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27 November 2013

Our Birthday - Getting Older, More drama, More nonsense, More Story.

Hello? Hi? Are you, still there? LOL! I know, it's been a while since last time I blogged about MY LIFE.
Man! I have just dedicated MY LIFE to MY SHOP. Zzz..
I don't even have the time to enjoy life nowadays. #sob

When was the last time I went to the salon?
When was the last time I had a proper facial spa session done?
When was the last time I went to the shopping mall? T-T
It feels like it has been years since the last time I look at myself in the mirror and say I am fabulous! Hahaha!

I look like an AUNTIE now.
That's what my mum and sister said. Well, I would describe myself as naturally beautiful. Hahaha!
Here's the thing, I thought, I will spend more effort to look good in front of my guest after my shop opened.
However, surprisingly, instead, I even didn't bother to put on make up nowadays. #weird I know. I don't know why.

Owning a shop is insane! Especially when you have both online and physical store.
You need to sit in front of the pc, stay close to your phone and moving around the shop doing sales at the same time.
Business has been so far so good and I am very very excited because,
I am bringing in a lot of interesting stuff to my shop and they are arriving soon.

I am tired, very tired because I am overly excited about everything. Seriously.
I can't sleep well at night. Reason? Well, my brain just simply can't stop thinking, thinking and thinking.
I have loads of idea in my head and it is really annoying.
The moment I have a particular idea about certain creative stuff, my hand will start to move.
And, I will start to browse the internet NON-STOP until I found the particular item that was in my mind.
That's not all, I need to find the item at the CHEAPEST price possible. Difficulty level: 99 !!
Creative, interesting, unique stuff are NOT CHEAP and this task is really challenging.
Insane level : 99! I know! That's a lot of work! But, it is okay! Because, I LOVE MY JOB.
I love it when people find the stuff I sell interesting and creative.
That's exactly what I wanted to do. There's soooooo many interesting and creative product in this world.
My mission is to bring them close to you, to guide you, to update you. =)

Well, I need to pamper myself. I have to make appointment to do my hair and do a serious facial real soon. =D
December is coming and I AM SUPER EXCITED. I love Christmas! I love end of the year.
I LOVE HOLIDAY. For the first time in my life I look forward to HOLIDAY SO MUCH.
Hahaha I can't help but to type every word that makes me excited with capital letter. LOL!

Birthday. Yes. I just realized that I haven't share about my birthday! and also his birthday.
How can I missed this. I blogged about our birthday every single year (I think).
Okay I just search the word "Birthday" on my blogger dashboard. I did blogged about my birthday since 2009.
However, unfortunately. 2009 blogpost's picture were all gone. I think I accidentally deleted them.

2010 - He surprised me with a cake and flower. Not really a surprise because I didn't feel surprise at all.
HAHA that was so not him. lol! HERE Celebration with family HERE
I blogged about the Hermes cake I made specially for him HERE

2011 - He bought me a rose cake and I don't like it. Hahaha I even received a hate comment! lol! HERE
Celebration with my family HERE
His birthday. I got him a Marc Jacobs bracelet HERE and an Louis Vuitton polo shirt.
I even hand-drawn a Manchester United Inspired cake for him HERE
Muahaha! He will never ever forget this years birthday (Inside story cannot share) LOL
Btw, I brought him to Singapore Flyer and had a lunch that's worth SGD 249++ wor!
It was a sponsored meal though. HAHAHA. If you have been following me, you should know.
I won't spend such money =P click HERE to read

2012 - Last year! I celebrated my birthday with him.
He gave me a minion cake an hour before we go to the sponsored Bintan trip.
What???? I didn't even get to taste the cake #sob
Btw, here's the blogpost of the bintan trip with a little blogpost of my birthday.
The kind Touchcomm PR people prepared a cake for me HERE

We continue to celebrate my birthday after we came back from the trip.
He got me two Miu Miu Bracelets and I don't remember where they are now. Zzz..
I was very happy because, he home-cooked for me. I really love whatever he cooks =)  HERE
Last year, I prepared a POKEMON bento for him! I posted the picture to instagram and received
HUNDREDS of likes #proud. 
he bento was indeed very cute! Of course cute, made by Irene leh! HERE

This year, I am exceptionally BUSY. So, sorry for the late birthday post. Forgive me k!

