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18 October 2014

Welcoming MR HIRO JUNIOR our new Golden Retriever

Kitkat, Brownie, Bold, Jolt and etc were the names we considered.
We decided to named him HIRO (my idea #proud) - Complete name is HIRO JUNIOR.
Because, Neymar Jr mah! Hahaha! #NeymarIsHandsome
Hiro is a masculine Japanese given name with multiple meanings, dependent on the characters used.
 裕 means "abundant". 寛 means "generous, tolerant" and 浩 means "prosperous."

Hiro is only 3mths old and he is this huge. 😰 #goldenretriever

What a handsome name right!!! Decided to give him a Japanese- name as, Mayo also sounds Japanese LOL!

Now we have Gucci Bieber, Mayo Cyrus and Hiro Junior. Follow the boss @MonsterGucci on instagram.

Honestly, I was kind of scared of him when I first met him. He was so huge!!!
I afraid he'll attack me. Anyway, yes, this is an insane idea, Obviously not my idea.
Bf has been thinking about having a large-sized dog since few years ago. The reason why he haven't really got one was because,
we we expecting Mayo to get pregnant !! However, unfortunately, after two heat period, Mayo is still not pregnant.
Then, one day coincidentally the pet shop called bf and said
"There's a really nice Golden Retriever in my shop. You have to come and see"
"The Best Golden Retriever I have ever seen in Batam", "Very healthy and really cute"
"If you decided to buy, if there's any dog show event coming up, please allow us take him to the show for you"
Nah! Bf was totally sold. LOL! He decided to go down and see. He dragged me along too.
Mannnnn he was really cute! His paws were huge! I was surprised that he was only 3 months old.
Well, without hesitate, bf start to talk about when to pick him up and etc, I was like ---> "Man! Are you SERIOUS?"
He decided Friday! He said, he will come and pick him up, this Friday.  =O I didn't talk too much.
I was totally blank.

He transferred the money,very excited and have been looking forward to pick Hiros up since then.
I am happy when bf is happy. But, something is wrong lah! Muahaha a part of me is feeling guilty.
We're very busy with our career and when we're not so busy we'll be still busy, travelling. =P
We won't have so much time to play with them. Luckily they have each other !! feeling less guilty now.
We already have Gucci and Mayo and now, we have to love Hiro too!
Man !! We weren't ready. Well, I AM NOT READY.
I told him, if you really want to raise him up, you have to give him the best. I wonder if it is me or Libra.
It is either don't buy or buy and give him the best. No, nothing in between.
I always told him, jadi orang jangan tanggung tanggung. Kalau mau naik business class, tanggung, beli pesawat aja satu. Muahaha!
Don't be half-hearted. Either sit in economy class (cheapest) or get a plane. LOL, I see no point in sitting in Business class.

He always reply me "Stupid mind". Hahaha! I don't like to be half-hearted.
That quote reflects very often in my daily life man!
Like either wear very simple shirt looking like I am a drug addict or dress like I am going for a red carpet event.
Casual outfit is not in my dictionary LOL!

Back to main topic, yah! He still decided to bring him back.
We were very curious and wonder how Gucci and Mayo will react when they see their new friend, Hiro.
Gucci is a fierce dog, he bites.
Mayo is the bitchy and noisy want.  She barks at strangers oh! She love attention!
I blame everything to BF! He wanted to have pet but never really sit down and train them properly duh!
Surprisingly all of them get along pretty well. At first they will disagree when Hiro put his paws on bfs bed.
But now, they play together, they sleep together, everything is fine.
Guess what? The brave and naughty Gucci is afraid of Hiro! or maybe not afraid, he always compromise.
On the other side, Mayo, who always get her food/toys that she want without fail from Gucci, become very angry!
You know, Hiro is just a puppy! He knows nothing and he love toys! Mayo will snatch the toy from Hiro
and if Hiro refuses to give up the toys, Mayo will bark at him like she was scolding him.
Hahaha she's soooooo cute! For the first time she shows her teeth to other dog. Grrrr! We find her very cute OMG!

Their life have been so far so good. Bf is building a house for Hiro in his garden.
He's not toilet-trained yet and haih! The busy bf is always not at home to train him.
So he planned to put Hiro outside during the day and bring him up to his room at night.

Honestly, I do not wish to have any dog. They are cute. I am super happy and love to play with them.
But it is sooooooo saddddddd to know that, one day, they will leave us.
Gucci is the oldest and whenever I think about him leaving, I will cry like hell. T-T
I HATE THIS FEELING. I love them so much! I don't want them to leave!!! #tearyeyes

Now, my second theory, I told bf "Why you want to raise them when you know one day, they will die?"
He asked me back "You will die too, why your mum give birth and raise you up?"
Then I stunned. Hahaha!

Well, what's done is done. I will cherish them, try to spend more time with them and give the a happy life.
I know right, I said I don't want to have any more dogs but somehow I wish Mayo will give us some puppies.
Haha This Libra is xiao! Want don't want want don't want! #BadDecisionMaker


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