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20 September 2013

Phuket, Thailand : Central Festival Shopping Mall & Siam Niramit Show Review

Before I forget what happened that day. Muahaha!
I am back, sharing about my Phuket trip that happened almost a month ago.
So, in case if you haven't read my previous blogpost, here's the links;

That's 6 blog post in total. What an achievement. Muahaha!
No choice. I had to separate the blog post into several parts as I took too much photo! Hehe!

Where were we? Ah! I believed these pictures were taken on day four.
We woke up later than usual. But still, luckily we managed to had our last breakfast in Novotel.
We checked out from Novotel Patong @ Phuket and waited for our limousine to arrive.
We were supposed to go to another hotel directly. Bf booked a private pool suite in Renaissance Phuket.
However, it was still early. I wonder what we could do if we're to be there at this timing.
Fyi, Renaissance Phuket is located near to the airport. It is located at Mai Khao area.
Basically there's nothing there. But I heard, the beach is Breathtaking! #Sad I didn't get to witness it.
I will talk more about that on my next blog post.
So, instead of going back to the hotel directly, we requested our driver to drop us at a shopping area.
He suggested "Central Festival @ Phuket"

According to our driver, it is another huge shopping mall in Phuket.
Well, I am not sure if this is the largest mall. Which one is the largest? Junceylon larger or Central Festival?
If you know, please let me know.

Basically it is a shopping mall with various of fashion outlet, electronic center, cinema and etc.

We had our lunch at this restaurant called "Yum Saap".
I regretted it. Haha! Not because the food is not good. I regret having too much food during lunch time.
Because, after this meal, the next meal of the day was buffet style !! Man! I shouldn't have had my lunch.

Here's the interior design of the restaurant. The theme is Red/Black/White/Orange?
Well. I am not sure Haha.

Our meal!!! Btw, the coconut drink was YUMMY! Finally had a proper coconut drink after days in Phuket.
I ordered a noodle / Mee with spicy minced meat - Taste? Pass.
Bf ordered Tom Yum and Pad Thai. - All I remember was, his pad thai tasted super sour LOL!

Ads: A picture of Psy in Thailand for your viewing pleasure. HAHAHAA!

A lala land inside of a departmental store. A bear bear and Hello Kitty corner spotted.

We went to the basement to explore more shops and omg! basement level was so exciting.
Full of dessert! It was like a dessert paradise.

They have a lot of interesting shaped pastry and cakes too.
Sushi Donut from Mister Donut and also look at these Furby Cakes!!!

We went to the supermarket to shop for some dry snacks. I bought some chocolates and instant noodles.
After hours of walking, we decided to settle down and relax for a while at this ETE diary ice cream cafe.

Here's the ice cream we had that day. I don't know how to review ice cream, sorry. LOL!

Ah! Instead of going back to the hotel, we decided to watch the Siam Niramit Show.
Kinda regret it too. Haha! The ticket was not cheap, but cheaper compared to FantaSea though.
Initially I planned to visit FantaSea on the second day of our trip.
Unfortunately, we got back to the hotel quite late that day. We were tired after the Phi Phi Island trip too.
So, we didn't managed to go and watch the FantaSea show.

About Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand's arts and cultural heritage.
This must-see spectacular show is performed on the gigantic stage listed in the Guinness World Records!
The show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs.
Enhanced special effects and the world's most advanced technology are used
to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.

The Siam Niramit (Bangkok) show starts daily at 20.00hrs.
Show duration is 80 minutes, without intermission.
Gates open at 17.30hrs. for access to restaurant and other attractions and facilities.
A free shuttle service runs from Exit 1 of Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station.

Unfortunately I don't remember how much we paid for the tickets. We got it from our agent.
According to the website, Price is THB 1850 (For both Show & Dinner). That SGD 75!
It's cheaper than Fantasea though. Ok, I just checked. Not really. Fantasea cost THB 1900 only!
I am not sure which is better, according to our driver,
Fantasea is huge whereas Siam Niramit is newer and empathize more on technology.
I personally want to visit Fantesea more!! Because of the nice building, grand looking restaurant and etc.
Again, what's done is done. Fantasea was closed that day. No choice. I have no choice. Zzz..

