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29 August 2013

Pink / Purple Blue Ombre Hair by Singapore Creative Hair Stylist Miss Caely Tham

Hello ladies!
Today's blog post will be about my recent hair colour by Miss Caely from Shunji Matsuo @ 313 Somerset, Orchard Singapore!
I am not permanently in Singapore anymore. Instead, I go to Singapore,
almost every week for a business trip and only when I want/need to attend blogger events.
I lived in a small island in Indonesia that's considered extremely near to Singapore.
That's the reason why I can go to Singapore anytime! To know more about me, you can visit HERE

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Because, I will reveal my beauty-related business on my instagram soon.
Indonesian and Singaporean are very welcome to follow =D See you there!

Harbour front and vivo city are the places where Indonesian lived in Batam frequent the most.
Because, no choice, the ferry terminal is located at Harbour Front Cruise Center LOL!
Anyway, so weeks ago, I went to Singapore mainly to accompany my dad and mum for a check up.
Dad fell off from the stairs and broke several bones Zzz..
He was feeling really painful and bad during that weeks and he's getting better now. #ThanksGod for protecting him.

After we're done with the medical related stuff, mum and dad said that they want to go to ChinaTown!
Well, that's another popular place for Indonesian Chinese, other than Orchard lol.
I decided to drop by Shunji Matsuo to touch up my hair colour instead.
To read more about my previous BLUE/ PURPLE ombre by Caely Tham, the best hair stylist in Singapore Click Here
So, the blue part turned grey after a while, as expected. As shown above, I actually like the grey-ish tone.
Just that, I look kind of pale with the colour, I can't pull it off. That's why I decided to refresh the colour and...

I decided to dye my whole head purple!
and I totally LOVE the outcome!! As shown, there's a few pink tone to it too.
The colour is simply gorgeous and attention seeking!
When I walk down the street, I think, most of people who walk pass by noticed me *I think*.
After from the salon, I went to L'Occitane office at Wisma Atria (that's located not too far from Somerset)
for my blog related stuff and the lovely staffs there said, my hair colour totally match their Iris Angelica series,
which is the purple flower. They even asked if I dyed the hair to match their collection! Haha! lol
To read about my review of Iris Angelica Series click here

What do you think? do you like my new hair colour? =D

Here's the lovely braids done by the queen of hairstyle, Caely Tham!
Omg! I love my hair colour very very very much! Today I am going to answer several F.A.Q for you!

1. Is it hard to maintain Ombre Hair?
All you need is just a good shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. It is not very hard to maintain actually .
I am personally using the Biolage shampoo by Matrix. You can get it from Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
click here to read about hair scalp treatment using biolage product

2. How long will the colour last?
Well, just like any light-coloured hair, ombre hair tends to last not very long.
From my record, purple, pink & red tend to last a little bit longer than blue/turquoise.
Blue/ Turquoise usually turns green/grey after weeks.
So, I would say, the light colour (either only a part/ whole head) tend to last for 1-3 months depending on how you treat it.

3. Any tips?
The more you wash, the more it fades. So, I would recommend you to not to wash the hair very often.
I wash my hair once every two days.

4. Bleaching is needed if you want the colour to be more obvious. Will it damage the hair?
Firstly, I trust my hair stylist, Caely Tham very much and she have never disappointed me.
Instead, she always wow-ed me with her work. I have seen some of my friends and strangers with ombre hair.
Mostly, they have extremely dry hair ends. Well, in my case, I bleached my hair quite often and I dye it every 3 month.
I won't deny that my hair is drier than before, but still, the condition is much better than what I expected.
So, my answer to this question is YES and NO. It all depends on who your hair stylist is and what product are you using. =)

5. How much does it cost?
Well, for pricing, you can refer to Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon price list here
If you want to know the exact price, the best way is to go down to Shunji Matsuo and ask Caely directly.
She needs to see the volume of your hair, the length and also the condition.

6. Is that expensive?
According to me, no, because I have personally tried other salon for light hair colour and they disappointed me.
Not only that the colour is not the one that I want, the price is expensive too.
So, I would recommend you to Caely Tham, The International Director of Shunji Matsuo located at
Somerset @ 313 for any kind of hair service from treatment, rebonding, perming and etc.

Because, "What you pay is what you get!" #wink

Well, let the pictures do the talking!

My hair is still healthy and it shines bright like a diamond =D *According to me*

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Or, If you are an Ombre-nese (Haha I created this word)
if you have an ombre hair too,  say HI to me and share the link/ blog post link of your ombre hair with me.
I would love to see. That's all for today. Have an extremely good hair day babes!

Where to find Miss Caely Tham?
Shunji Matsuo Salon is conveniently located at 313 @ Somerset.
Oh! The salon is strategically located around Orchard road (just above Somerset MRT)
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Contact No. :+65 6238 0226
Follow them on facebook page HERE

Last but not least, don't forget to quote "Irene" to get 10% off all service exclude haircut!



  1. I love your hairrr!!
    purple color really suit your skin, it make you look more fresh..>.<

  2. Wow, the color is so vibrant! Looks great on you! Just followed your blog, hope you'll follow mine! :)

  3. your hair look nice on you
    how long did it take to dye your hair

  4. you look good in that color it really suit you
    but how time did it take to dye your hair

  5. Very impressive! Love the feather hair accessory!


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