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11 October 2013

Eraliner - The Most Natural Eyeliner Embroidery in Singapore by Erabelle

My shop in Indonesia is finally going open!! and the grand opening event will happen this Saturday.
Insane! There's still a lot of thing that I have to do!!! I am sooo stress now! =(
Don't forget to follow my instagram @ReneOct for more updates.

Anyway, last week I went to Singapore to take some of my stocks and to visit Erabelle booth at Wisma Atria.
Remember my blogpost about Erabrowlogy? Did you went down to the event?

I went!! This time round, I decided to do Eraliner! In case if you wonder what that is, it is an eyeliner embroidery.
Reason behind this? I attended the Vanity Trove Browlogy event a year ago remember? click here
I saw the eyes of one of their staffs who have done Eraliner and I was impressed of how natural her eyeliner embroidery was.
I actually mentioned in my previous blogpost about how excited I want to try Erabrow, Eraliner and Eralip.
Guess what? I did it!! I had my eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner embroidery done at Erabelle.
Now, I am seriously considering the Eralip service. Haha! As you can see, I have a very thin upper lip.
Erabelle said they can make my lips look sexier! =D *tempting* Should I should I? Well..
I think I should !! and now, the very first thing that I have to do is to work hard and save money for my lips.

Here's a picture taken that morning before my life change. =D

I went down to the Wisma Atria roadshow on 2nd October to do Eraliner. 
Here’s some pictures of their pretty booth.”

About Eraliner (Information from

Subtly-lined eyes bedazzle all with their charm.
The intensity of the colour,  even throughout or tapered inwards, wingtip or not –
these are considerations our artists make when they look at your eyes. It’s a beauty science. 
Eraliner is finely drawn near the upper lash line to create the illusion of thicker lashes, resulting in more defined eyes.
Droopy eyes look more alert and single-lidded eyes appear bigger and brighter with well-applied eye liner.
With smudge-proof and precisely drawn eyeliner, maintaining a fuss-free beauty routine is a breeze.
 Just a swish of mascara and eyes will be reawakened with a sparkle.

I am not sure about you but I am a vain person. I think appearance is everything.
To me, first impression is all about how you look, how you dress up and how you appear in front of people.
Of course, eye contact, the way you talk, the way you stand and etc are important too.
But, again, people judge from the way you look before interacting with you. That's a reality.
So, I always want to look good when I meet people.
So since I was young, I have been exploring cosmetic, facial service, spa and etc.
I am very obsessed and passionate with anything that can enhance my look. Plastic surgery? Well, I might consider!
But so far, I think I look okay. I am confident and proud of this face given by my parent. Hahaha!
I am enhancing my look by doing Erabrow and Eraliner because I want to look good without makeup too!

Putting make up on my face doesn't mean that I do not like how I look. I am just "enhancing".
Natural is the best. I totally agree. The problem is, you need make up to look natural. =D
You mean it looks natural when you have pimple and panda eyes? Come on! That's not natural.
That's lazy! LOL!

Alright. Are you ready? Are you ready?

My thought before going down to the venue for my Eraliner:
Omg. Should I just cancel my appointment? Will it hurt? Is the process safe? Will I go blind?
Hahaha I know right. I was thinking too much! Well, I am a daring person.
I will go for sky diving, bungee jump and etc one day! So, Eraliner was a small challenge for me.

As shown below, the whole process of Eraliner was all about;
Numbing my eyelid - Embroidery - Numbing my eyelid - Embroidery - Numbing my eyelid - Embroidery
My eyelids were numbed before the embroidery. Instead of painful, the process was actually ticklish.
Why? see that pen below? It vibrates. That's why it was ticklish.
Initially I thought, after doing Eraliner, my eyes are gonna look very sore, red, swollen. I was extremely wrong.
Well, see that picture on the lower left? That's how my eyes look like after several embroideries.
After doing the Eraliner, I could still stroll and shop around Orchard without my sunglasses.
My boyfriend didn't even know that I just did the eraliner because of how natural and swollen-free my eyes were.
So, if you are worried, I can assure you that the whole process is actually not as scary as you thought.

