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10 June 2013

Glossi - The Fashionable Eyewear by Nanyang Optical Singapore

Good news! is one of the top 10 finalists for the Glossi Best Modelling Blog in Singapore Blog Award 2013 .
Weeks ago, all of us, the finalists were invited to visit one of the Nanyang Optical outlets in Singapore.
I was super excited about the collaboration with Nanyang Optical.

Today I am going to share about this cool brand called "Glossi"

About Glossi
Glossi brings a brand new dimension in eyewear that emphasizes on vibrant & bright colors to light up your life.
It is made of a strong, flexible translucent plastic polymer that is glossy (mirror effect), light weight, durable and comfortable to wear.
The two temples are joined to the top bar, and a frame front of a different color is joined to the top bar by nylon string stitching.
The two-color combination creates a third visual dimension to the whole glossi eyewear with
a unique see-through overlapping color effect at the top bar.
The wide range of colors also includes safe™ colors such as black, brown, and grey to bring more choices to customers.
It is a new eyewear experience.

 Grab the attention of other people!
The glossiness of the eyewear is the reflection of happy faces.
Happiness is contagious, spreading among people and causing them to be happy!
Put on a Glossi eyewear and See the fun!


All of the finalists were sponsored with 2 pairs of eyewear for review and we were pampered with choices when we were there.
Trust me, I had hard time choosing which one to get. I wish I could choose more than just 2!!
As shown below, see the colour of the frames and glasses? They are so colourful, vibrant and interesting!
Some of the frames actually give a hologram effect. That's so cool! very gaga, don't you think so? 
 I spent almost an hour choosing for 2 eyewears to take home with me.

All of the finalists were interviewed by team on that day too.
Question that I was asked was, "What do you think about the Glossi Eyewear"
I find it very eye catching. It is a really fashionable and trendy piece.
I believed people will notice me when I wear it.
I love the interesting frame and mirror glass very much.  In fact, I have never seen anything like this before.
I also find the material very light and durable. To me, it is reasonably priced, given the quality and design.

"What kind of style do you want to show with the eyewear"
I think, with these glasses, I can act like a K-pop star. =P

Click here to view the interview video

For more information you can visit
Like their facebook page here

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