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17 June 2013

My First Prescription Eye Glasses - Glossi Eyewear Singapore

Hello readers! Happy Monday! =D
Now, you are familiar with Glossi Eyewear already right?
If you missed my previous blog posts,
click here and here to read and understand more about the brand =)

Today I am going to show you my new and also my first prescription glasses!
I have perfect eyesight, I mean, I do not rely on glasses or contact lens, however, you know!
contact lens or glasses is no longer just a tool used for better eyesight only.
It can be worn as an accessories or just like cosmetic, contact lens can be used to enhance one's appearance.

Here's how I look like with the glasses on. What do you think? =D
I choosed this gold framed spec because it looks special and it gives a luxury kind of feel.
I really love the material of this Glossy Eye wear. It is extremely light and thin!
You really need to touch and wear it yourself to feel the awesomeness.
The glasses is sturdy and well-built. It is stylist looking, very functional and comfortable.
This is indeed a pair of great prescription glasses.

Look at this! They have an array of choices for you to choose from;
From reading glass, prescription glasses to sun glasses.
All of us, the bloggers were really amazed and spoilt with choices when we were there.

I love their interesting frames and glasses very very much! Very different from the usual glasses.


I ended up choosing for this mirrored sunglasses here and this gold framed prescription glasses
because to me, they look really special and unique. Fashionable frames with excellent clear lenses.
Most importantly they fit my face perfectly and comfortable to wear. 

Glossi is everywhere on the news! Click their facebook page here and to find out more.

Interested to get one for yourself too?  visit
Like their facebook page here

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