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24 August 2015

5 Fun Facts About Aldo


I always say you can’t have too many pairs of shoes, particularly when they look as gorgeous as those from Aldo. 


Founded in 1972 in Quebec, Canada, by Aldo Bensadoun, the women’s fashion footwear label has since proliferated all around the world. Starting out with just four stores in Canadian cities, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Winnipeg, it now has than 1,000 stores worldwide in Canada, America, the U.K., Ireland, and 60 more franchised countries at last count. And with a firm presence in major fashion capitals like Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles, this footwear giant is certainly going places. 

Aldo aims to bring high-quality, fashionable footwear and accessories at prices that won't hurt your wallet. Little wonder that it's become one of the most popular footwear and accessories label since it first hit our shores in 2003.  

Love your Aldos as much as as the next girl? Check out 5 cool facts about the brand! 

1. Apart from Aldo, Aldo Group also carries other lifestyle footwear brands, including Little Burgundy, Call It Spring, and Globo. 


2. Their first best-seller was a pair of clogs!  

Named "Frida", it was this pair of clogs that put Aldo on the fashion map. Inspired by the free-loving spirit of the seventies, the Frida was first spotted more than 40 years ago.  

Good news if you're looking to try the clogs trend. Because of the Frida's success and popularity, Aldo recently announced that the beloved pair of clogs will be staging a major comeback. The Frida will be available in black or tan, features a lightweight wooden sole, metal studs at the side detail, and sensible, wearable heels.  

It goes with everything from a shift dress to boyfriend jeans. Now that's one trend I can get on with! 

3. Aldo categorises its shoes into three main collections: Casual, City and Dress. 

Adraeddaflat thong sandals  
The Casual Collection comes with lightweight, wearable styles that are pretty darn comfy to boot! 

AldoLearwenwedge pumps

 Aldo City wedges 

The Aldo City Collection lets you do your thang even at the workplace. Do office chic right with these sophisticated pairs.  


Shoes, sandals and boots from the Dress Collection are meant for the special occasions like date night or parties. Step out in style with these babies! 

4. Aldo is actively involved in raising awareness for social causes, particularly AIDS. It initiated the Aldo and YouthAIDS campaign in 2005 and raised more than US$10 million dollar for AIDS awareness.