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01 June 2013

LEVI'S 501 Party @ Zouk Singapore - The Coolest Party of The Year!

Last week, I attended the most happening party of the year.
The Levi's 501 Party- Levi's celebrates 140 yrs of awesomeness that night too!
Yes, Levi's has been around for 140 amazing years. Extraordinary!

It was a night filled with awesome people, fashion show, free flow drinks, games and entertainment.
The event was held at Zouk Club, the coolest night club in Singapore.
I was so delighted and honor to be invited to the party. On top of that, I was actually being invited as a VIP.
Omg. I am so proud of myself.

Have I mentioned that..
I am also one of the Top 10 finalists for the LEVI'S Best Interpretation Blog in Singapore Blog Awards 2013?
 *pat my own back* Haha! I will talk more about it at the end of this blog post..Keep reading!

Btw, I decided to dye and transform my hair colour to blue and purple on that day too!
And because I was late to the salon, I had no choice but to leave the salon with my half-done hair.
See that picture below? That's actually a picture of me with my just-bleached hair. Guess what?
Everyone thought that, that was my new hair colour and surprisingly I received a lot of compliment that night!
Haha fact is, that wasn't the finish look. LOL! Well, actually, my half-done hair colour is not really that bad.
Yes, gray and red dip dye haircolor. What do you think? =P

Now, look at the crowd that night! =D

The fashion show is what I have been looking forward to!
Their Spring and Summer 2013 collection is so colourful, fun and happening.
If to you, Levi's is all about jeans only, you are wrong!
Levi's offer many kind of apparel from T-shirt, blouse, floral print top, checkered shirt, jacket and a lot more.
I can't wait to visit Levi's store and shop away.
Summer is coming! In fact, I think we're in Summer month already? That's fast!

Now, here's the fun part! 987 FM DJs were the emcees of the night.
Not only that, I spotted several local celebrities such as Ya Hui and Ian Fang too. =D
In case if you don't know, they are actually Levi's latest ambassadors as well.

They were wearing Levi's apparels and I love what Ya Hui wore that night.
I never knew that jeans could be so colourful, cheerful, feminine and pretty at the same time! =D

Move on to the next session, the games! There were several games that night.
One of the games were led by The Muttons!
Contestants were supposed to wear the jeans in front of them, finish the drink, take off the jeans and run back.
The fastest team to finish the challenge will win the game.

Watch this video that I recorded and feel the fun!
Ps: Don't forget to change the quality of the video and watch in HD.

Another games were led by Bobby and Rozz!

Omg! Those LEVI'S fans and 987's listener were so supportive.
They follow the instruction closely and had tons of fun on stage. One of the guys even stripped his pant off!

The contestants were supposed to pick up anything from the bag when the music stops.
The one with the most number of item will win the game.
As shown below, this guy with a complete bikini set, wig and other accessories won the game!
He was so extremely funny!

What's a party without cool people and friends? =D
I managed to take some picture with the DJs and my fellow blogger friends at the party!

A picture of me with Bobby Tonelli and with pink-bubble!

With XinYi and Joey + With The Muttons!

A picture with double Ds (Divian and Dee Kosh) !

Joey, Modgam (Mag), Pink Bubble (Elrica) and yours truly #wink!
Pictures were taken with my samsung camera, self timer mode. Haha!

Thank you so much LEVI'S for the awesome party!
We had so much fun that night. Cheers!

For more information, visit;
LEVI'S Official Singapore Website
LEVI'S 501 Interpretation Website:
LEVI'S Singapore Facebook:

Ohay! Yes, I am so extremely delighted that my blog is nominated as
"The top 10 finalist for the LEVI'S Best 501 Interpretation Blog in Singapore Blog Awards 2013"
So, in this month I will be sharing about LEVI'S Spring/Summer 2013 collection and also 501® jeans.
I am so excited!

Now, your vote is highly appreciated.

1. All you need to do is to go to Singapore Blog Awards 2013 website HERE
2. Register an account.
3. Then look and VOTE for me, Irene Octoviani Tan in this category HERE!

Btw, I am nominated in 4 category this year. Appreciate if you can kindly vote for me in these categories too!
1. Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog HERE
2. LEVI'S Best 501 Interpretation Blog HERE
3. GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog HERE
4.  Best Microblog HERE

Thanks in advance for your vote! =D

Thanks in advance ya! =D


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