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10 December 2014

Heart is lonelier emptier than ever.

Time now is 1.23 am. I just came back from my Jakarta trip. I went there to attend my gf wedding.
The wedding was awesome. I love the decoration very much. Love the colors too. It was red white and black.
I am sincerely happy and envy my gf very much. She has finally found the one. They look so perfect for each other.
They shared the same hobbies and interests. Ariel is a romantic guy too, I believe.
I can see that my gf is very happy when she is with him and his family. They get along very well.
oh!! I am so jealous! =D I want to find my perfect one and get married too. Haha! I am kidding.
Seems like it will take some times as I have not found the one yet.
It is December, it should be a happy month because holiday is around the corner.
Well, my mood is not so good these days. Life is seriously boring.
I need some sparks in my life and well, I dont know. I dont know what I want. LOL.

I am planning to travel alone. That seems fun and thrilling. I should really try to do that.
Hopefully I will bump into my perfect one along the way and get married right away. Haha.
#DayDreaming I miss the feeling of being admired by several guys.
Honestly, I am craving for that. I know right. I am too old for that already. Ckck.
This christmas, I wish I can wake up to a happy day, everyday.
I will and I believe I can make my wish come true myself. I handle my own life.
 It would be perfect to spend everyday happily with someone I love too.
That person has to be kind to me, love me with his whole heart and know how to make me happy.
When I am happy, I will try my best to make him happy too.
I wish to date a normal guy with common sense. Haha
someone who can fulfill all of my affordable wishes such as
prepare a hand written love letter for me on special occasion, sing my favorite song,
simply hug me when I need it, console me when I cry, hold my hand whenever he can,
Kiss me everynight, be by my side when I am lonely, care about what I feel,
try his best to exceed my expectation, I just want someone who can makes me happy.
Those are basics wishes that doesnt cost money but effort and time.
All I need is LOVE 😊
If possible, I wish to date someone older, someone wiser, someone who can teach me about a lot of things,
Someone who can share with me his story, someone who is able to earn money and feed himself.
It would be perfect if he can feed me too hahaha so that I can stay at home and be a good housewife LOL.
It would be even better if he is good at earning money. You know!
A sucessful business man is the one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
Lets pray that my wish will come true and I hope I can spend a happy christmas this year.



  1. I'm sure you will find that perfect someone someday. But I think you have to be complete even without him yet. :) Life is beautiful, so enjoy girl! Have a great 2015! ;)


  2. I feel you :(

    Recently I had the same feeling too, too find the one. Sometimes all I needed was just a shoulder to cry on, someone whom I can be vulnerable too. But I guess, he is still quite far from me.. Anyway, all the best for you okay! Find something that you love to do, and don't think of all the cons, just do it!

    Cause sometimes as we grow, there are more responsibilities and then we tend to think twice to do what we want.. but really, sometimes all it takes is just a little faith! Take the leap! and just do it! You go, girl ;)


Thanks for your lovely comment!