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22 January 2014

Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014. W Hotel Sentosa - Holiday in Singapore

My first blog post in 2014. =D
Today I decided to update you guys about....A LOT OF THINGS...Hehehey..
As usual, prepare your popcorn and get ready to scroll scroll and scroll.
It has been a while and I have this sudden urge to blog about last holidat.
I have too much things to share..So much that I don't know where I should start from..

Let's talk about LAST CHRISTMAS..Man! I am not too late. It just happened a month ago..Hohoho..
Last month, I decided to close my shop for 3 days from 18-20 December 2013 Ehemp. I am my own boss.
That's why I can close my shop anytime. Haha! But, of course, I close my shop with a valid reason.
Hihi My sister and I decided to celebrate Christmas earlier to avoid the crowd.
Two years ago, we were stucked in the taxi and almost celebrated our new year in the taxi.
After the new year celebration, we walked from
Marina Bay Sands to Clark Quay to Chinatown just to find a TAXI!
Yes, we almost walk back home. That was the most terrible experience EVER.
Since then, no! I won't celebrate New Year or Christmas or whatever occasion at a crowded place ever again.
Queuing, waiting and walking is not fun at all!!! Anyway, back to the topic;
My sister and I went to Singapore on a different date. She went there with her husband first.
Then, I went to Singapore on 18th. Actually I just want to relax and run away from work.
Trust me, I never imagined that this is what I get when I own a shop. Pressure. Stress. I have sooo much things to do!
I think I need more assistant. Currently, I am the purchaser, the receiver, the sales and marketing person,
the market researcher, web designer, I handle PR related issue too,
I handle online order, instagram order, bla bla bla..
My sister handle monies, she's the accountant, the cashier, soon we need to pay tax,
she count the cost, expenses and etc. Basically she handles finance related issue.
The whole shop is handle by only two young and cute ladies #pleaseloh HAHAHA..

BF booked 2 nights at W Hotel. So, from harbour front, we took a taxi and went to Sentosa Cove area.
W Hotel is located near to the Sentosa Cove, a residence area where the rich people live.
Hahaha I always tease my bf by saying things like "My future husband own a bungalow here. You don't know meh?"
Then he will reply something like this "The gardener, is it?"
Muahaha! When he amused at something like "This is the most expensive watch!"
I will reply "I will ask my future husband to buy one for you oke!" LOL!
That's just the way we communicate. I always tell him about my future husband.
Sometimes he will get angry, sometimes he'll just take it as a joke and laughed at me.
E.g: I will tell him that "My future husband must have at least a private jet."
He will reply "If the person own a private jet, he won't date you. You think you are a model ah?
You are too short, too fat and ugly" Then ,I will tell him to "Wait and see!" LOL!

Now, back to W Hotel! First surprise, my junior was there! He's working as the front office manager!
That's so cool! Well, I have ever dreamed about working in a hotel too. Actually I have a lot of chances and opportunities.
Just that, I decided to choose cruising industry which is as fun! Ah! I miss TAS, I miss Royal Caribbean.
I will definitely go on board Royal Caribbean Cruise again - (looking at the schedule and itinerary).
Eh! But now, I ended up going back to Indonesia doing something that's more relaxing
(Well, Relaxing? Really meh? Now, I wonder) Muahaha!

Who knows I might just go to Singapore and work in Tourism industry again -  I don't know! I
 am a someone with many insane ideas.
Anything will happen! I might decided to get married tomorrow too.
Hahaha! Anytime. Anything...will happen.

Back to W Hotel. The room was indeed pricey yeah! Well, at least to me.
Surprised no.2 - Thank's to Tono! We got upgraded to a better room. What you pay is what you get though.
The view is really nice and the room is really interesting - not your usual boring hotel room.

In fact, that was the prettiest hotel I've ever stayed in my life - The second prettiest hotel I've ever stayed is the Etude House themed Princess Suite in The Skypark hotel in Myeongdong - Seoul.
The Etude House Pricess suite was nice!! Just that it was quite small though.
In W hotel, every corner of the area is artsy and interesting!

The price of Marina Bay Sands room is maybe similar, I don't know. But, the W hotel room is much prettier.
They put a lot of effort in decorating the whole place and I truly appreciate that little decoration.

Here's how the interior of lift looks like!

Location wise, hm, it's in Sentosa, an island. So, you need to wait for taxi to go out from that area.
Optionally, the nearest shopping place is Resort World @ Sentosa or Vivo City. They provide free shuttle bus to both places
We didn't visit any of the mall during our stay there, instead, we went to Orchard for two consecutive days.

Day 01 Met up with my little sister and her husband.
Had our dinner at Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery. I have been wanted to visit Wild Honey for the longest time.

Their tagline is "Wild Honey is all about beautiful breakfast. All day, everyday..."
Everytime bf will insists ippudo and we never get into Wild Honey #sad

We finally patronized the cafe. The ambiance is really comfortable.
Menu? They served many type of breakfast menu from western country.
Such as, The English, Tunisian or European or the Norwegian or Aussie kind of breakfast.
My sister and I decided to share a plate Scandinavian breakfast.

