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14 June 2013

Mirrored Sunglasses by Glossi Eyewear Singapore

Say "Aloha!" to Summer! Are you guys ready for the hot Summer? I am ready.
Here's the thing. I am a huge fan of sunglasses! I always bring a pair of sunglasses with me wherever I go. 
Especially when I know that I am going for outdoor activity or travel and etc.
I do not have a lot of high quality sunglasses at home and I am really glad that I found Glossi Eyewear.
It is my current favorite eyewear brand at the moment. I should have discovered them earlier.
All of their glasses match my style and personality perfectly.
As you can see, I am not someone who fancy boring black hair or plain t-shirt.
I love anything that comes with pattern or a little bit of design.

For your information, Glossi received an Honorable award last year.
The Reddot design award gives Glossi a recognition for their expertise.

“The Glossi eyewear conveys cheerful retro design appeal with bright,
eye-catching color and transparent layering effects.” – Red Dot Design Jury 2012

Here's my new Glossi sunglasses. A loud, unique and special sunglasses! don't you think so?
I have never seen such a cool sunglasses before this. I am NOT exaggerating. =D

Here's my outfit of the day.
A baroque-ish peplum top paired with a baroque printed skirt, a bittenbelle purple bag and a Glossi Sunglasses.

Glossi was born to provide all eyewear lovers with fun designed,
colorful and chic eyewear that adds excitement to life.
Glossi’s eyewears are an infusion of retro arts into modern style
through thoughtful usage of innovative technology. New technology is born with this eyewear.
Each pair is meticulously crafted with close attention given to the materials and
design to enhance the eyewear not only aesthetically, but also the comfort to the wearer.

Material and Technology
Glossi’s frames are made from strong and flexible NCP™ (Nylon Compound)
to give comfort and near-weightless pressure on the face.
The NCP™ gives the frames a glossy look and makes it more durable.
To add fun elements, a unique coating is applied to the frame to create reflective patterns
and colors on the frame, giving it a contrasting look.
To give the frames a competitive edge, we minimize the usage of rivets
and soldering in the construction of the Glossi’s eyewear.
Soldering and rivets are replaced with hand-stitching of Nylon strings to 
join the frame front to the temple or top bar.
This process provides flexibility and cushioning to the folding and
opening of the temple, giving the temple a springy effect.
Similarly, it also improves the quality and durability of the frames by minimizing breakage
that incurs because of soldering joints and by jagging rivets.

See the Fun! You will never failed to get attention with Glossi!

About My Glossi Sunglasses.
This particular sunglasses is suitable for almost any occasion, weather and style.
The lightweight and the NCP™ (Nylon Compound) material offers maximum durability and comfortable-ness.
I love its outstanding frame and interesting mirrored glass.
Most importantly, the price is lesser than most designer sunglasses in the market.
It is a great sunglasses, it is comfortable on the bridge of the nose and it fits my face shape perfectly.
I love how the glossi eyewear boosts my confidence and makes me look like a K-pop star. =P
These are probably the lightest and best sunglasses I have ever used.
They are so light that you can forget that you have glasses on when wearing it.
It gives an excellent field of view and offer great protection too. In short, Glossi Eyewear is awesome.

For more information you can visit
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