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26 March 2014


I have so many stories to share but no time to blog. No time for picture.
I don't even have the time for instagram too. #SAD
I used to check my instagram feed 24/7 following the trends and news.
But now, the moment I wake up, I have to rush and open my shop, have my breakfast,
check all of the online orders, pack, ship, serve walk-in customer.
Then after about 5pm, when online orders are all settled and sent, I finally have some times for snacks
(that explained why I gained weight). "When I am tired and hungry, I don't think. I just eat" - ReneOct
Now, that 3 hours away from closing is the happiest time of my day.
Hahaha. I love my job and I truly didn't regret starting my business It's just that, I should have just listened to my heart.
Just open an online shop duh! So that I do not need to wake up so early and I can go for vacation whenever I want.
(ehemp my shop open at 11am, which is still too early (according to me =P)).

I don't like the fact that I have to work on weekend too. But I HAVE TO open my shop during the weekend.
I am greedy. I hate that fact. Haha close for a day means no income for a day. Cannot! =P

Other than working hour, the best thing about having a physical shop is, I get to meet with random people.
I love talking to talking people, listen to their experience and story. I made couple of friends from there too.
I truly love my job (except the fact that I have to wake up early and work on weekend) Hehe.

Now, calendar is my best friend. I always check my calendar for HOLIDAY dates.
Holiday is the best excuse to close my shop without feeling loss. LOL! I am FORCE to close my shop haha!
I close and extend the holiday dates willingly. Come on! I work from 11am to 8pm every day.
I deserved extending my holiday for 1-2 days. Besides, I am a workaholic.
When I am on vacation, I am actually doing research and surveying. Haha another good excuse heh!
Here's Indonesia 2014 holiday dates and Singapore 2014 holiday dates for your reference.
I am so looking forward to JULY!
Looking at the list, as a worker, I love INDONESIA. Hahaha. Indonesia celebrates more occasion compared to Singapore.
But as a business owner (with employee), holiday means loss. You pay for rent, salary and etc even when it's a holiday.

So, here's my plan;
27 July Sunday  Extending my own holiday
28 July Monday Idul Fitri
29 July Tuesday Idul Fitri
30 July Wednesday Joint Holiday
31 July Thursday Joint Holiday
1 August Friday Joint Holiday
2nd August Saturday Extending my own holiday
3rd August Sunday  Extending my own holiday

That's my 8 days of holiday *HOOORAAAAYYYY!!* I am soooo looking forward to this 8 days holiday of MINE.
Now looking through,, website for awesome travel packages. =D

Japan! Bf wish to go Japan so, we might go to Japan this upcoming holiday.

Btw, as mentioned I gained weight. not 1 or 2kg but 5 kg. #SuperDuperStress
That almost equals to Mayo current weight 5.4kg. Man!! I gained a MAYO!
Hahaha. Mum said, I look like I am pregnant for 5 months and
my stomach is larger than my younger sister who's currently pregnant lol
Yes, my younger sister is pregnant and I am so happy for her. She's finally going to be a mum soon.
At the same time, I hate the fact that I am older and going to become an aunty soon. OMG.
Since last February, I have been looking after my shop myself. Yes, now, I am not only the marketing sales person.
I am also in the finance department. I do everything. LOL! My job title has changed.
I am now a NINJA. Hahaha!

I am a loner. Haha I love to do things ALONE. I do not like to rely on others or work with other people.
Except my sister. I only work with people who understand me. I am not easy to get along when it comes to serious matters.
I only want things to be done my way. I am bossy and only my sister and my parent wouldn't mind me.
Hahaha. That's my problem. I almost never show this side of me to others.
I only exposed it to people that I think they wouldn't mind. I know, I am taking things for granted.
I always think that I am super smart and everything is common sense.
I always expect people around me to know what to do when I didn't tell them to.
Then when they didn't meet my expectation, I explode. I will either scold or I cry. Haha bf hates it.

Here's an example. Brother and I went to shop for dad. I choose a shirt and we agreed to get that.
I ASKED bro to check and make sure that it is the right size. M size.
When we were at the cashier I ASKED him to DOUBLE CHECK.
Yes, I even remind him to DOUBLE CHECK. But, when we reached home,
we just realized that the shirt we bought was in L size. Then, I cried. HAHAHAHAHAAHA.
I hate myself. I shouldn't have rely other. I should have rely on myself. Check the size myself.
I hate my brother. I asked him to check and double check still wrong.
WHYYYYYYY!!!!???? I can't take it! I can't accept that fact. #LikeItsAnExtremelySeriousMatter

Bf will then say "It's only a shirt, why you cry?" "It's only a camera, why cry?" "It's only a hard disk, why cry?"

I already did what I should do and things still go wrong. WHY!!!!!!

I know I am very very wrong too. It is just a small matter. I just can't control my emotion.
Man!! I need yoga. I need to excercise my inner peace. I need to relax and slow down.
My boyfriend is the one who experience my bossy side the most and I am glad he still survived *love you* =)

Now, that explains why I still haven't hire any staff yet. Firstly, I seriously think that I am capable to do EVERYTHING myself.
I am wrong. When my shop is crowded, I run here and there like a crazy woman. I NEED A HELPER.
I need someone who can take care of my shop when I am away too. Yes, my shop @goldenlaceshop is hiring!
Whatsapp us if you are interested +62 823 8139 7773 haha now I doubt if anyone is interested to work in my shop.
I am a scary boss LOL! Well, I will teach. I love to teach. Haha as mentioned, I think I am smart.
I do not mind sharing my knowledge with you. Haha so, if you are interested in learning new things, pm us.
I challenge you. =P

Alright, that's my rant of the day. I am going to draft another blogpost. It is about a wedding.
Wanna guess what? =D



  1. I love reading your rants... Not bad afterall.. I've been wanting to open a shop (apparels,gadgets) but I'm thinking to just start online first to save from operations cost.. What do you think? DO you think it's way better to start online then get a physical shop or do both? Also, what do you sell in your shop? Do you also do wholesale? I am in the process of looking for suppliers. I wonder if you could.

  2. Hahahahaha...I was laughing so hard while reading this post! XD
    That's happened to me before. I decided to close my shop, rent it, & back to online shop again.. LOL
    Wow...!! U`ll get married soon? <333


Thanks for your lovely comment!