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03 February 2015

Review: My First Painless Cold Steam Facial Treatment Experience in Singapore!

Hellow readers! It has been a while since the last time I do beauty review!
Oh! I miss those days where I was often invited to try facial, slimming treatment or even bust enhancement treatment LOL!
I miss those days where I'd travel around Singapore just to attend review or visit a spa or beauty center.
No matter how far the location is, I will use to find my way there! Honestly, I learned a lot about Singapore from blogging.
Man...I wish I still have time for those events as often as before T-T
I love learning new things, gain more experiences in beauty field and of course, meeting new friends.
It has been a miserable journey to KIV all of the invites I received in my inbox, super super sad duh!

Anyway, so weeks ago, I was coincidentally in Singapore
when Michelle invited me to try a painless cold steam facial treatment at BeautyLand Salon,
which I can't wait to share about my experience with you all!
Btw, I was in Singapore for my cruise trip. Oh! I finally sailed with Mariner of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Cruises!!
I will share about it in a separate blog post. (Update: I have shared about it here

BeautyLand is strategically located near to the SuiTes@ Bukit Timah bus stop.
It was super easy to spot the beauty salon and it was easily accessible too.
Upon arrival, I was asked to change to slipper and keep my belongings in the locker.
I love how clean, hygienic and organized the place was. It feels like home to me. It was really comfortable.
Then, I was greeted with the friendly owner who was the therapist herself as well, Miss Michelle.

Here's some of her achievements;
Certified Beauty Specialist by BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
Dr Pierre's Aesthetician & Entrepreneurship Diploma and etc.
In addition, Michelle is also certified by CIDESCO.
One of the most prestigious certificate a beauty therapist/consultant can achieve.
Check out the organisation’s website Click Here

Move on to my "Cold Steam Facial Treatment" as what the name suggest, it was a cold facial.

The first step was cleansing!
She applied a deep cleanser to remove my eye make-up and to cleanse my face.
Product she uses were mostly herbal-ish which I love it very much! The scent was very relaxing.

Then, she exfoliates my skin with very soft, spherical bead scrub.
After that, my face was then cold steamed with a herbal fluid and a light, eraser scrub applied. 
This was done to  further clear the surface impurities and debris and dead cells of my skin.
It was my first time trying cold steam, I ask her why cold instead of warm steam?
She mentioned that cold steam has a great calming and recovering effect,
especially for those with a sensitive skin and in fact, cold steam is a good moisturizing procedure too!
The cold steam calmed my skin and the herbs helped to firm up my skin collagen tissues.
She totally knew what I need! My skin was very thirsty for water!
My skin feels really clean after the multiple-cleansing process.

Move on to the extraction step, Michelle applied their famous Comedone Remover on my face and
left on for a few minutes to loosen and remove my blackheads painlessly.
This is it!! This whole treatment was called painless facial because the extraction process
doesn't involve the horrible and painful squeezing !! OMG my boyfriend is going to like this!
Hahaha! Everytime he goes for facial with me, he will complain that it hurts like hell.
The comedone remover was magic! It painlessly removed all of the dirt and blackhead on my skin.
I was curious so I asked Michelle to pass me a mirror and I was shocked to see how much yellow-ish
and black impurities that came out from my skin. After the extraction, my skin became clearer and brighter.
My face literally glows! I know I sounds exaggerating but honestly, my skin became more radiant after this step.

After the soothing process, my skin was prepped with a suitable toner for the Active Phase.
My skin was then infused with a generous amount of Active concentrate serum.

Then, a multiplex tailor-made massage cream was made for me. All I heard was her opening and closing the bottles, pour, mix, shake! =D
I knew she was doing some magic potion to make me look prettier hahaha! Now, here's my favorite step!
After she applied the cream on my skin she gave me approx.20 mins massage 
using some acupressure technique with her magic hand.One word to describe this process "Heavenly".
I almost fell asleep!! It was extremely relaxing and comfortable.
Lastly, a suitable mask was applied and left on for 20 mins then followed with toner and a fantastic day cream.

That sums up my 90 min amazing painless cold steam facial treatment experience.
After the treatment, I can totally see that my skin became much cleaner and brighter.
I've always been feeling insecure about going out without makeup but after the treatment, I felt confident enough to head out and face the world.

So, after from the salon, I went to cruise center to gather with my friend before the cruise trip and
one of my friend asked "I thought you went for facial? Why is you face not swollen red?"
I told her because my facial therapist was awesome! Haha! Before this, I always schedule my facial treatment to be at night.
So you know, after the treatment I could just go home directly without scaring people
with the horrible redness on my skin that I get from the facial session.
But now, I can totally go for a facial in the morning or even afternoon! Say no more to red swollen face.

WOHOO!! Now, a good news for all of my readers. They are currently having a promotion!!

Now, go to their facebook page at
Like their page and scroll down. You will find an "offer" column on the left side.

Get Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$97) when you have a Cold Steam Facial treatment with them.

What are you waiting for? Contact Michelle via whatsapp at 8693 9898 now, before she's fully booked.

BeautyLand Salon Online 68, Jalan Jurong Kechil, SuiTes@Bukit Timah, #01-04/05 Singapore 596180
Contact Number: +65 8693 9898
Website: Email:


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