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28 June 2013

Review: L'OCCITANE En Provence - IRIS ANGELICA for Sublime Skin!


Aloha readers! I am so excited about today's blogpost. It is all about L’OCCITANE!!
I believed everyone knows or at least have seen the outlet store before.
L’OCCITANE can be found at almost all shopping mall in Singapore.
Personally, this is my first encounter with the brand. I have ever seen and visited the store for several times.
The moment I stepped into the store, it feels like a garden to me. The scents of all of the product are so calming and relaxing.

About L’OCCITANE En Provence

L’OCCITANE en Provence is an international retailer of body, face, and home products based in Manosque, France.
The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan with the purpose to create a company that celebrates
and preserves the traditions of his native Provence. L’OCCITANE means “the woman from Occitania”.
The company aspires to be "the worldwide reference for Mediterranean well-being, with unique body, face, and home products".
The company's stated brand values are: "Authenticity and naturalness," "Effectiveness and pleasure," and "Respect and responsibility."

Today I am going to share about my new skincare products that I received from L’OCCITANE for review.
I have been craving for L’OCCITANE product for the longest time. I finally have the chance to try 'em out.
I am so grateful for that.

As shown above, I have;
1. Angelica Gel Cleanser 200ml (SGD 36)
2. Angelica Face Toner 200ml (SGD 36)
3. Angelica Iris Sublime Essence 30ml (SGD 78)
4. Angelica Hydration Cream 50ml (SGD 76)
5. Angelica Iris BB Cream 40ml (SGD 55)

Alright, my perception was totally wrong. At first, I thought that L’OCCITANE product is gonna be very expensive.
But hey, see that? the Gel Cleanser and Toner are priced at about S$36 only and fyi, they are 200ml.
I believed that those products can last for at least 2-3 months? That's so affordable.
As for the serum and cream, it is understandable. High quality serum is usually priced at around that range.
Be smart though, not all expensive serum are good. Do your research before buying it.

Alright, I am gonna start from this lovely Cleansing Gel.

About Angelica Cleansing Gel
Fresh and delicate, Angelica Cleansing Gel transforms into a light and airy foam when combined with water.
Enriched with water and essential oil of organic angelica, it softly removes make-up and impurities,
while preserving the skin's hydrolipidic film, for perfectly clean and hydrated skin.
Skin feels immediately soft and looks radiant. Suitable for all skin types.
Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

My Review:
It is very refreshing and gentle on skin.
It has a very light and calming fragrance and it leave my skin feeling soft and clean. It is suitable for all-skin type.
The essential oil and angelica extract inside smells really natural and comfortable.
Imagine a garden full of fresh grass. Yeap, that's how it smells. Fyi, L’OCCITANE product are natural. No perfume added.
I can feel that it is even more effective than my usual cleanser. I love my current cleanser but, I love this even more!
Reason? I love anything that smells fresh and clean. It removes my makeup effectively too.
Sometimes, when I wipe clean my face with toner, I can still see that my cotton is a little bit brown (left over from the foundation).
After using this Angelica Cleansing Gel, I didn't spot any brown residues on my cotton already.
I highly recommended this product and I rate this 4.3/5.

Move on to the next product, the Angelica Face Toner.

About Angelica Face Toner
This alcohol-free Angelica Face Toner, enriched with angelica essential oil and water,
moisturizes, refreshes and rids the skin of impurities.
After use, skin is soft, radiant and ready to absorb all the benefits of your daily skin care regimen.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

My Review:
To be honest, I do not have any fixed toner for my skin yet. I have been changing and exploring for the best toner for my skin.
I have tried both high end and drug store brand. Nothing works well on me.
Some are just too strong, some are sticky, some even causes break-outs!
Well, in short, I am still looking for the best one and seems like I have found my love! =D
Again, this Angelica Face Toner smells just like the gel cleanser above.
It is refreshing, light and very calming. It is gentle on skin too.
My skin feels minty (gentle fresh kind of mint) after using it.
Do you know that toner with alcohol can make your skin even drier?
L’OCCITANE face toner is alcohol-free! Instead, it consists of plant extract. So, it is much more gentle on skin.
This toner clean and hydrates your skin so that it can breathe again.
I love love love this face toner. I rate this toner 4.5/5

About  Iris Angelica Sublime Essence (BEST SELLERS)

The skin-perfecting Sublime Serum visibly leaves skin looking and feeling flawless.
Ideal for all skin type or tone, The Sublime Essence, with its fresh, sheer texture, helps to correct skin irregularities and reduce redness.
The skin’s texture is visibly refined; pores immediately appear tighter.
Moisturised and plumped, skin looks velvety soft. The complexion is more even and more radiant.
This perfecting serum is made with organic extracts from two angelic flowers: iris and angelica.
A symbol of pure beauty, the velvety and luminous white iris offers its powers of sublimation.
Known for its incredible hydrating properties, angelica gives the skin vitality.
Our patented, silicone-free formula leaves skin looking and feeling sublime.