Trust me, Eraliner is totally safe and fine. Discomfort level: 6.5/10 !! It wasn't really painful.
The discomfort level for the first few embroideries were about 5/10 then, as I prefer thicker line,
my artist needs to do more rounds of embroidery over the eyelids.
That's why the discomfort level increase to 6.5/10.
Also, my eyelid were numbed remember?

Here's some close up picture for your reference.

I decided to do lower liner too. Since, it wasn't as painful as I expected. =P
My artist suggested to do just half of my lower eyes.
Reason is because, by doing that, the corner of my eyes will appear wider.
It also gives a natural-looking enhancement to the eyes, making them appear brighter rather than harsh.
So, here's some picture while she was doing the lower part of my eyes.

Now, are you ready to see the difference?  =D
Here's a before and after picture. A very obvious changes right? My eyes appear wider, brighter and look more awake.

Here's a picture after doing the Eraliner. Pictures were taken on the third day!
Now, I love my appearance even more!! with/ without make up. Thanks to Erabelle of course.
Yes, I didn't apply any eye make up below. My eye make up is now officially semi-permanent. =D
Permanent make up? WHY NOT?

Now, I do not need to worry about friends coming to my place in the morning or in the middle of the night already.
I look good and fabulous all of the time anyway. HAHAHA *Confidence level: boost to 99%*

My Erabrow (Eyebrow Embroidery) & Eraliner (Eyeliner Embroidery) are both done professionally by Erabelle.
and I am very very pleased! What do you think? Please let me know! =)

3 semi-permanent colour sessions, with complimentary aftercare creams.
Upper/ Lower $856
Full Liner $1,391
 Eraliner Change: for those who wish to correct their poorly-embroidered liners. Price starts from $1,284
Ps: There is an additional surcharge of $214 per package for Master Artist request.

A deal designed specially to reward you my lovely readers,
Quote my name "Irene" and get 10% discount for all Erabrowlogy & Eraliner service.
Promotion ends 10 October 2014

Prior appointment is required.
The discount is not applicable for Master Artist surcharge of $214.

Visit their website at and like their facebook page here

Erabelle Prestige Orchard (Tel: +65 6836 8388)
103 Penang Road #01-06 to 11 VisionCrest Commercial Singapore 238467
Walk: 10 mins from Dhoby Ghaut Mrt, Plaza Singapura

Erabelle Prestige Vivocity (Tel: +65 6376 8336)
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-01/02 VivoCity Singapore 098585
Walk: 5 mins walk from Harbourfront MRT (NorthEast Line)

Erabelle Bugis (Tel : 6883 1151)
200 Victoria Street #02-05 Bugis Junction (opens on 31st October)

Erabelle Bedok (Tel : 6753 2322)
799 New Upper Changi Road #03-27 Bedok Point



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  2. Hi babe, your eyeliner embroidery looks really nice and professionally done. :) May I ask if the colour's still staying this black so far? I just did upper + lower eyeliner embroidery at Allure Beauty and the staff told me the colour will fade about 50-70% for the first two weeks, which I'm experiencing now. The thick black eyeliner I saw on the first day is slowly peeling off in dried pieces, leaving behind mild black ink lines. The "look" now is more that of a pencil liner instead of a liquid liner. I'm supposed to return for a touch-up, but I'm kinda concerned that the same thing will happen after the touch up. After all if it's already fading like this after the first session, it may happen after the touch up too right? Is the touch up supposed to help the colour stay longer? Thanks in advance! ♡

  3. Hi dear, yeap. I experienced what you experience too! it has been more than six months now. The liner has faded to Grey-ish tone. The touch up is meant to make the liner to look more intense too. But I believe, same thing will happen. Eraliner is an surface-only embroidery. It doesn't go deep like tattoo. =) Hope it helps! Do you have facebook? Now, I am curious and would like to see your eye liner embroidery! hehehe!

  4. Hi irene, how's your eyeliner? Im planning to have one done but iv read it is not as long lasting. Is it still visible? Thank you for sharing your experience :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!