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12 June 2013 Haul : Tribalism Shirt Dress by Dressabelle

Shopping is as easy as 1,2,3 !
Now, who still go to shopping mall and shop? Well, definitely not me!
I go to the mall, walk around, do some research (window shopping) and usually will come back with empty hand.
Unless, the apparel is really that attractive and special that I couldn't resist.
Because, you know me! When I know I can get it at a cheaper price, why buy it at a higher price?

Maybe that's also because of my past unpleasant experiences too!
There were several times I got cheated by a shop! =( and I hate that feeling very very much.
Here's my experience: There was once, I got a dress from a shop at Far East Plaza for SGD 70 !!
I don't usually spend so much money on a dress but I thought, alright, maybe I should get it..
As the design is really unique and I don't think or have ever seen it anywhere else.
Well, that was actually considered as an impulse buying. Not that I regret getting the dress.
But, I regret getting it at SGD 70.
Because, after that I saw an online shop selling it at only SGD 20 ! Now, can you imagine how angry I was!
After that incident, I swear to myself not to visit that particular shop anymore!
Come on! If it is SGD 10-15 cheaper, I still can accept. But, what? 50 bucks? That's too much! is my all-time-favorite shopping website, without doubt.

The only problem with Qoo10 is that, THEY HAVE TOO MANY CHOICES!!!
OMG. It took me one whole day to finish browsing and visiting each of the shop featured. LOL!

Tips: To make it easier, narrow down your budget and choices (you can find the option somewhere on the top of the page)
Thanks to the user-friendly website, I can choose the type of apparels that I am looking for that are within my budget to consider.
That saves me a lot of time man!

This particular shop attracted me! Well, the price range is not considered as cheap but, they are affordable.

Before getting the apparels that I want, I would usually try to find and read the review section.
That's really an amazing and useful section!
The review are 100% honest and true as they are reviewed by the actual customer.

I found the review of the apparel that I want! YAY!
Yes, if you are lucky, you might get to see a picture of the actual apparel posted by other buyer.
That's simply great!

Here's the picture shown on Qoo10! The apparel on the model looks exactly like the actual one.

You know right? Some online shop actually photoshop-ed their picture and mislead their customer.
The apparel looks good on the model (adjusted with a lot of pins on the back/ temporary tailoring)
where in fact, the size of the apparel actually is very big! Some are even L or XL size!

Not in my case though, I love the apparel I received! =D
It fits nicely on me. I brought it with me and worn it when I was in Indonesia.

My lunch on that day was, NASI PADANG! My favorite Indonesian cuisine.
They look like buffet spread yea? Well, this is called the "Hidang" Style.

What's hidang style means?

During a dine-in hidang (serve) style Padang restaurant, after the customer is seated, he or she does not have to order.
The waiter immediately serves the dishes directly to the table, and the table will quickly be set with dozens of small dishes
filled with highly flavored foods such as beef rendang, curried fish, stewed greens, chili eggplant,
urried beef liver, tripe, intestines, or foot tendons, fried beef lung, fried chicken,
and of course, sambal, the spicy sauces ubiquitous at Indonesian tables.
Customers take — and pay for — only what they want from this array.

Yes, I do not need to pay for everything. I only pay for what I had.
E.g: If I take only 1 piece of chicken from the plate, I only pay for that.
If I didn't touch the fish, I do not need to pay for the fish.

Please be reminded that, there's no such thing such as pay half plate. HAHA!
Once you touch the dish, you need to pay for it. Do not steal too!
E.g: just a piece of minced meat, they won't know. Hey no! That's cheating! LOL!

I love my tribal shirt dress from Qoo10 (Seller: Dressabelle) very much!
See that? It fits nicely on me, the length is just nice too.
I love the print the most. It is not very common and it is special =D

Price? I got it at approx SGD 15 only!! That's so affordable, isn't?
I think I deserve a Singapore Shopping Queen title! Haha! Kidding! LOL!
With Qoo10, everyone can be a shopping queen loh! It is so easy to shop for nice and cheap apparel on Qoo10!

That's it for today's review on Qoo10.

Go to and shop away now!!!

Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for another Qoo10 blog post. =)

Hello from Indonesia!

In case if you don't know, my blog is nominated as
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  1. There's also the qoo10 Indo, but I haven't tried to buy something there, perhaps later in the future. I like to browse accessories but it saddens me when the product price almost as same as the shipping rate ah.. That's really a different case :D

    Congrats for being nominated as well :)


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