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12 October 2013

L'oreal Les Petite Dresses Collection - Beauty Destination Singapore

Her gorgeous, here's another blogpost for the L'Oreal Beauty Destination Workshop.
This time round, they are launching their new nail polish collection.

Have you visited the website? You should! CLICK HERE

With the aim of making makeup easy for every woman,
BEAUTY DESTINATION by L’OrĂ©al Paris is possibly the best site featuring easy steps
to achieve your favorite look! It’s the one and only BEAUTY DESTINATION you need,
because you’re worth it!

Now, let's talk about their awesome nail polishes - Les Petite Dresses Collection.
It comes with a built in top-coat that can make your nail color last longer.
In addition, it also comes with a rounded tip for easy application, smooth and even finishing.
Most importantly, it is affordable. It costs only SGD 8.90.
There's a total of 30 colors! That is...a lot of choices.

Now, it is contest time!

This month, you’ll learn all about how you can Dress up your own nails to match different outfits!
What’s more, participate in the Color Riche Le Vernis Contest HERE and
stand to win Personal Advanced Make-up & Grooming course by The School of Makeup worth $500.
1 Lucky voter will win a Personal Make-up course worth $280!

On that day, we were taught with a lot of nail polish application tips and tricks by the nail art Guru from The School of Make Up.

Here's one of the method shared to us.
Using the rounded tip, build the color on top of each color, creating a 3D effect.
The outcome is really cool. It is easy to apply too. You should try it.

‘Built-in Topcoat’ The Color Riche formulas contain film-forming polymers for shine and ‘crystal acrylic’
that functions as built-in topcoat to provide toughness and magnified shine
to ensure the purest, truest color that lasts for up to ten days.

The pigments in Color Riche are dispersed in ultra-fine particles for unique color intensity.
The formulas are combined in a liquid gel base that glides on easily during application
and provides even coverage over the entire nail surface.

Thanks to this brilliant formulation, it prevents spreading the polish too thinly to avoid the runs and drips of classic nail polish.

Now, the polkadot tips.
You can use a toothpick to dot your nail with lighter/ darker shade of nail polish.
I believed this is the easiest nail art tips ever. All you need to do is to apply dot and there you go!
A gorgeous nail design.

Application made easy and smooth! The stem specially designed for the product to
adhere to the centre of the brush to deliver just the right dose of product.
The internal and external capillaries of the bristles serve as reservoir to ensure better nail polish application.
Flat and rounded brush, the splayed tufts make application more comfortable
and control the flow of the nail polish  so that each stroke applies an even layer all over the nail.

Here's a clearer picture of the rounded tip. I really love the tip.
It is easy to use and it creates a really nice effect. The first method shared above is my favorite method.
I can't wait to explore more nail design with the nail polish.

Color Riche Nail Polish is available in 30 shades, exclusive to Watsons at $8.90 each.
Here's some of the shades for your reference:

Here's a picture of us, The Nuffnang Bloggers:

Alright, that's all for today. Don't forget to check out the store and get your nail polish today!
Don't forget to join the contest too! Color Riche Le Vernis Contest HERE

Have a great day everyone!


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