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06 July 2013

Tutorial: Betty Crocker - Original Supreme Premium Brownie Mix with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.

It is Saturday! Say wohoo to weekend. Alright, today's blogpost is gonna be very short and sweet.
Btw, I am going to attend Singapore Blog Awards 2013 at Shanghai Dolly later! =D
I don't think I will win any of the awards though. I didn't have to time to gain vote last month.
Yes, vote is really important! #Experienced already hehe.
Anyway, I am pleased and really honored to be on the top 10 best blogger in 4 of the awards
and...that's good enough.
So, I am just gonna attend the event and have fun later!! #wohoo!

Back to today's topic...BROWNIE!

I don't know you but, I loveeeeeee and always visit baking ingredients section when I visit the supermarket.
I always annoy my boyfriend and demand for random products such as this.
Hahaha I actually asked him to buy 3 products for me on that day.
A brownie mix, chocolate chips and double chocolate chips dough! I love to DIY, you know that!
I know, you must be thinking, this girls is so materialistic.
Excuse me, mind you! I am demanding for a box of brownie mix, not a prada bag. Haha!
I can buy these by myself but I don't bear to spend such money, because they are quite expensive HAHAHA!
Yes, SGD14.90 for mix or dough is too expensive for me! and, only bf will buy such things and gotcha!
He is willing to spend SGD 50 for a tiny little bottle of olive oil. So, my requests were acceptable loh!
And....mind you, this is food. It's useful (for fun) and edible and yummy. LOL!

Anyway, I had fun baking this brownie with mum! =D
As shown, it consists of a pack of brownie flour and a Hersey's chocolate flavour syrup.

Extra ingredients that you will need are water, egg, oil and don't forget to prepare your bowl and baking pan.

Simply add in all the ingredients and mix them well.

Add in the chocolate syrup too! Btw, say hi! to my brother's dog, Merzy! =D

Optional; want some texture? add in some chocolate with roasted almonds.
Or if you are afraid that it might turn out too sweet, just add in some nuts or almond.

Bake it and....

Say hi to my first D.I.Y brownie! =D It taste good! A little bit too sweet though.
You can serve it with vanilla ice cream, hot and cold, perfect!
Tempted? Go and buy some brownie mix now! =D

Perfect and easy present for boyfriend/ girlfriend on valentine day, birthday, anniversary or on whatever day.

Happy Trying Cheers!


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