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28 August 2013

Review: Novotel Phuket Resort, Patong - Thailand Best, Cheap, Affordable Hotel

As mentioned, we were sponsored with a two night stay in this awesome resort in Phuket.
We love our room, we love the strategic location, the friendly staffs, everything.
Click here and read about what happened on day one!
Click here to watch the video that I recorded!

So, after hours of waiting, we finally got our room!
Upon arrival, we were served with warm towels and drinks. The front desk staff was pretty and friendly.
That's all I remember lol! Btw, I am a member of Accors (the membership is free! If I didn't remember it wrongly).

Here's a picture of the swimming pool which we didn't get to use it.

 Initially I thought I only won a standard superior sea view room
and then, the front desk lady directed us to our room and we were surprised with a sea view suite.
We were so delighted. =D
As shown below, it comes with a separate huge living room. The room is incredibly spacious!

There's also a bar counter. Fyi, there's also a connecting room. So, this suite is good for up to 5 pax, I think.
2 pax in the master room and another 3 pax in another room which I believe is smaller.
Ah! Btw, we extended our stay in Novotel so, in total, we spent 3 nights here.
We only paid THB 2800 for the extension night and it comes with breakfast too!
Thanks for the special price given by Novotel Phuket and  Flight Center Singapore!

Now, here's the spacious room with a king sized bed.
There's a small walking closet too (located just besides the dressing table).

Here's the very comfortable bed. =D
Everything is clean and up to our expectation. It is not a new hotel though, the hotel has been around for years.
So, do not expect too much.

This is a clearer picture of the dressing table area. Very tidy and vintagey looking.

Here's the bath room! As shown below, that's a really huge bath tub! Bf enjoyed the bath tub very much.
I used the bath tub to wash my dirty clothes (from Phi Phi Island) hahaha!
Complete amenities. They provide everything that we need.

Will I return? Definitely Yes! We love the location too. It is not too near to the busy district, not too far too.
The breakfast is pretty standard to me. For the price given, I would definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and family.

Fyi, we were there during the low season though. That's the reason why we can get the room at a very affordable price.

Alright, that's all for today. I will end this blog post with a room tour video.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to say anything about the hotel. This is not an advertorial post too.
My review are true and honest based on what I experienced during the trip.
I hope this blog post is useful for ya! Cheers!


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