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26 June 2013

Reveur - Moist & Gloss Shampoo and Treatment

Aloha! Today I am going to share about my new shampoo and treatment.
Look at the packaging! So Japanese, isn't? Cawaii! =D

About Rêveur

Rêveur a wildly popular brand in Japan’s haircare industry,
especially famous for their silicone-free haircare line and ideology that quality haircare products 
should be made affordable and enjoyed by the mass market.
This brand is availabe in singapore since May’13. This is the No. 1 non-silicone shampoo in Japan,
with a remarkable results of 50 million bottles sold in 2 years since its launch in 2010.

Is stiff and dry hair ruining your weekend rock star look? Say hello to a smooth and hair ad-worthy hair with Reveur!
A high-quality yet affordable range of non-silicone haircare, let your scalp breathe in gallons of nutrients and all-natural goodness today!

Selling 1 bottle every 1.5 seconds, Rêveur’s unique formula of fine and well-foamed bubbles reduces the friction against the hair.
This effectively avoids the common problem that non-silicone shampoo faces, which is to cause hair to be rough due to the lack of silicone.

Yes, finally you can get this Reveur in Singapore. I have seen the brand in Japanese magazine before.
It is recommended by a lot of beauty blogger and famous people.
I was so happy when I found these shampoo and hair treatment product.

I personally love this moist & gloss shampoo and treatment very much.
Let's start from its packaging. The purple bottle is made of plastic and it is so elegant.
It's huge! As shown, it comes in 500ml size and it lasted me for about 2 month.
I love the floral fragrance and also the unique formula. It is non-silicon and the texture is gel+ slightly watery.
I was surprised that this gel textured shampoo could be so well-foamed though.
The bubble of the shampoo is very fine and gentle to scalp as well. My scalp and hair feel fresh and clean after using this.
As for the treatment, I love it! You know, bleached hair needs treatment and not all treatment can be used on bleached hair.
Some shampoo can wash off the colour of your hair, some is too oily for your hair.
This reveur treatment product is light and effective. It smoothen, soften and moisture my hair.
I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

For more information, you can visit
or their facebook page at


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