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04 September 2014

5 celebrity styles with Melissa shoes

Jelly shoes have a bad rap. They were the wannabes of the fashion footwear world in the nineties. Plastic and transparent and glittery and all in all unflattering on anyone. *shudders*
Jellies were the closest thing nineties girls could get to being Cinderella. Glass slippers?So passe. Plastic shoes that make your feet sweaty are way more hip. And oh, while we're at it, let’s add glitter!

Let's wrap your feet in strips of plastic and call them shoes!

Let's face it. They looked terrible. What was anyone thinking putting those on their feet? Jellies might have been the footwear choice of every girl, from your cousin to your great-aunt, but that doesn't make them any nicer. Or comfortable. 
Thank goodness we left those ugly things behind in the last millennium. What we have in the 21st century, though, is a new and much improved version of jellies. 

Gone are the translucent straps that cause painful blisters. Gone are the trying-too-hard designs that every girl in school wore to make herself look cooler (and failing). 
Melissa shoes have come a long way since it was first started 30 years ago. Now, Melissa works with top designers like Vivienne Westwood and John Paul Gaultier to develop eco-friendly (zero waste!) shoes that don't look like hideous rubber clogs.
Even style-savvy celebrities like super models AgynessDeyn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Moss, pop queen Katy Perry, and A-list actress Cate Blanchett are flaunting their Melissas. Check out how they wore theirs!

Celeb style: quirky cool
Who: AgynessDeyn

Go nuts with patterns and prints, and then anchor it with a pair of ankle booties from Melissa in a strong statement-making hue. If you're feeling bold, take a cue from AgynessDeyn and try out some yellow eyeshadow. Think WWADD: what would AgynessDeyn do? 

Celeb style: urban chic
Who: Kate Moss

If the queen of street fashion can rock a pair of Melissa jelly heels, so can you. Sexier than Mary-Janes and more conservative than stilettos, these strappy pumps are in a league of their own. Add a sultry pout and a bejewelled romper and you've got the whole look nailed. 

Celeb style: cute and girly
Who: Katy Perry

Come on. Melissa shoes are made for her. That electric blue pair looks right at home on her. Bubblegum pop never looked so good.Go monochromatic and slip into a flare dress (for the girly factor) of the same hue.

Celeb style: edgy glam
Who: Leona Lewis

Hitting the club this Saturday or kicking back with some after-work drinks? Add a touch of sexiness with lilac Melissa pumps and black stockings.Leona does it right with side-swept waves pulled into a low ponytail. Top it all off with minimal jewellery like stacked bangles, and let your shoes do the talking.

Celeb style: sexy and flirty
Who: Alessandra Ambrosio

Tousled waves, flowy fabric and flirty hemlines are best topped off with a pair of glittery Melissa pumps. Now go work that smoky eye makeup and flaunt those gams!


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