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06 September 2013

Beauty Destination by L’Oreal Paris Singapore

Hellow ladies, I have finally came back from my Phuket trip! =D
The vacation was awesome. I will try to blog about the trip asap. Anyway, today's blog post is all about

"The Beauty Destination website by L’Oréal Paris"

Love makeup? Want to learn more make up tips from the professional? Looking for easy tutorial?
You are at the right page! You have to check beauty destination website here

Here's some information about the website;

With the aim of making makeup easy for every woman, BEAUTY DESTINATION by L’Oréal Paris Singapore
is possibly the best site featuring easy steps to achieve your favorite looks!
It’s the one and only BEAUTY DESTINATION you need, because you’re worth it!

Focusing on 3 different makeup topics every month over 3 months,
Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo will demonstrate handy makeup tips through how-to videos & step-by-step guides
that will be hosted on BEAUTY DESTINATION, using the latest makeup products by L’OREAL Paris Singapore.

In addition,  you will get to learn makeup secrets from famous Singapore beauty bloggers ( & too!
Also, you will get to voice out your beauty concerns on BEAUTY DESTINATION
and have them answered by our makeup experts from L’OREAL Paris Singapore.

It sounds awesome isn't? =D

Other than makeup advice, you will get to ask the experts about your burning makeup questions,
watch makeup tutorial videos & even win attractive prizes by participating in the monthly contests!

Yes, monthly contests! Think of L'Oreal generous hamper, iPad, Notebook..  =O

Head to Beauty Destination website now!

The first topic this month is all about how you can UPSIZE your eyes & create the DOLLY look!

So, weeks ago I was invited to visit the L'Oreal Academie located at Keypoint, Beach road to attend a smokey eyes work shop.
It was my first time visiting the academie yah! I didn't know that there's actually a L'Oreal academy in Singapore.
That's so interesting. I walked around the place and ask a few question about the courses they offer and etc.

Have I mentioned that the beauty guru of that day was Larry Yeo? =D
I was super excited when I found out that Larry Yeo, the famous celebrity make up artist was there to teach us.
Yes, I just have to highlight the word 'famous' as Larry is the make up artist of almost all of the workshop that I attended to.
He's simply famous and tall. Haha! =P

With a keen eye for detail, natural artistic flair and a delicate touch, it’s no wonder that after a mere two years as a freelance makeup artist,
Larry Yeo took home Elle Singapore’s prestigious Makeup Artist of the Year award in 2009.
He earned his stripes working on the retail floors of Clinique and MAC before building a name for himself in the beauty industry.

In Nov 2012, Larry was awarded Elle Singapore’s Makeup Artist of the Year 2012, making it his second Elle Award in three years.
Also highly regarded by many beauty insiders and cosmetic brands as a skincare guru,
Larry understands the importance of formulation in skincare and makeup,thanks to an educational background in biotechnology.

However, the enterprising makeup artist isn’t resting on his laurels.
Graduated with a specialist diploma in cosmetic science in May 2012
 Larry believes that every woman should educate themselves on what goes into their beauty products,
as they have a right to know what goes on their skin.

To read more click here

Alright, let's get started.

Firstly, here's some of the lovely make up products L'Oreal prepared for us. It consists of;
Les Ombres eyeshadows available at SGD $22.90,
Black Lacquer eyeliner at SGD $20.90,
Lash Architect 4D mascara at SGD $27.90,
Shine Caresse Heart of Pearls SGD $18.90.
Automatic Slim Liner
Glam Shine Miss Paradise Lip Gloss (Launching Soon)
Shine Balmy Gloss (Launching Soon)
Available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super/hyper markets

Now, here's the thing. I totally had no idea about smokey eyes make up before this.
I have ever tried creating smokey eyes look for several times and unfortunately it always ended up looking like panda eyes.

The steps that Larry Yeo teached were really easy to follow and simple.
Firstly, we started off by lining up the waterline with the Automatic Slim Liner.
I don't usually apply liner on my waterline as I don't dare! It is too close to my eyeball LOL!
However, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried filling up my waterline with this pencil and surprisingly,
my eyes look much bigger and better as it fills up all of the gap and makes my eyelash looks fuller and thicker.
I used to think that lining up waterline is unnecessary. I was totally wrong. It does make a difference!
This automatic slim liner is easy to glide on and as shown, the diameter of the pencil is not too thick,
so the result you will get from this liner is really thin and natural.

Next step, we apply the eyeshadow. I love this les ombres collection very much!
Especially this one below, in Beige trench! I believed that I have ever mentioned this before, but whatever, I am gonna say it again.
I love neutral shade! and to me, they are the - won't go wrong shade! =D

Now, the next important step after filling up your waterline, applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner (shown on the next step) is to apply mascara!

As shown below, we were provided with their latest Architech 4D mascara!
You can achieve volume, length, texture and curl with just this mascara. I was amazed by the result.
It is waterproof and it doesn't clump, amazing.

Now, finally it's the time to apply eyeliner! We were provided with this new Super Liner - Black Lacquer!
I absolutely love the tips of this liner. Very easy to use and most importantly, this liner is waterproof!
Say yay to waterproof and smudge proof liner.

How do you usually apply your eyeliner? Here's what teacher Larry teaches us.
You can start off by creating the shape you want and then fill em up
 I personally prefer the draw and fill them at the same time method though.
Reason is simple, I am not confident enough to draw the perfect shape on the first step.


Last but not least, my favorite product of the day! Rouge Caresse Heart of Pearl 
Firstly, the price is so affordable! It only costs $18.90!
Secondly, as shown below, it comes with an interesting pearl core. It creates an immediate 3D effect with luminous shine.
Most importantly, it is extremely moisturizing, super light and really shiny on lips.

I got it in 602 Chesnut & Chic and 502 Peach and Cute.

Now, ready for Valerie ( final looks?

Tadah!! Her eyes is much bigger and brighter with the smokey eyes that Larry yeo works on her.

And, here's mine! I know right! I should be more daring and put more eyeshadow! =P

Alright, that's all for today. Thank you so much for reading.
Thanks to Nuffnang and L'Oreal for the cozy and insightful workshop.

Don't forget to visit Cheers!


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