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20 June 2013 Haul : Best gadget and equipment for Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger!

Hellow readers and my fellow blogger friends. Today's blogpost is dedicated to those who love to take self photo.
Here's the fact! I personally do not like to take self photo! *don't laugh* I know I have a lot of self-shoot!
But, truth is, I prefer to have someone else there to take photo for me and, nobody is available around me.
My boyfriend hates it when I demand him to take a photo of me.
Haha! Reason is because I always scold him when the photo turns out ugly.
I always said things like "Come'on! It is just a frontal shoot. It is so easy and you failed!"
LOL Okay I have a bad temper haha! He will always reply "Hellow! I am not a professional photographer!"
Then I will start my drama "If you love me, you should try your best or maybe go and take a photography glasses"
Hahaha then we will start quarrel and start debating   ...
bf willl start to put me in his position "But I do not like to take photo! It is not my hobby"
"Will you go, learn and play game with me? No right?"

Then I will ignore him, demand to break up and cry.. LOL! *based on true story man!*
Ps: When I am sad, I will always say that I want to look for my right future husband. He's definitely not the one.

Then, my very tolerant and patient bf will say something funny like
"HAHA! What a joke, when my friend ask me why we break up,
my answer will be, because I refuse to take a photo of her"

WT !! HAHAHA Then we'll go back to normal!
omg! couple these days are so full of nonsense. Zzz..

Anyway, thanks to, I finally found someone that I can rely on..
"I love you, my samsung camera and my spiderpod!"

For those who don't know, spiderpod works like a spiderman! It is my hero. =)
It can be attached almost anywhere and it comes in many sizes!
So, if you have a DSLR, you can get a bigger one.

The price is like cheapest in town! I have done my research.
I went to Challenger and I was shocked when I found out that they are selling it at SGD 20-30 !
I got my for less than SGD 10 from ! I believed that you can even get it at about 5 bucks!

Try to search it on click here and search for "Spiderpod" or "Tripod" !

I really love the flexible tripod leg. It can be attached to chair, to laptop, car, anywhere!
I think all of the couple (who love to take picture) should own this.
When you travel for honeymoon or just a getaway with your boyfriend or girlfriend,
this spiderpod will come in handy. You know right, nobody is there to take photo of both of you.
Buy an extra ticket and bring your spiderpod with you, you won't regret. Haha!

Move on to the next exciting gadget. My samsung multi-view MV800 camera! It has been amazing.

Other than spiderpod, a multi-view camera like this will complement the whole process.
The original retail price is about 499 and you can get it from qoo10 for just about SGD 230 !
The price is insanely CHEAP! =D

How about the quality of the camera?
Well, to be honest, I don't think it is amazing, as the auto focus is rather weak.
I rated the quality 7/10, even though It claims that it is 16 megapixels, I feel like it is only about 10 pixels? o_o
However, judging from its function, I rated it 8.5/10.
I mean, compared to the smart phone front camera, this definitely WIN!
I think all blogger should have at least one camera, like this! Flip the screen and click!

Here's the rusult from the camera. I didn't filter or edit the quality of the photo at all!
This photo is for you to judge! What do you think? clear? =D

Alright. That's all for today. I hope today's blogpost is useful for you. Cheers!

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  1. Oh really cool tripode!
    Looks really cool!
    I want purchase this in eBay!


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