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19 June 2013 Haul : Tiara Eyes by

Hellow! Ever wonder why people always look so pretty and photogenic in the photo?
Other than photoshop, there's one thing called makeup and contact lenses.
With make up, fake eyelashes and contact lenses, everyone can look like a celebrity!
Okay, I am exaggerating.

But, seriously, when you browse through instagram,
most pretty girls are likely to have their makeup and contact lens on, isn't?

I know several people in my life that can't live without cosmetic contact lenses.
They are addicted to it. They feel that they will look like a pale zombie without it.
You know! Just like people who have been wearing glasses for years.
They'll look weird and uncomfortable without it.
I, myself, will wear contact lens when I need to take photo or attend special occasion only.
I try not wear them on daily basis. *I know I have mentioned about this for millions time!*

Reason is pretty simple.
There was once my colleague reminds me that, it is unhealthy to wear contact lens.
Every time we wear contact lens, we are scratching our cornea.
I mean, that sounds very logical and true.
Our eyeball or cornea is extremely fragile and we really need to take a good care of it.
That's the reason why, I have been trying to avoid contact lens.
Beauty comes with a price, remember? XD

Even if I really have to wear it, I will look for contact lenses from a reputable brand.
It is extremely hard to find a nice cosmetic contact lens in Singapore.
Well, I don't even know where I can get it here.

Thanks to , I found Tiara Eyes by!
A contact lens company that's based in South Korea.
I am not sure if you still remember but I blogged about it months ago.
This is the third pair of contact lens that I have tried.
I love the teary eye effect very much. The comfortable-ness is so far so good too.
I love the contact lens except maybe the colour.
I am not used to light-coloured lens such as blue, gray or pink.
What do you think? Does it looks good on me? Hm..

Price wise, the contact lenses are considered pretty affordable.
Please be reminded that they are based in South Korea.
So, do not expect the lenses to reach you so soon.
For my order, it took about 3 weeks to reach me.

Contact lens works like magic, just like make up.
It can transform one's appearance and make him/her look better instantly.

As shown below, the lenses actually have 3-tones or 3 colours.
There are black, gray and brown. That's how the reason why it creates a teary eyes effect, I guess.

I think everyone need to have at least a pair of contact lenses at home.
Reason? Just like bag, shoes and makeup. It plays as a very important role in our life.
I won't attend a party without looking at my best. Without contact lens, I will feel that I have lost the war.
Haha talking about competition!

What are you waiting for? Shop for your contact lens now!

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