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22 November 2014

Jen Hotel Orchard Gateaway

Hello! #awkward I wonder if you you you are still here to read my blog. Hehe.
It has been ages since the last time I shared about my life in this little space.
Time now is 1.10am I just took my bath, cleaned my room, had a cup of milo and
now, watching drama at I have completed Prince William drama yesterday.
Today I decided to watch Sun-sun (純純) haha a period kind of drama.
They just started broadcasting the drama yesterday. So, they only have one episode online.
I will watch other drama after this one episode, I think.
Ps: I have changed to X Lies (謊言遊戲) hahaha! Sun Sun drama is in dialect, I dont understand lol
Ps: I changed again, haha X-lies videos are not working, now, I am looking for dramas at
Ok. watching Korean movie Be Arrogant now.

Back to my life!
About my life. Well, as you know, I started my cosmetic business one year ago.
It is really fast ya. Time flies. We just celebrated our first anniversary with loads of promotion last October.
I am so glad that the respond was not bad.
In case if you haven't heard about my business, you can check out my business instagram @GoldenLaceShop

Btw, have I told you that I found a very very good staff. Thanks to her! Now, I can travel more often! YAY!
She learnt really fast and she can totally replaced me already. Coincidentally, she's my relative.
His grandma and my grandma are siblings. Yes, that close! =D
Double yay because I found someone that I can trust. I adore her so much.
She works really hard working and very honest. Hahaha! I am very bad at math, that's not a secret.
I often count wrongly and give her extra salary LOL! she will tell me u know!

Anyway, I have been travelling to Singapore for both business and leisure.
I went to Japan and Malaysia too! Will blog about it in a separate blogpost.

I am planning to bring my family on a holiday. Where should we go? I was thinking about Korea.
I have been travelling a lot with my bf. We are planning to go to Taiwan next month.
Not sure if it will happen as I afraid, I can't go, December is peak season.
Money will come and look for me. Hahaha.
I expect good business during December and I afraid my staff can't handle it alone.
Bf should be quite busy too.
He just started his Go Clean Laundry, Titanium Club (opening this 5th Dec) and
Master Piece Family Karaoke (Opening in December too date TBA) businesses in Batam
In addition, together with my bf and his whole bunch of friend, we were talking about going on board
Royal Caribbean Cruises on Valentine day next year. Sounds so exciting right!
I miss Royal Caribbean Cruises (and all the friends I know from the company! Hehe! Hello if you are reading this)
I want to explore the mariner of the seas!!!!!!
Royal Caribbean Cruises will be cruising in Asia, departing from
Singapore to places like Port Klang, Phuket and Langkawi till next year around April, I think.

Oh! I can't waitttt!!! We will see.

Holy cow, December is just a week away!!!!! I am so happy, I love December!
December means it is near to the end of the year too, 2015 is coming and I am a year older in less than 5 weeks.
That's a bad news. My gf is getting married tomorrow. I am super happy for her!
She has found the one and she's going to build her own family, isn't it awesome?
Btw, my younger sister just gave birth to a baby girl last month!
Yes, it's a girl (even though as per now, to me, she looks like a guy) hahaha!
Her name is Crystabelle Dinatalya Pramono.
She's small and cute! I tried to carry her the last time when I was at my sis place, she's so fragile.
I can't wait for her to grow up, start to talk, walk, run and shop with me.
Oh ya, I am officially an aunt. It is both good and bad news. Aunty sounds so old! #wodemaya

Btw, today I also want to share about the fake eyelashes I draw with liquid eyeliner. =D
Very nice and natural right? I am impressed too. Hehehe.
I was using Dollywink liquid eyeliner to create this look.
Only dollywink eyeliner can do this! The brush is super thin and fine.
Btw, if you are interested to get dollywink at a good price, you can check out @dollywink_official 
Guaranteed price is cheaper than Watsons Singapore. It can be shipped to both Indonesia and Singapore too.

Here's how it looks like from far. Do you like my fake upper and lower eyelash?
Let me know!! Hehe.

This picture was taken a month ago.
We went to Singapore for Universal Studio Halloween Horor Night 5 #HHN5
We decided to stay at Jen Orchard Getaway,
Highly recommend the hotel. The location is perfect - located right above somerset mrt.
Price is consider affordable since it is quite near to Orchard Rd.

I always book my hotel room at seems like they offer the best price, 
or do you know any other website that offer good hotel deals?
Please let me know!

Btw, I remember very clearly we quarreled that day. He forgot to bring his hair wax and spray.
So we went down to Guardian to get it. Guess what? He insisted on going back to the hotel to do his hair.
I was extremely angry. Why can't he just do it in the restroom? Somerset @ 313 have more than 10 restroom I believe.
He insisted. I ignore him and I disallowed him to go back to the hotel. HAHAHA
In case if you think that I am a bad girlfriend, well, that's what he would usually do to me fyi!
E.g: When I dont have my make up on and when I want to go back to put on my make up he will say
"No need lah! no no, we are not going back and you look good. No need to use make up"
Fine, this time round I told him that too, no need lah! No need to do your hair, you look good.
HAHAHA! He was super duper pissed! We walked from Somerset to Far East Plaza with his hair super messy.
HAHAHA!! I was super duper happy #revenge yay! Then he started to pick fight.
I asked him where should we have our breakfast and he asked me back the same question.
I believed a lot of couple often have this "where to eat" fight. I was super annoyed and decided to leave.
I went to the 5 little bears, a restaurant that offer Taiwanese cuisine to eat alone.
At that time, I didn't turn on my sgp number and I was worried that he won't be able to find me,
so I gave up and sms-ed him telling him where I had my breakfast even though I was still very angry.
Hahaha he replied and told me that he's at the Scott Square restroom doing his hair. HAHAHA #wodemaya
Really can't stand him, even do hair also need to find a good restroom, Far East Plaza have no rest room ah? #wodetian
After done doing his hair, he came and joined me for breakfast. We ordered the same dish, the braised pork rice.
Oh! We spent most of our time quarreling when we travel. #whatever
I can't believe I am going to spend the rest of my life quarreling with this guy. Zzz...

That's my rant of the day.  Thanks a lot for reading this. It means a lot to me.
I just want to say a very sincere "THANK YOU" Ohh! I need some  hugs, can pls hug me? =DDD

Once again, thanks for dropping by.

Lastly, don't forget to follow my instagram and like all my photos HAHAHA! #buyaolian #gataumalu
I am more active on my instagram nowaday @ReneOct

See you on my instagram!



  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii ireneeeeeeeeeeeee miss youuuuu
    come singapore never say

    - R

  2. miss you too! I often go to sgp but schedule super rush lah! will definitely find a time to meet you guys!

  3. Anonymous25 July, 2015

    🙌🙌🙌hug from haswell fandifer😄😄😄


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