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09 November 2013

Golden Lace Shop Grand Opening Event by ReneOct - Your Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Store

12/10/2013 Here's the invitation card that I designed =)

It has been almost a month since my shop opened. What's my thought?
Well, it is slightly different with what I expected LOL! I am glad I made this decision though.
Since this is what I wanted, I will try my best to make it big. =)
Here's the thing. I have never ever open a physical shop in my life.
Before this, I have an online shop. I used to sell a lot of interesting and girly thingy such as Hello Kitty.
Online shop is the best thing ever! I can wake up at any time and sleep only when I feel like to.
But now, since I have a physical shop, I have to wake up on time, sleep on time and
can only leave or travel when everything is under control. Which is good. I am feeling healthy =D
My physical shop is based in Indonesia and my online shop is based in Indonesia and Singapore.
Yes, you are right, we can ship the product to Singapore for you too!
Well, I will talk more about what has been happening in my shop recently in my future blog post.
Today I am going to share about the grand opening event of my shop

So it happened about 2-3 weeks ago. Initially, I planned for a bigger grand opening event.
However, thinking about I haven't even start to earn money,
I decided to play safe by organizing a small high tea party. The themed was "Sweet Tea & Roses".
As shown below, the themed colour were black, red and white.
I decorated the table with black table clothes, red rose and as shown, those cake decorations were in white.

Special thanks to my cousin, Nonie for those food tags!
She came to my shop the night before the grand opening event and helped me with the decoration too.
She's such a thoughtful girl. If you are reading this, thank you non! You're my best and sweetest cousin! =)

Talking about the decoration, I love those cake stands the most!
Look at those chandelier-ish details =D They are so adorable and elegant.
Btw, I have one more new set for sale! Initially I ordered two sets, but, as you can see,
my dessert table were very full. So, no choice but I can only display one set.
For order, contact me via my shop line id goldenlaceshop =)
or whatsapp +62 823 8139 7773

Harga catering batam prasmanan buffet pesta ulang tahun
Menu for my dessert table:
Small Macaroon 60pcs IDR 126.000
Luti Gendang 100pcs IDR 200.000
Small Eggtart 100pcs IDR 500.000
Small Coffee Cake 100pcs IDR 1.500.000
Pudding Homemade by mum 100pcs IDR 100.000
Pinapple Roll Cake by mum 100pcs IDR 200.000
Cupcake by mum 100pcs IDR 200.000
Few other Egg Tart and Brownies were courtesy of the catering company. =)

Small cakes and fruit tarts were all from Caffein Cafe Batam. *Highly recommended*
I blogged about them before click here if you haven't read.
You should visit Caffein Cafe @ Nagoya Hill if you happen to visit Batam.

As discussed earlier, I decided to order lesser amount of food and guess what?
That's still considered too much! Because in the end, there were loads of leftover duh!
I ordered 50 pax portion and my guests were more than 100 pax and surprisingly, the food were more than enough.
Next time, I should just listen to what my mum suggest.
If I were to have 100 guests, I just need to order buffet for 30 pax. lol

Menu for my high tea party Mee Goreng, Sausage, Fish Ball and Nuggets! =)
Those are easy finger food. You can actually prepare them at home yourself.
Unfortunately I do not have a maid at home so, no choice but to order it from a catering company.

I spent IDR 1.500.000 for 50 pax buffet.

Now. move on to my shop! =D
I was extremely busy that day, mingling around, introducing all of the brands that my shop carry.
Running here and there like a crazy woman. LOL!
You can read more about my shop here

I invited a few of my friends, relatives, mums friend, my sister's friend that day.

Btw, my sister is one of the shareholders too. HAHAHA!
I can't help but to laugh because that sounds so serious LOL!
My younger sister aka business partner is helping me in my shop.
Thanks to her because I hate math and she's my official accountant! =)

An unglam candid picture of me LOL!

Exploring Masami Shouko, Dolly Wink from Japan, Stella Eyelash from Singapore, Hair Secret from Italy.

Solone eyeliner from Taiwan!

Laneige from Korea, Beauty Blender, Innisfree, The Face Shop,

WetnWild from US and etc. In case if you are wondering, that speaker is NOT FOR SALE.
Hahaha! A few of my customers actually asked if that speaker is for sale.
I won't blame them though. That transparent interesting looking speaker is indeed attention-seeking.
The brand of the speaker is "Harman Kardon" It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker and it belongs to my bf.
He got it at about SGD 400+ in case if you are interested to get one too. Hehe!