My Review:
If you have been following my blog, you should know that, I LOVE SERUM.
Sometimes, I feel that serum is good enough. If I really need to choose only one skin care product, I will choose serum!
But, of course I can't live without cleanser and toner too! A good skin starts with a clean skin. =D
What I mean here is, I can live without moisturizer and lotion but, I can't live without serum.
This Iris Angelica Sublime serum smells like flower. I love the smell.
It is actually the scent of Iris flower extract and that smell reminds me of rose. This serum essence is amazing.
I have been using it for weeks and I can see that my pores became finer and complexion became better.
It is definitely light and easily absorbed by my skin. It doesn't irritates my skin and it is not sticky, not oily or greasy too.
It refines my pores and hydrates my skin very well. I will recommend this product to those aged between 20-30!
Warning: Starts your routine now, before it starts to sag, wrinkle starts to show, before it is too late! =P
 I rated this product 4.85/5. Highly recommended!

About Angelica Hydration Cream

Made with organic angelica from the Drome region of France, the fresh and silky smooth
Angelica Hydration Cream efficiently moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
L’OCCITANE's patented angelica complex reinforces natural skin hydration
by stimulating aquaporines, improves skin elasticity and protects from free radicals.
Skin is plumped, smoothed and more radiant. Ideal for dehydrated to normal skin.
Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

My Review:
I highly recommend this product to those with dehydrated skin. I, myself has a combination skin.
I will avoid applying heavy product on my T-Zone. However, this Iris Angelica Hydration Cream is surprisingly light.
So light that, I do not mind applying it on my T-Zone too. It is definitely not sticky.
At first, I find it slightly greasy, after waiting for a while, the texture became acceptable and I almost feel nothing afterward.
It smells like fresh grass just like the cleansing gel and toner. As for the packaging, I think it is still can be improved.
I have long nails and I need to use cotton bud to take the product out from the small tub.
I find it unhygienic and troublesome. I think it would be better if the product comes with a pump or at least a spatula.
Anyway, judging from the quality of the cream I rated it 4.3/5 ! It is definitely still a product that's worth the money.

Last but not least, the Angelica Iris BB Cream!

About Angelica Iris Sublime Beauty Cream

Achieve a perfect, flawless finish for your skin wih Iris Angelica Sublime Beauty Cream by L’OCCITANE.
Offering all the benefits of a moisturizer and foundation, this BB cream does it all:
- Gives the complexion a fresh, natural and even look
- Visibly reduces the look of pores, redness and blemishes
- Hydrates and smoothes the skin
- Provides SPF 30 sun protection

The Sublime Beauty Cream is made with a patented combination of two angelic flowers: white iris and angelica.
A symbol of pure beauty, the velvety and luminous white iris offers its powers of sublimation.
Known for its incredible hydrating properties, angelica gives the skin vitality.
Organic extracts from these two flowers leave skin looking and feeling perfect.

My Review:
The beauty cream  comes in two shades only - light and medium. My beauty cream is in light colour.
As shown above, I find it a little too dark on my *hand* (I believed it is because, the skin tone on my hand is fairer than my face)
So, I decided to give it another try by applying it on my face. Surprisingly, the colour adjusted to my skin tone perfectly.
It even out my skin tone too! See the difference below? With and Without!

The BB cream smells just like the serum. It has the Iris flower and angelica flower scents and I love it.
It gives a smooth and flawless finish. This BB cream contains benefit that CC cream offers.
It covers my scar, blemishes, pores and it reduces the redness of my skin as well, as shown above.
As you can see, the pores near to my nose are almost invisible! #Happy
I love the matte and glowy finish. Yes, both. It is matte but not totally matte because it also gives my complexion a slight glow.
Fyi, glow and shiny is not exactly the same. If your BB cream gives your skin a shiny look.
It may means that the BB cream is too oily for your skin. =)
I love this BB cream and I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends.
I rated this product a 4.6/5 !

Alright that's all for today's review! I hope you will find it useful.
If you have any question feel free to drop a comment below or email me at

There's a contest running on L'Occitane FB page and I would greatly appreciate it if you can vote for me HERE.
Simply look for my video, Irene Octoviani Tan, the one in the middle and vote!
You can vote for me, everyday! Voters stand chance to win goodies too! =D
Thanks in advance.

For more information you can visit L’OCCITANE website at
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Have a good skin day!

With love,
Irene Octoviani Tan


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