Bf had English
The full works. Scrambled eggs, back bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Dad’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato & signature brioche.

and sister's husband had European's
European* Our version of eggs Benedict with two perfectly poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, imported Italian prosciutto and home made Hollandaise sauce on signature brioche.

Here's ours;
Grilled salmon fillet on crisp potato rosti, chargrilled asparagus spears & homemade Hollandaise sauce.

We love the food! Just that, it is a little pricey. Hahaha to me, anything above SGD 5 is pricey lah!

Wild Honey #03-02 Mandarin Gallery Tel: 6235 3900

 After dinner, we walked around Orchard, bf bought two pairs of Tods from Paragon and
collected his Seven Friday Red Army Watches at Wisma Atria. He always shop more than me #irritating.

We decided to sit down at Paris Baguette Cafe. Bf tried their pudding for the first time and commented

We thought what's wrong with the pudding? He continued "Pudding nya enak (The pudding is yummy)"

Muahahaha seriously? Must you use the word "Gawat?" Zzz.. Here's a picture of my lil sister and her husband =D

After high tea, we went to Lido to catch The Hobbit at IMAX theater. I have no comment about the movie =P
After from the movie, we walked to Far East Plaza to queue for taxi. Sis and her husband were staying at MBS.
Guess what's the next surprised? Surprise No.3 - W hotel Blackout!
Hahaha my best and worst experience happened here! Yes, the whole hotel was experiencing blackout.
We had to walk up to our room via the emergency stairs. No lift! Luckily we stayed on 3/4th floor, I don't remember.
Next thing is, the bathroom was dark and I need to remove my makeup man! That's just so terrible.
I have to take my bath, remove my make up before I sleep - no matter what! So, no choice but to do it in the dark.
I heard they were doing some maintenance and it was required by the SP services? Maybe? I had no idea.
Good news is that, the room cost was being waived by W Hotel. =D
Yes, we paid for only one night instead of two. That's not too bad.

Seriously, the thing that I look forward to the most when I stay at a hotel is the BREAKFAST.
And, we ALWAYS missed it. #SuperSad Hahaha My sister laughed at me because,
when we're at work, sometimes I will randomly say "Hais! We missed the W breakfast" out of nowhere!
Hahaha! It has been a month and I still regret that we missed the breakfast! T-T

We went straight to Orchard because, bf wanted to collect his PS4!
He pre-ordered his PS4 weeks ago. The whole process was fuss-free too, fortunately.
We didn't waste any of our time at all. Get a queue number, go shopping, received an sms, go and collect. DONE!

Heard that it was cheaper than the Sony store too. Bf bought his from Qishan Far East Shopping Center.
If you pre-ordered it via official SONY store, you'll have to QUEUE and the queue was INSANE.

We spent the whole day in Orchard, patronizing all of the game store because,
bf was looking for a particular game and it was sold out everywhere.
We tried, Funz Center @ Orchard Central, Far East Plaza, etc. It was sold out everywhere.
Was it killzone? I don't remember dah!
Then we took a taxi from Orchard Central Taxi stand and went back to the hotel right away!

Luckily everything went back to normal the next night, I ordered room service while he was super busy with his PS4.
He went to Singapore just to get his PS4 and get all of the downloads and installations done. HAHAHA
You know, the internet connection here in Indonesia is extremely slow. The download will takes forever!
Back to room service. After looking through the menu, we were surprised.
Both of us find that the room service was affordable! Five star hotel food, budget hotel room service price.

Trust me. In fact, it is cheaper than most of the room service we have ever tried. =)
Eventhough it is affordable, I still decided to go for its kids meal. Haha! I ordered a fruit salad and a pasta!
Portion was just nice. I LOVE KIDS MEAL! Not that I can't afford adult meal,
It is just that I do not wish to eat too much. Have I mentioned that I gained almost 5kg after my shop opened?
#SuperDuperSad #IHateMyCurrentWeightVeryMuch

That's all for Christmas.

Surprise no.4 - We missed the breakfast the next morning AGAIN! #SlapMyself
We can't never wake up on time for breakfast. WHY OH WHY! That's so annoying. I would never forgive myself..
and yes..I am still curios and would love to try W Hotel breakfast !!! Wait for me..I'll be there again..soon..hopefully..

We decided to stroll around the hotel before we leave, sit and relax a bit while waiting for our taxi.
Here's some picture of their well-know and popular Woobar!

Took a taxi to the terminal, shop a lil bit at Vivo City and Hourbour Front then cam back to REALITY
T-T Back to Batam, back to my little MAYO!

Received a box of matcha green tea kitkat from his mom.
His mum just got back from Japan bought some snacks and a fortune kitty for me.
I love anything that's green tea related =D

What's next? Busy looking for clothes for Chinese new year?
Skip the queue shop at ZALORA !! Mum have been asking me to help her to buy some clothes online and
guess what? There's a ZALORA's CNY boutique specially created for this Chinese New Year.
Mum is addicted. She will check and see if they have any new arrival, everyday! Well, thats understandable!
Chinese new year is just days away! You should check the website out.
It features brands like Inner Circle, its own in-house brand Ezra, as well as the
Melinda Looi X Amber Chia collection specially for Chinese New Year.
Now you know where to do your CNY shopping!

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