So, this year, again, a MINIONS Birthday cake from him. So not creative right! Haha!
and also, I know right, it is not like I have never say that I hate FONDANT cake.
I have even blogged and tell the world about how I hate the fondant cake he gave me years ago.
And still, he still insist on giving me a fondant cake. Mannn!!

T-T someone, please brainwash him. He always think that cheap stuff = not sincere.
While to me, thing that can't be bought with money is Expensive.
When he asked me what I want for my birthday I always tell him
I want home-made meatball and my wish never come true #sigh.

Earned some monies from blog last month so I decided to bring my family for a Japanese dinner.
We went to Kazu, a popular, well-known as Best Japanese Restaurant in Batam.
We spent 2 million for the dinner (woah sounds a lot) actually 2.000.000 rupiah = about SGD 220+ only. LOL!
We had steamboat, sushi, tempura, miscellaneous food that night. #FamilyTime is the best!

Btw, cousins surprised me on my birthday too. Mum told me they are coming so, I was prepared.
Hahaha! I surprised them instead. LOL! Watch this video - click this picture below.

Here's the cake they prepared for me. Haha looks weird with fake money on top lol
But definitely better than the cake bf gave =X Hoho! It was Mango Cake! Yummy!

Now, readers, I know, I complaint so much. You must be anticipating and curious about what I prepared for him right?
This year, I only use 30% of my creativity. Hahaha! I decided to order a cake full of grass inspired cream on top,
search for "Clash of Clans" hero image for "hours", print them out, cut them one by one ( with the help of my little sister)
and just poke them on top of the cake. Tadah!!! Cheap and interesting. HAHAHA!

Firrstly it is not that I don't want to spend money on fondant cake. They look good and very 3D
but what for? To me, they are not edible. I have never heard of anyone that love fondant, have you?
They can't be stored too. I tried to preserved those minions and mum threw all of them away because after months, they stink.
Secondly, it is expensive. Sky high price. That minions bento inspired cake costs almost SGD 100.
Cheap to Singaporean. Because, Singapore's fondant cake costs more than SGD 200.
This year, he still give me a fondant cake. A cheaper (but still expensive) fondant cake. Zzz..

I actually thought about giving him a pokemon related bento same like last year too.
I changed my plan because that's so not creative and I HAVE NO TIME.

Last but not least, our age? SECRET. We He is still young. T-T We are both the same age.
Now I know why women are so sensitive about their age. Not fun!

Time now is exactly 02.00 am.
Time to slap some anti-aging product on my face, apply mask, splashing tons of collagen on skin,
It's time to get some beauty sleep, see !! Now you know why I am busy! TTYL! =P



  1. hahaha the video really damn funny! Btw, congrats on your new shop! It looks gorgeous! ;-)

  2. Hi Irene,

    I'm Julie from GlassesOnline Singapore.
    I saw your blog and I would like to collaborate with you. I just sent you an email to

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

    Kind regards,

    Julie Dedeur -
    Brand Ambassador Manager

    8 Lorong Ceylon,
    50250 Kuala Lumpur
    M: + 60 11 11 28 42 58

  3. Hi..
    Aku tau blog kamu dari grup dan website indonesia beauty blogger.
    Beberapa kali saya baca-baca blogpost kamu, isinya menarik banget.
    Salam kenal ya dan sekalian meninggalkan jejak kalau tidak keberatan.


  4. Hi, your brows from Erabelle is still so perfect! I'm so jealous! Did you touch up recently?


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