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03 June 2013

Garnier Launches New Sakura White Range!

I love press kit that comes in a pretty box like this!
I can recycle the box and re-use it to store my stuff yay!
Now! What's new?

Press Release

Experience the Blossoming of Rosy, Radiant Skin with Garnier Sakura White.
The beautiful season of Spring only comes around once a year.
But now, Garnier brings you Spring all year round with the new Garnier Sakura White.
Experience the blossoming of rosy, fair skin that radiates from within, all year long.
It is as though Spring is blooming on your cheeks!
The Garnier Sakura White is infused with the extract of Sakura, a delicate flower from Japan that blossom for only 7-14 days a year.
For this new range, Garnier has carefully selected the Sakura Extract strictly from Shikoku & Okayama in Japan,
where the warm weather and fertile soil provide the best conditions for Sakura blossoming.
The rare nature of the Sakura makes it a potent ingredient that is the secret to pinkish radiant skin that reflects youth and liveliness!
Known to contain anti-oxidant molecules, the Sakura extract is rich in whitening actives that are clinically proven to
significantly inhibit melanin production, reduce roughness and soothe the skin with its anti-inflammatory actions.

Garnier Sakura White is also enriched with Vitamin B3 & Vitamin CG to deeply nourish as it brightens.
The range has been dermatologically tested and is suitable even for sensitive skin.
Garnier Sakura White Range has been proven to work on 5 dimensions:
Fair, Even, Transparent, Soft, Rosy to reach ideal skin.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam ($5.90)
The secret to clear skin lies in the thorough removal of dirt and impurities that accumulates on the skin throughout the day.
The Sakura White Foam creates a light foam on the skin that penetrates deep within the pores to remove all dirt and impurities,
while the gentle formulation leaves skin refreshed and hydrated, revealing a pinkish radiant complexion after each wash.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Softening Lotion ($17.90)
Enriched with Sakura Extract, it effectively brightens skin from its source, boost skin rosiness and transparency.
The watery translucent texture is light and easily absorbed.
After application, it creates a completely clean and smooth surface that preps the skin for maximum absorbance of moisture.v

My Review:
As what the name of the product suggests, the product smells really nice and refreshing.
Both the gentle cleansing foam and softening lotion are gentle on skin.
I have been trying the product for a week and I really like the result.
I noticed that it really made my skin to appear more rosy than usual.
Most importantly, both products are very reasonably priced.
I would suggest these products to those who want to have good complexion and has tight budget.

What do they promise?

In just one month, you can see the difference in your skin as Garnier Sakura White
work its magic on your skin through these 5 skin dimensions:
1. FAIRNESS: The Sakura extracts are known to inhibit melanin and brighten skin tone. In 4 weeks, expect to see fairer, more luminous skin.
2. EVENNESS: To combat uneven skin tone, the Sakura extracts helps to unifies uneven skin complexion and skin irregularities to achieve even skin tone.
3. TRANSPARENCY: Sakura extracts promotes transparency and deeply hydrates the skin, helping to boost moisture levels and keeping skin moisturised all day long.
4. SOFTNESS: Feel the difference in your skin texture as the Sakura Extracts refine your pores for silky smooth skin.
5. ROSINESS: Less yellow, less brown and more pink! Watch as your skin illuminates that healthy, rosy glow.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream ($19.90)
The Sakura White Day Cream is a delicate cream that glides effortlessly onto the skin and is absorbed in a wink.
The blend of Sakura Extracts, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin CG nourishes the skin deeply and
helps lighten skin tone and dark spots, refine skin texture, and reduce the appearance of pores.
It leaves absolutely no feeling of heaviness and its delicate Sakura scent further engages your senses.
Instantly, skin is moisturized, plumped and smooth. In just 4 weeks, skin is 60 per cent more pinkish and radiant.
An additional SPF 21/PA+++ is added for sun protection.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance High Concentrated Mask ($21.90/box of 4)
The Sakura White Sheet Mask is the ultimate treat for your skin. Recommended to be used two to three times a week,
the Sakura White Sheet Mask is drenched in Sakura Extract, Vitamin CG and Vitamin B3 that is deeply absorbed by the skin,
maximizing their rich hydrating properties, revealing rosy, fair skin from within.
This mask is specially customized to wrap your face like a second skin, providing comfort and the relaxing sensation of a professional care.
It is capable of absorbing 10X its own weight which allows Sakura Essence to infuse deeply into your skin to moisturize from inside out.

My Review;
I am a very lazy person, but when it comes to skin care, I will try my best not to slack. =P
I have been diligently using the moisturizer cream and I find the texture of the cream a little bit to thick.
Therefore, I only use that moisturizing cream at night as night air is normally more dry than day air.
Well, that could be my problem too as I prefer to use watery-texture kind of product in the morning.
As for the mask, I love it! The scent is very calming and comfortable.
I did noticed that my complexion became fairer and well-hydrated after using it.
However, I find the price of the mask a little bit to high. I rate the mask 3.8/5!

Garnier Sakura White retails at all Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets from June 2013


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