Solone Alice in Wonderland Series. You'll be wow-ed by the quality of the eyeliner.
It's No.1 best selling Eyeliner in Taiwan.

K-Pallete has also won the No.1 Best selling Eyeliner title in Japan. Feel free to google. =)
I only carry high quality products and I always do my research before bringing any brand in.
I do carry a few products by Etude House such as their award winning BB Cream & CC cream.

WetnWild is another exciting brand. It is even not available in Singapore yet.
The price of the products are indeed very affordable.
I personally love the brow kit and eye shadow the most. Beautiful colors and very pigmented!

Here's a picture of my humble blog.
It is located in Komp. Bumi Indah blk 1 No.19 Lt.2, Batam, Indonesia
In case if you wonder where it is, Bumi indah is actually in NAGOYA.
Yes, Batam busiest street. We do both wholesale and retail.
Jual grosir batam, eceran batam, pusat grosir batam, murah batam

Ah yes, thank's to my Aunt for  those chairs too.
I know right! My shop is not very big, those chairs are bulky and as shown, it take up a lot of space
the problem is, I am in Indonesia where people here do not enjoy stand-around party.

Here's the crowd that day.

A masami Shouko Catalogue for your reference =)

Here's a picture of me and my friend Edyson.

Last but not least, here's a bunch of picture taken against the backdrop =)

Special thanks to each and every one of you who came and attended my party. =)

Thanks to those who sent "Golden Lace Shop" table flowers arrangement and also the papan bunga (flower boards) too;
Donna Ng - Indoflora
Irene Yilin
Elluana Iskandar
Yenny Goh
Wenny Goh
Yulia Tan
Dafie -Apotik Sentosa
Lindra Lim
Yuli Lim
Irene Imada
Rita Ria
Ardy Danianto
Nelly Hanty
Peggy Yeo
Evi Koh Jasnini
Deladies Wardrobe
Deasy Lim
Siti Zhong
Mimi & Kel
Roni & Kel
Nini & Kel
Alui Rita Photo
Rifandy Rusli
Andy Rusli
JC 86 florist
Mimi & Kel
Wina Lucas
Vivi Phang
Yayasan Pendidikan Gloria Indonesia Medan
Management & Staff PT Cakra Andatu Sukses
Ahmad Dhani's Master Piece Family Karaoke & Lounge Medan
Nicole (Thanks for the fresh flower babe!)
Eva Mariani
Evi Mariani
Ahok - Indah Photo
BPR Artha Prima Perkasa - Siska
Lioele Batam
Terrylin Lovi
Angeline Irawan
Susi Vios Batam
Suzzane Lovely Shop
Esther MUA
Monica Angelina
Ricka Suryana
Lusy Law
Irena Yustin
Yuliana Zhu
Merie Chen
Bella's Parent (Mayo's relative LOL!)
Fray Tan
Bak Hiong & Kel
Tan Bak Hua & Kel
Tan Bak Song & Kel
Phoebe Ferenssa Boutique
Jojoy Tse Mesmerize Batam
Jason Walanda
Eka Saputra
Evi Kho
Eddy Harbianto
Lili Tan
Suli Lim
Jason Tan & Kel
Evy W

Alright. That's all for today.
I hope you can visit my shop at WWW.GOLDENLACESHOP.COM
Instagram @GoldenLaceshop  more updated!
Twitter @GoldenLaceshop
Facebook @GoldenLaceShop

Watch this youtube video that I recorded on that day =) *Sigh tight budget hahaha!
I decided to film a video myself because the price quote by most of the videographers were sky-high!

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  1. woa selamat ya buat grand openingnya,
    gak sabar nih semoga bisa buka di kota-kota besar lainnya ^^

  2. Congrats Irene! :D
    Best luck for your shop ;)
    Please open one at Surabaya one day :P hahaha

  3. Congrats Ci Irene.!!
    Sukses ya usahanya..

  4. Congratulations Irene! Success! I will definitely have a visit once I come back to Batam :) XXX

  5. you should open it in Jakarta T.T lengkap banger, di jakarta ga ada yg begin :(


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