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30 September 2013

The Most Natural Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore - Erabrowlogy (Improved version) by Erabelle

Hey my lovely readers! How's you day? =) Mine has been so far so good. Feeling: Productive & Awesome
I really cant wait to open my boutique based in Singapore & Indonesia soon. It's almost complete!! Yehey!!
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Today I have a good news for ya! Remember my blog post on

"Best Natural Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore, Erabrow by Erabelle"

They just launched an improved version! The name of their latest service is called the "Erabrowlogy"
Sounds scientific yea?
Well, According to my therapist, Erabrowlogy is a more holistic brow service with a pre-treatment step
and boosted aftercare routine, to give the perfect brows that frame the face with enhanced colour retention.
The effect is expected to last up to 3 years with the 4 colour sessions!!!
Sounds so convincing that I decided to head down to Erabelle to try it.
This time round I visited their Erabelle Prestige @ Orchard outlet.

As usual, I love the comfortable and relaxing ambiance. They put a lot of effort on decorating the whole place.
I know I have mentioned this before and I just have to say it again - They totally deserved the "Best Day Spa  in Singapore" title.

This is how my eyebrow looks like after about 4 month! Pardon my bare face!

Now, what's the differences in step between the basic Erabrow and Erabrowlogy?
As mentioned above, there's one additional step to the basic Erabrow service

The EraBrowlogy Process:

Step 1: Brow Preparation (This is the extra step!)
A brow mask will be applied onto the brow area that removes dead skin cells and excess sebum, whilst hydrating the skin.
This is especially advantageous for those with oily or dry skin.

My comment:
I am not sure about you but I do experience dry and flaky eyebrow occasionally. Do you?
That's really irritating! When I first heard that EraBrowlogy offer this additional step to remove dead skin,
I was so delighted. I called my therapist and made an appointment right away. I have never exfoliate my eyebrow area before.
The usual exfoliant or face scrub are just to harsh for eyebrow. So, I never dare to try.
The brow preparation process was very comfortable &soothing. Yes, I finally get to exfoliate my brow area yay!
Removing dead skin before eyebrow embroidery sounds so casual yah?
But, weirdly no one is doing it. I believed Erabelle is the first one to offer this service? Correct me if I am wrong. =D

Then followed by Step 2: Erabrow Design Customisation
Design process includes face shape and eyebrow analysis, designing, trimming and tweezing.
Creation of the perfect arch will then be done with Erabelle Long-Lasting Brow Pencil
where shade is chosen accordingly to suit skin tone and hair colour.

Step 3: Patch Test
Patch Test is done before procedure to test for any allergy to the certified colour pigment used.

Step 4: Preparation of Equipment New Micropen
Tips and colour caps are used for every customer to ensure that strict hygiene standards are observed.

Step 5: Application of Colour
The Softstroke Technique used coupled with topical numbing cream
and micropen seeks to induce an experience of minimal discomfort.
In addition, photos will be taken pre- and post- treatment to monitor the results.

Basically the process is carried out using a handheld micropen and the colour is embedded onto the epidermis.
This means that only the topmost skin layer is in contact which is safer. That's also why Erabrowlogy looks very natural.
The colour is approved by FDA (Germany) and new sterile micropen tips are used for every new customer.

Talking about hygiene? They go beyond the standard! Strict hygiene!
Have I mentioned that we need to change our shoes before going in?
Have I mentioned that all of their therapist wear glove & mask all the time?
Have I mentioned that all of the tools are either new or freshly sterilize before using?

I already have an eyebrow shape designed by my previous therapist and guess what?
I love my recent design even more!!! =D It is now higher and sharper. LOVE IT!!!

You will receive a Boosted Aftercare Routine (Browlogy Care Kit) after the treatment
and Browlogy Care Kit consists of:
- Aftercare cream (5g)
To be applied every morning and night for at least 5 days of the colour-settling process.
- Hydra Cleansing Water (15ml)
For ease of cleansing, Hydra Cleansing Water can be used with cotton pads to cleanse the face, avoiding the brow area.
- Skin Calming Mask (5g)
To counter discomfort and redness after the procedure,
it is recommended to use this mask for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nights after the procedure for a soothing effect.

Price S$80.25

Here's my comment:
They are sooo considerate. As you know, after doing the eyebrow embroidery, you are not supposed to put on heavy makeup.
The reason is because, oil-based cleanser during the healing period is highly NOT recommended.
Instead of cleaning your make up with your usual product, they prepared a Hydra Cleansing Water for you to clean your face.
The hydra cleanser is really useful. It is light and gentle on my sensitive skin too.

Lastly, the calming mask! Again, this is for the first time I heard about Eyebrow mask!!
The mask is supposed to calm & sooth your skin during the healing process. It is very easy to use too. Love it!

Duration & Cost Erabrowlogy 60mins/session $1,314
Consists of 4 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.

Erabrowlogy is for those who have never done their eyebrows elsewhere before.
Fyi, there's a package called Erabrowlogy Redesign & Change too, you can enquire more with Erabelle.

*additional surcharge of $214 applies for Master Artist request
*prices are inclusive of GST

In short, the procedure is more comfortable and cause less redness compared to Erabrow,
and the colour-settling period is shorter from 5-7 days instead of the initial 7-10 days. Interested to try?

Good news

Quote my name "Blogger Irene" and get 10% off all Erabrowlogy services
and other Cosmetic Artistry services like Eraliner and Eralips (should customer purchase on the same day)

Promotion ends 30 September 2014

Visit their website at and like their facebook page here

Erabelle Prestige Orchard (Tel: +65 6836 8388)
103 Penang Road #01-06 to 11 VisionCrest Commercial Singapore 238467
Walk: 10 mins from Dhoby Ghaut Mrt, Plaza Singapura

Erabelle Prestige Vivocity (Tel: +65 6376 8336)
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-01/02 VivoCity Singapore 098585
Walk: 5 mins walk from Harbourfront MRT (NorthEast Line)

Erabelle Bugis (Tel : 6883 1151)
200 Victoria Street #02-25 Bugis Junction (Business at #02-25 cease on 10 October. Business resumes at #02-05 on 1 November.)

Erabelle Bedok (Tel : 6753 2322)
799 New Upper Changi Road #03-27 Bedok Point


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