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07 June 2013

Review and Haul: Nail Art Tattoo from Qoo10 Singapore

Hellow! Today I am going to talk about nail art and nail accessories.
Now, before I start, may I know where do you usually get your nail tools from?
I personally shop for almost anything from Qoo10 Singapore! That includes my nail tools too!
Simply because, Qoo10 is the best shopping platform in Singapore!
Be wow-ed by the user friendly website and fun experience. They offer discount, deal, offers, sale, promotion, bargain 24/7 !
You will find a lot of nail polishes, nail sticker, nail pen and a lot more other nail accessories at Qoo10!

Medicure D.I.Y steps!

1. Firstly, get a good and sharp nail clipper. Cut and file your nail.
2. Buff your nails to even out the surface and to smoothen out the ridges
3. Soak your nails or wash or scrub it with your facial scrub
to remove dirt, dead skin, and any dust left over from filing and buffing.

Now, after you have done preparing your nails, choose your nail polish colour and nail art tools.

In this case, I got my nail art TATTOO sticker from Qoo10 Singapore!
 I am familiar with nail sticker, nail beads, nail art pen and etc. However, this is for the first time, I heard about nail art tattoo!
Qoo10 offers tons of creative, unique and interesting things on their website. You will be surprised!
I was curious and I decided to order some. Btw, they have a lot of interesting designs to choose from!
As shown above, I bought; my favorite Marilyn Monroe tattoo sticker and a Christian Louboutin inspired tattoo sticker =D

Here's the instruction of usage that can be found at the back of the packaging;

All you need to do is to soak in the water for a couple of second and after that, the tattoo can be easily removed from the paper.
While it is still wet, stick the tattoo on your nail. Lastly, wait for the sticker to dry or alternatively, as shown, you can blow dry it.

The quality of the tattoos and their designs are awesome. Most importantly, they are very affordable.
I am very happy with my recent purchase from Qoo10 Singapore and I can't wait to shop more!
You should check Qoo10 out too!

Visit Qoo10 Singapore Website HERE
Like Qoo10 Singapore Facebook Page HERE
Follow Qoo10 Twitter Account HERE

My blog is nominated as
"The top 10 finalist for the Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog in Singapore Blog Awards 2013"
I am so excited!

Now, your vote is highly appreciated.

1. All you need to do is to go to Singapore Blog Awards 2013 website HERE
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3. Then look and VOTE for me, Irene Octoviani Tan in this category HERE!

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Thanks in advance for your vote! =D


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