Well, again, it is not that the show is not good. But I think, a trip back to the hotel, enjoying the private pool.
Exploring the five-star luxuty area is MUCH BETTER than watching this show.
Sorry bf, I should have listened to you.

The hotel that he booked was super expensive *to me*
If I am not wrong, the private pool suite costs SGD 500+ a night.
And we didn't get to really enjoy the room. That's all because of me. >_< Man!
I didn't know that Mai Khao area is so luxury and grand. If I knew it, I would choose to go back to the hotel that day.
Anyway, what's done is done HAHA! Ah yes, that's a picture of us with some random..I don't know what are those.
Btw, don't get cheated. That picture above was not free. Haha she invited us to take a picture.
We didn't know that we have to put tips inside that hat. Fyi, we don't mind giving tips.
But she was like, pointing to the hat (See the one that was seating?) hinting us to give tips. Zzz..!
Now you know why his hat is so tall yeah. The hat was full of THB 100, so no choice, I think we should put THB 100 too. Blah!

Elephant rides
You will get a chance to meet the elephants that you will see in the show later.
You can feed them and even go for a short ride!
Well, that doesn't interest us. So we skipped.

Set on a small pond alongside the theatre, the beautiful Thai Village of the Four Regions
affords a fascinating glimpse of the traditional lifestyles, arts and crafts of rural Thailand.
Containing examples of traditional wooden homes from all the four main regions of Thailand,
the village gives you a real feel for rural life in bygone times.

Mud house!! Interesting yeah!

Again, for your viewing pleasure. Psy enjoying himself inside the mud house. Muahaha!

Here you can see many rural activities, from the weaving of childrens toys from grasses,
to the process of farming and manufacturing silk, to traditional ways to thresh and clean rice.
There are displays of Kites and Khon masks, and demonstrations of cooking traditional Thai desserts
uch as 'Khanom Krok' - a sort of rice pudding (which you may even get a chance to sample freshly cooked!).

There were several stall like this and you get to taste some small hot and fresh snacks for free.
Everything we tried was yummy.

Bf decided to bought several packets of fish pellet to feed those fishes.
Look at that! Man, those fishes were really hungry.
As shown, they gathered and fought with each other. Haha okay maybe not.

*throwing pellet effect* LOL!

You can take photo with Thailand traditional costume too- at a cost of course.

Backdrop and some props were provided.

Here's a small theme park. You get to play some games here - at a cost.

Bf tried and failed. Haiyoh!

Some yoga postures for you to follow.

Here's the activities of that day;
Ops. Sorry for the blur picture.

Now, remember that I said I regret having heavy lunch?
Here's the reason. Buffet dinner is included!!


What we decided to eat that night.
Salads, Spaghetti. Some random Thailand food, etc.

Thailand style dessert!!
There were LOADS OF FOOD that I can choose from.
Western food, Chinese, Thai Food, a lot. When I say a lot, it really means a lot!!
Sadly, I couldn't eat that "lot" that night. I blame my lunch. T-T

The area is considered spacious. However, again, I think Fantasea dinner restaurant is better.

Traditional Music & Dance
To keep their guests entertained before the main show starts,
their performers stage small open-air performances of traditional Thai music and dance 
in the elegant surroundings of the courtyard.

Here's the elephant show. I am not a fan. I think animal should be in the wild, enjoying their life.
Not in a place like this to entertain human.
I am okay with Zoo. Because they take care of the animal and those animals are not required to do difficult task.
Or at least, they are properly trained *I think*.

No comment. T-T

Here's some Thailand traditional dance before the show starts.

A chicken fight show? I am not sure. LOL!

Maybe you can watch this video that I recorded instead;

Btw, camera is not allowed in the theater and if you bring one, you have to deposit it before going in.
They will check all of the bag one by one. So, save the hassle, don't bring camera or,
put the camera deep inside your bag and hope that they didn't discover LOL!

To know more about the show you can click here
I personally will rate the show 6/10. I learnt a few thing from it. However, the whole show is not very interesting.
Will I revisit or recommend it to others? Well, if you want to learn more about Thailand, I will suggest Siam Niramit to you.
But, if you are looking for something exciting, fun and entertaining, maybe Siam Niramit is not for ya. =)
If you've been there too. Share with me your experience k!


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