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09 August 2013

Happy Belated Birthday My Baby Maltese - Gucci & Mayo!

Mode: *guilty* >_<

So, this year, we didn't manage to celebrate our babies birthday on time.
Reason for Mayo's birthday: There's no one selling birthday cake for dog around my area (Batam, Indonesia).
Reason for Gucci's birthday : We were away! We went to Phuket for a short vacation, remember? >_<
So, before coming back to Indonesia, we dropped by Pet Lover Center at Vivo City - Singapore
to buy a small birthday cake and some snacks for them.

Gucci's birthday is on 31st July and Mayo's birthday is on 11th July.
Yes, coincidentally they are both July babies #cute. We decided to celebrate their birthday together this year.
Well, I think we're going to celebrate their birthday together again next year!
To be fair, let's make their birthday to be on 21st July!! Haha! What do you think?
How sweet right! LOL! In case if you are wondering, they are getting married soon!! =D
Their wedding is likely happen around early next year. Hahaha! I am going to be a grandmother soon! Hahaha!

Anyway, I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this. Since moved back to Indonesia, Gucci is longer staying with me.
Both Mayo and Gucci are staying with my boyfriend! They will come to my place only when I ask my bf to bring them here.
So, last week, bf brought both of them to my place. #IMissThemSoMuch !

Gucci is 5 years old this year and Miss Mayo is officially ONE! =D
She's sooooo fat now! Wanna guess how heavy she is? She's approx. 5kg+ man! That's a little too much for a tiny little maltese.
We're trying to control her diet now. We always feed Gucci and Mayo at the same time everyday.
Gucci always dirty the place and Mayo will always clean his mess.
When mayo has finished her food, she will walk over and eat whatever that's left in Gucci's bowl too Zzz...

Wanna guess which one is Gucci, which one is Mayo? =D

They are soooo adorable!!

Soooo sweet and cute! I love them very much!
After we blow their candle for them haha! Bf, divided those donuts into small pieces for them. See that?
They sit there and wait patiently.

Alright, I guess that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the blogpost. Cheers!


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