local blogshops and also Taobao where everything is dirt cheap.

Anyway, I prepared some tips for all of you on how to get the best deals online so you don’t waste money on things that are not worth their price. If you reduce spending on clothes shopping, you can actually save more to splurge on bigger purchases like designer bags or watches. Of course, you can only see results in the long term but you can try out all these tips to see how simple it is to buy chic and cheap clothes!

Tips on saving money while shopping online:

  1. Sign up for the newsletter of all the blogshops you like and follow them on Instagram/Twitter. If they have sales, you’ll be one of the first to know and you can grab what you want quickly! One of the worst feelings is to go to a sale and see all the good deals but… they’re out of your size. It’s really a game of fastest fingers first and many local blogshops clear their stock pretty regularly.
  1. Combine orders with friends to get free or express shipping: Rope some of your girlfriends or your family in to shop online together with you. Many local and international online shops have a minimum spending sum to get free shipping so the more the merrier! You really don’t want to spend extra just for postage fees. 

  1. Price compare: This is especially so for local blogshops which carry identical or similar items. Don’t be too hasty to make your purchase! Snoop around a bit and see if any other shops have the same piece for a lower price. I once liked a dress and decided to bought it when I saw it at Far East Plaza. I got it at approx SGD 49 and guess what? I found out an online shop selling it at only SGD 30 #heartbreak To get the best deal, all you need to do is to be "patient"!

  1. Use cashback websites: This is a new thing that I discovered and I’m really happy that it works! I tried out this cashback website called ShopBack that I heard about and I saved quite a bit of money when I click to shop through them. I should have discovered this earlier man! It is like a membership system when you get the rebate while you shop!

It’s quite easy to use. Basically their website has hundreds of merchants e.g RakutenZalora, ASOS, Luxola and all you have to do when you want to buy stuff from these online shops is to go to ShopBack and click to be redirected to these shops. After you make your purchase, they will credit back a certain percentage of money back into your account depending on the amount you spent and the cashback rate. For example, they offer 6% cashback for Rakuten which means if you spend $100 you will get $6 back into your ShopBack account. Once you accumulate more than $10 you will get to cash your money back to your bank account.  

I have a special link from them that will give all my readers $10 signup bonus when you create an account with ShopBack so you can all try it for yourself and slowly save your dollars and cents to go on holidays!! 

If you are still confused, you can watch this video to understand how ShopBack works.  

  1. Three-day rule – Think about pricier pieces for three days first before committing to buying them. Shopping online makes you more prone to impulse buying because clicking and adding things to cart is just so simple. There is definitely a possibility of getting carried away and having buyer’s regret! So just leave them in the cart and if you still remember them and want to cart out after three days, do it! This trick is best used for regular priced items that won’t go out of stock so quickly. 


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