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16 April 2014

The 5 best ways to save with online fashion shopping in Singapore

I decided to split my blog post and here's the second part. Reason?
I talked too much about the election click here for the first part LOL! As mentioned, today is Holiday!
It has been a while since I sleep for so long. Seriously. I LOVE HOLIDAY.
So, what I have done today? Well, I woke up, I had my breakfast, then with some snacks,
I watched several TV programs on National Geographic Channel.
I watched brain games, none of the above, locked up abroad and etc.
Then, I spent hours sitting in front of my boyfriends PC, drafting the first part of the blog then, I have been browsing and shopping !!!!!
As you all know, I LOVE TO SHOP ONLINE. Not only that it is cheaper,
I can choose and think and choose and think for hours, days or even months before I decided to finally get it.
You know, I am a terrible decision maker. That explains why everything on my blog is centered.
Because I am not sure if I want the alignment to go right or left. Hahaha!
When I shop offline, I will usually buy something impulsively and then,
the clothes, bags whatever stuff that I bought will become decoration item. Haha! Are you like that as well?
Saw something, liked it. You know it is too big or too small but you just think that you have to own it.
You bought it and you just never user. LOL! It happens to me all the time.
I love all those clothes that I bought but I never get to wear them. It is more like something that I collected instead.
I am just happy to see them in my wardrobe.
Thinking that, one day. One day! I will wear it for sure and it never happen. Sounds familliar? =D

Now, today I am going to share with you my best 5 ways to save with online shopping in Singapore.

Tip No. 1 Set your budget.
Nah, one of the disadvantages about shopping is online, you don't know if the real item looks exactly like what you see on the website.
Set your budget. For me, I won't buy anything more than SGD 50 online.
In my case, I usually spent approximately 5 to 30 dollars on bags, shoes, clothes or other products.

The purpose of setting a budget is to reduce your disappointment. E.g: If the dress I ordered is too big/small.
I will just comfort myself by thinking that it is fine. It is only 5 bucks anyway. If the product exceed my expectation I will be very happy and delighted.
Then I will share about my thought on twitter or instagram with hash tags such as #DirtyCheap #WhatASteal #Insane haha!
It is like an investment you know.
The more money you spend on an item, the higher your expectation on it,
and it leads to higher disappointment when the product didn't meet your requirements.

Tip No. 2 Group Buy Advantage
Heard of Groupon,, Alldealsasia and etc? They are group buying sites.
I have bought deals on these website for countless times.

I'd usually get their buffet deal, IPL/ waxing deal, facial and etc. Mostly the deals that I bought cost less than SGD 20 !
Some are even less than 10 dollars. E.g: SGD 5 for Brazilian wazing. That's just #WOW isn't?
You just have to check them out. The next deal that I'd love to experience is their Travel deal.
Some of my friends bought their travel deal before. Most of them purchased that Bangkok SGD 199 deal.
So tempting right! Their feedbacks have been positive. I am totally going to check out those deals.

Tip No. 3 Be Patient. 
Do you know that certain website actually offer you coupon code when you leave some items in your cart.
Yes, you heard it right. You leave items in your online shopping cart to get random coupons from retailers.
This is a tip that I learnt from The Muttons from 987 FM.
According to them, if you happen to leave some items in your cart (You know! That "Add to Cart" button)

and you are not ready to check out or settle the payment for, lets say 2-3 days or maybe a week.
If you are lucky, certain retailers will send you a discount code. Usually they will email you with something like
"Ready to check out? Here's a 20/30/40/50% coupon code for you" =D Isn't it amazing?
"Good things come to those who wait."
 Well, this won't work all the time, nor will it work for every online seller. Now, pay attention to tips No.4!

Tip No. 4 Check promo / voucher/ discount / coupon code websites

Now, you don't have to wait anymore. You can get coupon code instantly.
I know how frustrating it is when you are finally ready to check out and
there's a coupon code column just below the total amount.
You will feels like - Mannn! I should fill up the column and get some discounts. But where !!
Where can I find the discount code? I FEEL YOU. That's just annoying.

Now, I just found a website full of promo codes! is like a paradise.
You have to check it out. You are welcome! =D

This website has tons of promo codes for popular website such as Zalora, Luxola, Expedia, Zuji, ASOS!!
Those are some of the websites that I visit regularly.

Tips No. 5 Social Media & Referral Program
Certain retailers are very active on social media channel such as facebook, twitter and instagram.
Check out those channels regularly. Usually they will have special deal for their follower.
E.g: Like our facebook to get free shipping or, share this post and get SGD 10 credit.

Their purpose is to create awareness of their business and by sharing the post that they posted on our wall,
our friends will see or notice it.
The more people share about it, the more people will be aware about the promotion.
It is something like words of mouth but in this case words of wall. LOL!

It is similar to referral program. If you invite your friend to join the website or purchase something, you will get rewarded.

You can use the credit you earn to buy something from the website. If the amount of credit is more than what you need then you can get the product for free!
Well, it depends on the T&C of the website too. Some retailers restrict the amount of credit that you can use.
E.g: You can use up to SGD 10 credit on this deal.

Altright, that's all for todays topic. I hope this blog post is useful for you.
Happy Smart Shopping! =D

With loads of love,


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