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05 October 2014

Singapore Deal/ Voucher/ Coupon Website Honest Review

Hey Hey! I am finally back, blogging !!
Well, where should I start? So, you know! My bf is a very spontaneous person.
He always plan everything last minute! He suddenly ask if I want to go to Japan?
I didn't take him seriously since the price you pay for being last min is really high!
#SuperDislike Anyway, to my surprise, his dream comes true. He booked the flights =D
Well, since I am not paying, of course I don't mind. LOL! Then we booked the hotels ourselves.
 Initially it was just bf and I. Then, his two friends cum business partner decided to join us!
The more the merrier and yes WE WENT TO JAPAN yay! #achievementunlock

Will blog about Japan on a seperate blog post. -Haha totally not related with today's topic.

A few days before we depart, I went to buy some vouchers from as I have some credits.
Ended up only paid SGD 5 (deal voucher initial price SGD 45) for facial, hair wash and
back treatment at Skinologies located at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore.
I just want to go for a pampering session before my holiday.
Btw, I am so used-to hard selling. Others may complaint, I will too.
But in this case, I didn't expect too much.

Everything was so-so. Will I return? definitely NO. The service was too simple.

The deal that they offered was only SGD 15. Dirty Cheap!
You Save $465.00 Normal Price $480.00
Tempting isn't? another factor that made me decided to get the deal is that,
they are located in a 4-star hotel, it won't be that bad.

However, unfortunately, the service was way below my expectation. I told you,
I didn't expect much and, this is even below my "expect not much" kind of expectation.
The lady who served me was actually kind and of course did a lot of hard selling. Almost fork up another 80 dllr to upgrade.
The reason why I didn't was because, it was too easy to negotiate. Hahaha! I am really good at negotiating.
Initially she said, I will need this treatment this this this and I need to pay SGD 200+ to upgrade my package.
Then I insisted my budget is below SGD 100. Then she give me the shock expression and said my idea is impossible.
Then I said, fine, just go with what I have paid, SGD 15 for SGD 480 worth of treatment.
Then suddenly she said, can wor. Even lower the package to only SGD 80.
Man. I should have said my budget is below SGD 50 loh! Haha I super dislike this kind of pricing.
Usually they don't have a price list/guide. They will just anyhow give you one price.
If you agree, they will earn a lot, if you negotiate, they give discount, will still earn but lesser.
So, I decided to think twice and say no, no, no to upgrade.

So, the facial was super simple, no significant changes after the treatment. Definitely not worth SGD 480.
The scalp treatment was MESSY. Super messy. the hair treatment was done on a bed and it was uncomfortable.
The wash and blow was seriously bad. Even HDB salon could do better job. I have a long and thick hair and it will take forever to dry.
So guess what? the person ask me to blow dry my hair myself. HAHAHA yes, 400+ worth of treatment.
The back treatment steps was only apply mask, roll crystal ball on my back and that's it. I don't remember much.

Yeap. That sums up to my what? SGD 1300 worth of treatment. Definitely not worth it.
Haha imagine, only paid SGD 5 and still, it is not worth it. LOL! Luckily I didn't upgrade.

Here's the thing, I love TRYING. I am a very curious person.
Unless it is something very good, I may revisit or I will simply stop going and try other place.

The good thing about deal website is, they have tons of good deal and mostly they offer really low price.
Some are even free. Well, not EVERYTHING is worth it though. Do your research.

Before you buy, please please please
consider the VENUE, TIME and read the T and C very clearly.
I bought a buffet voucher that worth SGD 32 and wasted it
as the timing is not suitable, venue is relatively far. #regret.

There are several good deals though. I always look for wax or IPL deal on deal website.
I tried Brazilian waxing at Plush! Located at the newly opened Orchard Gateway.
They stated that their usual price was SGD 80 and I only need to pay SGD 25.

1. Price is acceptable.
2. Accessible location
3. Award winning wax parlour
4. Why not!

So I went and tried, Oh! I was pleased with the result. #happy
Anyway, it was really a good deal. I have never try the 1 year unlimited IPL kind of deal though.
Heard that the "UNLIMITED" stated is actually limited to 1 session per month.
12 session ya say 12 session lah. what 1 year unlimited. #marketing #okay #understand

Well, if you haven't or have already tried getting vouchers from deal website here's my suggestion:

1. Love the deal website. Be polite, they are just middle person. Instead, thank them for bringing in so many deals!!
Want to complaint? Go directly to the merchant.

2. Be smart, read the T&C carefully. Some give you very nice price but is
EXCLUDE of tax & other charges, you might end up paying a little bit more on spot.
Some requires you to show your ID, some deals are valid only if you are Singaporean / PR.

3. Location, they are having promotion, why? because they are new, because they are far, because no nobody knows them.
That's why business not so good or there's many other reason, Just look for merchant that's near to you.
I personally only look for deals around Harbour Front, Vivo City, Orchard, Somerset, Plaza Singapura,
ION (very rarely), Ngee Ann City, Bugis, Liang Seah Street and etc. These are the places that I often go.

4. Be prepared. Almost all spa parlor or places that offer "service" will do hard selling. If it is good, reasonable go ahead.
If not comfortable with upgrade, package or etc. Just tell them no money. Haha.

5. Invite and earn credits!! Whenever there's good deal, I will share it on facebook, if people buy deals,
I earn some credits that can be offset on my next purchase. #workinginstyle hehe.

The deal website that I frequent a lot is - very easy to find deals. - they have tons of deal. - they work with mostly premium merchant.




  1. Anonymous23 May, 2015

    Hi may I know is the Brazilian waxing service at Plush is recommended for first timer doing brazilian? Does it hurt? And how long is the result remain? Thank you...

  2. Hi, I recommend. I personally had a not bad experience with plush. However, my sister wasn't satisfy though. So, it depends. The result of Brazilian waxing is definitely longer than shaving. That's all I could share with you. =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!