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02 August 2013

A Sweet Prize: I Won a Trip to Phuket, Thailand

Hello readers !!! =D

This is a scheduled blog post. By the time you read this, I should be in Phuket already. =D

Today's date is 27th of July 2013. Time now is 4.06 pm (Indonesia time)
I am lying on my bed as I type this. My brother's little dog, Merzy is sleeping beside me. Room temperature: Just nice.
Yes, we are going on a short holiday to Phuket day after tomorrow or 29th July 2013 and I haven't pack my luggage. >_<
We are planning to stay in  Changi Airport Ambassador Transit Hotel for a night as our flight is in the morning.
This trip is partially sponsored by and Flight Center Singapore.
Ps: Special thanks to Becks from Bellabox and Peter from Flight Center Singapore for assisting me with my booking.
Thank you very much.

I am soooo lucky to have won this contest below;

I was overjoyed when I received an email from Becks telling me that I have won a trip for 2 to PHUKET!
I was extremely extremely extremely delighted. The feeling was unbelievable, indescribable.

I have ever been sponsored to travel overseas but that's work related and mostly I am travelling as a media blogger.
I need to work/blog for my trip. But, this time round, I am going to Phuket for a serious holiday, a relaxation!!!
Well, I still think that I will take thousands of photo and will record a video of my trip though.
I am totally attached to my job as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger 24/7 =P

Bikini Check! Straw hat Check! Sun Block Check! Shades Check! Travel pouch Check!

We are going to Phuket via Silk Air and will be spending 2 night in Novotel Phuket
(A 4-star hotel and it's near to Patong Beach yay!)
Then, we're going to extend our stay in a 5-star hotel (sponsored by bf) LOL!
He's just sooo willing to spend such money and I can never understand him.

Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! I should care less and enjoy more. What's done is done.
I have to enjoy my trip. #WishMeLuck #BothHandCrossed LOL.

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In case if you've missed it, here's some of my travel video. I lost all of the picture taken during the trips.
I lost my hard disk remember? All I have now is only these videos on youtube. #sad

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