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06 August 2013

The Top 10 Reasons Couples Fight On Vacation!

Here's my respond to this very relate-able article from HERE

The Top 10 Reasons Couples Fight On Vacation!

10. How much currency to get and where to get it.
Hahaha! So true! I always do my research before changing any currency.
E.g: SGD 1 = THB 24 and SGD 1 = TBH 24.30
To me, it is different. 0.30 matters! and to him, it is the same! LOL!

9. Making it to the airport on time. Well, so far, we've never missed any flight.
But, he always want to go to airport earlier like maybe 2-3 hours earlier
and I always prefer to enjoy the country till the last second. LOL!

 8. Money again! But this time, in the context of spending too much of it. Who doesn't?
Well, in this case, we only quarrel over a meal, accommodation or transportation. He always want the best.
E.g: Limousine ride, fine dining restaurant, 5 star hotel and I prefer to experience their road side stall, tuk tuk ride, boutique hotel etc.

Ah! and also, about how much tips to give! we always quarrel over this! =P

7. Your ladylike habit of taking three hours to get ready for dinner.
Eh! Not me in this case! LOL! Yes, my man took hours styling his hair =P

6. Packing: too much for you, not enough for him?
Well, in our case, I packs mine, he packs his. No problem. Best solution: Bring two luggages haha!

 5. Reading maps. Getting lost, especially abroad, brings out the worst in everyone.
I guess this is normal. Usually I don't mine to walk around and explore more places while we're lost.
But, he always prefer to solve it with money e.g: A taxi ride back to the hotel Zzz..So boring!

4. Drinking too much. Yes, honey, we're on vacation, but you're still embarrassing me!
Luckily my man is a good drinker LOL!

3. When and where to have a meal.
Exactly. Back to point 8.

2. Activities: TOTALLY AGREE!
He always want to sleep in the hotel or do boring things such as having buffet dinner in the hotel.
Boy, we're abroad! Shouldn't we check out the local food, road side stall, char chan teng, etc. =(
Forget zoo! Let's go and bungee jump, diving and do all the crazy activities together =)

1. Men checking out other women.
Luckily, I have no issue with this. Or maybe it's because he did and I don't care? haha!

"We always fight on our vacation it is our routine" - Irene Octoviani Tan,


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  1. LOL at #1. great blog, found you on your YT video on your l'occitane angelica review. i just purchased my immortelle line yesterday and didn't know whether i chose the right stuff. nice to know u :)


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