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04 July 2013

Review: NEW! AFC ActiveSLIM and LipoDOWN 2


Before I start sharing about today's product, I would like to share a good news!!
I have lost some weights! Wohoo! I have been skipping my dinner and eating less rice. That really helps.
In addition to those changes, I have been consuming these products from AFC Singapore.

I was sent with two products from AFC by Lifestream Group Singaproe to try and review.

Lets start from the first product;

The Active Slim Burn and Shape.

3x Accelerated Fat Burning ActiveSLIM is a clinically proven formula to fuel 3x more fat burning whenever you move.
Its rapid fat burning ability makes every body movement work harder for you. Packed with 4 Active Thermo-Factors,
it effectively transforms and shapes your body towards a slimmer silhouette.
Fuels fat burning for weight and inch loss Reduces fat and calorie storage
Converts fat and glucose into energy
Improves body definition and shape
Increases metabolism and slows age-related metabolic decline
Increases calories burning during workout

Why dieting and exercising are not enough?
When we restrict our diet, we may notice 25-30% of weight loss.
Unfortunately, this is a result of water loss, muscle loss, and bone loss instead of the desirable FAT LOSS.
This form of strict dieting slows metabolism and makes our body stores fat faster.
Once regular diet resumes after extreme dieting, there is a high tendency of weight rebound.
When we exercise to support weight loss, our body starts burning off stored glucose and only minimal stored fat.
Upon 20 minutes of exercising, our body starts to use stored fat as fuel and fat burning increases with longer exercise duration.
Most of the time, we may not exercise long enough to burn off our stored fats.

What's my opinion?
I highly recommend this product to those who exercise very often.
This product is able to burn 3x more fat with every move, reduce flabbiness and boost your energy level.
As what stated above, eat lesser really helps BUT after that, I gain weight even faster and easier than usual.
Seriously, my handwork was wasted just by having a damn burger. That feels really bad. =(
Well, the thing is, I don't really exercise. However, I walk a lot! I love to walk and shopping is my favorite exercise.
Haha! I take several pills before I start my "exercise". It feels good to lose weight while I shop.
You should try it too.

4 Active Thermo-Factors ActiveSLIM contains 4 Active Thermo-Factors to help reduce body fat and weight:
L-Carnitine: Natural fat burner, it ignites fat burning and improves energy level.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: Burns sugar to reduce conversion to body fat.
BCAA: Prolongs fat burning, boosts exercise performance, promotes lean body.
L-Ornithine: Increases fat metabolism, promotes muscle mass, reduces fatigue.

Who should take ActiveSLIM?
Moderately active to active lifestyle
Slow results from dieting or exercise
Stubborn flabbiness and bulges
Busy lifestyle and always on the go

Contents: 400mg x 120 capsules

To know more about this product CLICK HERE

About the product:

AFC LipoDOWN 2 is a clinically proven formula to fuel fat burning round-the-clock, even while you are at rest.
Enhanced with APF Fat Reduction Factors, the new proprietary formula is 200%
more powerful to support sustainable fat loss, for visible inch and weight loss.

Targets fat and inch loss in the tummy, thighs and hips
Reduces calorie absorption from dietary fat
Promotes thermogenesis, increases metabolism for maximum fat burning
Helps shrink bulky fat cells and blocks formation of new fat cells
Helps regulate appetite and promotes sense of fullness
Supports reduction of organ fat and body fat
Supports healthy blood lipid and blood sugar levels

The battle of the bulge is a constant challenge for most of us - from those stubborn inches that refuse to budge,
to unsightly problem areas, to those dreadful extra pounds creeping up after a heavy meal or two - weight loss can be a frustrating process.
Coupled with sedentary lifestyle and a slower metabolism rate with age,
it gets increasingly difficult to shed the excess kilos, in particular the excess fat at the tummy, thighs, arms and hips.
While diet plays an important role in any weight loss regime,
cutting calories is only a short-term approach that is not sustainable in the longer term.
In fact, most dieters end up hungrier than ever with a lower metabolism rate.
Do you know? Calorie-restricted diets trigger a 3.9% decrease in resting metabolic rate!

How does AFC LipoDOWN 2 work?
Sedentary lifestyle habits and overeating are common reasons for weight gain.
To reduce your overall body fat level, you need to burn off stored fat, raise your
metabolic rate and block the excess calories from turning into fat.
In fact, every 1kg of body fat is equivalent to 7,000kcal!

The new and improved AFC LipoDOWN 2 comes enhanced with the revolutionary
APF Fat Reduction Factors to burn fat, boost metabolism and eliminate fat calories.
APF Fat Reduction Factors trigger multiple fat reduction actions to help combat
the unsightly bulges and shed excess weight safely and naturally.

A natural and safe formula, AFC LipoDOWN 2 is free from caffeine, diuretics, laxatives and stimulants,
hence, it does not affect your sleep quality or lead to heart palpitations or diarrhea.

Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2008) Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (2010).
Numerous research reports and clinical studies have been published on both Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin,
the two key ingredients in AFC LipoDOWN 2.

These sources include reputable institutes like the Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory,
Hokkaido University, Kyushu University and other top universities in Japan.

Yes. This Lipo Down 2 cosists of Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin,
the APF Fat Reduction Factors are natural substances extracted at high purity
from unripe apples and Japanese brown seaweed respectively. 
100% manufactured in Japan

The best thing about this product is, it burn your calories even when you are not moving.
The best product ever! I am extremely lazy and I don't really exercise as mentioned earlier.
That's the reason why the only option for me to lose weight is to skip my meals or eat lesser which is..
Now, I am slowly going back to my normal routine, have my dinner everyday and consuming this Lipo Down 2 every morning.
I can see that my weight is more stable compared to before and in fact, I lost even more weights.
Best of all, it consists of natural ingredients and it's made in Japan! So, rest assured about the safety issue.
I am considering to repurchase this product as I want to lose more weights!! =D

For more information about the price or the product CLICK HERE

Visit or you can go to selected Watsons to purchase the product.


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