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30 June 2013

NEW! Etude House Color POP Summer 2013 Collection

Hellow ladies, say YAY to new product from Etude House Korea.
For those who have been asking, this pink box is only available for pink bird, Etude House International Blogger.
They are not for sale but you can buy the product individually at their shop. =D

As usual, I was super duper excited when I received my Pink Box.
They always pack the parcel nicely like this and this hot pink parcel fly all the way from Korea to Indonesia
(because I am currently in Indonesia). =)

I was surprise when I found out the amount of item featured inside.
Look at this! That's a lot of babies!

Here's a close up look.

This year's summer theme is all about being colourful, fun, treandy with a little bit of retro- element.

Let's start from the 1st product, the very exciting Color POP Drawing Show Creamy Pencil.
No more boring black or brown pencil. This is the new trend! They comes in many colour.

And they colour are really pretty and as shown, it is slightly shimmery.
It is very pigmented and very easy to apply. One application is enough. It is very smooth and gentle on skin too.
Most importantly, the colour is so fun! Definitely suits the summer retro theme.

You can use it alone, or use it on top of your usual eyeliner.

Now, what's the next exciting product? It has to be this Cute Eyes Maker!!!
Yes! Eye bag is trending in Korea. This Cute Eyes Maker is for you to make your eyebag, nicer, better and cuter.
I know, not all eyebag are nice. I totally agree. If you have eyebag + dark eye circle, you better cover it up.
There's a way to create this cute eyes look though, firstly, cover your dark eyes circle.
Make sure you conceal them nicely. Then, you apply this cute eyes maker.

This cute eyes maker brighten your under eyes area instead.
As shown below, it consists of this creamy, pink-ish colour to lighten your under eyes area
and on the other side, brown, gold-ish colour to create a shadow under your eyebag, to make your eyebag obvious.

How do you use it? Here's a picture for your reference.

Alternatively, you can use it as eyeshadow too.
Just note that the colour is sheer not very pigmented. Well, it is not mean to be pigmented too.
It is for your under eyes area, remember?

The next item has to be the Color POP, Dear My Lips-Talk!
Orange is trending now! Orange eyeliner, orange blusher, orange lipstick!!
The colour of the lipstick is semi-pigmented. You need about 3 swatches to get the color below.
I personally love it very much. Everyone knows that Etude House Lipstick is always hydrating and moisturizing.

Next new product is this Colour Pop Shine Tint in Sunny Pop!
Again, another cool product from Etude house, the colour is orangey+red-ish.
It looks quite pigmented when I apply it on my hand, however, after dabbing it on my lips.
I find the colour not that scary. The colour looks just nice on my lips.

Now, fun and colourful nail polishes!!
They have a total of shades for this Color Pop nail polishes.

The colour is amazingly cute and pop!
I personally like that turquoise, tiffany blue colour very much.

Last but not least, Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes !
Not really a new product, instead, it is their best selling eyeshadow pallete.
I love all of the colour inside. The finishing is shimmery and very very beautiful.
I apply them on my eyelid in the video below.

Click and watch now;

 Last but not least, a cute mirror courtesy of Etude House.

Alright, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the post. Cheers!

Singapore Pink Bird Beauty Blogger. =)



  1. The products all look so fun and bright...!!! Btw, how do we get to be Pink Bird Member?

  2. Oh~ so nice! How to be a pink bird member =D I want to apply :D

  3. So envy *O* . May i know how to be Pink Bird Member ?

  4. Great! I envy you! Etude give me my pink box too! lols

    I also blogged about my life in South Korea, Beauty and Fashion related,
    kindly check out my blog :

  5. Oh really wonderful product from the new collection of Etude House!
    Now I´m following you in Facebook!}
    I want invite you to my blog and if you want follow me back!

  6. Wow, the Cute Eyes Maker is such an awesome product. All you need for that Ageyo-Sal! What are you doing in Indonesia, haha I thought you were in Singapore too!

    please visit my blog too ^^

  7. So jealous of your etude house products ! I'm thinking of buying the colour pop pencil liner in PK102 + thanks for your lovely reviews! ^___^


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