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24 December 2013

Christmas with Etude House - Princess Etoinette Season 2 Sneak Preview!

Remember my first blogpost about Etoniette Special Kit that Etude House sent me? Click here to read
Both my youtube video and blogpost were spammed with visits!
Everyone were goggling and searching for Princess Etoinette collection.
I am not surprised though, Etude House Limited Edition Princess Etoinette collection is a must-die-for collection.
Not only that the quality of product is excellent, the packaging is oh-so-gorgeous.
I swear, even if Etude House didn't send me the collection, I will buy all of them with my own money.
They are simply adorable. I love the collectibles packaging very much.
Now, girls, Etude House is launching the Princess Etoinette collection season two!!

What a good news right!! I know.
I was super duper extremely happy when I open the parcel that Etude House sent me last week.
That's the sweetest Christmas gift I have ever received. Here's a sneak preview for you!

Sincerely apologize for the blurr-ish picture. This picture is taken from my instagram page at @ReneOct
Follow me if you haven't. =D
I will take more picture and review these babies soon. Meanwhile, here's some more sneak preview for you.

The first item is their latest Princess Etoinette Eau de toilette

It is indeed very princessey and also vintagey and also victorian-zey hehe!
Love the cute looking and gorgeous perfume.

Now, the next exciting product is their hand cream! =D That's soooo sweet please.
Btw, in case if you wonder, Etude House never fail to launch their hand cream range during winter season in Korea.
That's simply thoughtful. As shown, that's how the packaging of the Princess Etoinette perfumend hands lotion looks like.
It is similar to my L'Occitane hand cream packaging! Love the fragrance very much. =D
I love rose and the Pink Rose one smells really nice.

The Blooming Perfumed Hands. Comes in White Peony and Pink Rose!

Next up, here's the Princess Etoinette Lipstick.
#1Moon Flower Under the Stars. #2 Sip of Bordeaux Wine #3 Noble Versailles Peony

There's other product such as loose powder,Moon Flower Perfumed Candles and etc.
I can't wait to find out more about Etude House Etoinette season 2 collection.
Let me know if you have gets your hand on them I would love to hear about your review.
I wonder if Etude House Indonesia or Singapore have launched the collection.
If you have seen it in the store. Let me know please. =D

That's all for today's blog post. Have a great great MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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