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27 July 2013

Batam : Caffein Cafe, Brewsky &Co, Black Canyon, Mega Mall, JCO, A&W

Alright. Here's the thing. Same thing. HAHAHAHA! I have been really busy!!!! *act busy* LOL!
Sincerely apologize for neglecting this space for soooooo longgggggg....

Anyway, follow me on instagram if you haven't because, I am way more active on instagram =D
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I have been travelling, sourcing, planning for my shop.
I really can't wait to share with you guys! But, for now, I will still keep it as a secret.
Here's some of my recent OOTD on my instagram and a short review of several places that I visited.

Dress: Random shop in HongKong, Bag by @NashCloset, Heels by Charles&Keith

The first one on the list!! If you happen to visit Batam you should try and dine in A&W !
Love the chicken and the float! Yummm!!
I had mine at Mega Mall outlet. I only know that there's two outlets in Batam.
As mentioned, there's one in Mega Mall (Batam Center) and another one is in Diamond City Mall (DC mall, Jodoh)   Closed, the newest outlet is located in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Batik top from @lizzious_lizz

I also visited a newly opened restaurant called "Brewsky & Co" located in Nagoya City Walk recently.
It is the modern European, Tapas Bar and Restaurant.
Well, I love the decor! The food is not bad too. Price wise, hm, a little bit too high but worth the money.
They served home made fresh brewed beer and other alcohol drink.
I will revisit Brewsky for its ambiance, food and live band (only during weekend, not sure.) too!

Pastel flowery top from @yuna_shop , Checkered top and highwaisted short are from @lizzious_lizz

Ah yes! JCO is another must-eat! =D
I am kind of sick of donuts though. Don't get me wrong. I loveeeee Jco! But, it's fattening >_<
Why nice food always come with a "fattening" tag duh!

A very nice stripes+flower blouse from @GuiltyPleasureShop,
Turquoise peplum top from @shop_redcherry , Flowery dress in Orange from @ingehutayaolshop

I love my new ipad case!! So classy isn't? Brown embossed ipad case is from @paroparoshop
Yes, that's a bracelet with my nick on it. It's so pretty right! You can make one for yourself at @lagreeney
Thirdly , Celine Me Alone shirt from @brandaddicted_jakarta and stripes blazer from @vosshop

Heels D.I.Y by yours truly, Baroque top from @misslulu_house,
Baloon bag by @inflatdecorjkt It's made in Thailand and the texture is very interesting,
Stripes dress in navy is from @lovelygiftsonlineshop

Peplum dress in white colour is from @victoireclothing, Bag from @BittenBelle they self-manufactured the bags!
A beautiful iphone case that was customized for me! #yay thanks to @QuennelStore,
Nice white dress (I wore it as a top) and a very nice printed skirt courtesy of @lovelygiftsonline

Pink Batik top on the left is from @lizzious_lizz , the one in the middle is from a random shop in Bugis Street
and lastly, another batik top in black colour is from @ingehutayaolshop

If you happen to visit Batam, never forget to visit "Caffein Cafe" at Ruko Nagoya Hill too!
It is located near to the shop houses area. Not in the mall. (It is located opposite Matahari departmental store).
It is the "Best cafe for dessert and coffee in Batam!" Imagine nicely decorated tiramisu or red velvet or cheese cake!
Hehe firstly, the dessert is really nice and yummy! The price is really affordable compared to Singapore.
Cheap and Good!
Secondly, it belongs to my sis's husband. That's why you have to try!
Haha! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Follow them on instagram @CaffeinCafe

My lovely satchel bag is from @FashionLatteBg. It is not the authentic satchel. It is a replica bag made by local.
Quality is as good though, you can choose the colour combination of your bag too. I got my in my favorite colour, black and purple.
Love letter bracelet is from @na_store and that gold lacey bandage skirt is from @vncoshop.

Stripes skirt from @lizzious_lizz, lacy bag and Lanvin ins. neon pink necklace are from @d_sensation
Purple aztec pullover is from @kinishop and flower crown is from @PrinssyFanSH

Another place that I visited recently is this new restaurant located in SukaJadi, Batam.
It is called the "Smoke BBQ" restaurant located at The Centro Hotel. Well, the food is like hotel food.
Expensive and the quality is standard. The food is up to my expectation. But, it just doesn't feels right.
As it's located under a small hotel and you know, hotel food is always over-priced.

Flower ring is from @ladiesclubstore, Nude top and zara bag is from @asshop24, lastly Gold themed accessories is from @ferrailledor

Last but not least, my new Newyork hat and victorian-ish necklace is from @na_store and the one on the right,
my aztec blouse in blue is from @bajutabea

We went to dine in a restaurant called "Black Canyon" located at Mega Mall too.
Eh I didn't know that they actually offer Thai food too! Bf tried and he finds it okay.
I only had a bowl of chicken soup on that day. Hehe *on diet mode: on*

Oh ya! one more thing. I found an amazing website recently. You know the ZALORA.SG ?
I believed you have heard of them before. They have a wide range of apparels and accessories too.
From bag, shoes to beauty and sport related goods. You can find almost anything there.
Most importantly, the apparels that they offer are all nice, rare and quality is really good!
Mum bought some cheongsam dress from there already and she loves it.
Here's some of the pieces that have caught my eyes. OMG. Should I buy? >_<

Question about Batam? ask me!! If I know, I will try my best to assist you =)
I am a Batam-nese in case if you don't know hehe..!
Follow me on instagram and ask me question from there. I will try to answer you when I see it.

That's all for today. Have a great day!



  1. Rene, A&W at Batam is available at MegaMall and Nagoya Hill. DC Mall udah tutup..


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