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24 June 2013

D.I.Y: Pink Bling Galaxy Note 2 Cover and Minions Nail Art!

Hi Readers, here's a very quick and short update for ya!
In case if you don't know, Indonesia, particularly Batam, has been experiencing blackout recently.
Yes, not only haze here, but also blackout and no water! Yeah, I finally know how doomsday feels like! =(

I am someone who never liked to waste my time. That's why I hate is sooooo much when people waste my time lol.
Most of the time I am in front of the computer, upgrading myself with knowledge and shopping =P
I always find something to do when I am free. My brain and hand just can't sit tight, they always run here and there.
That's also the reason why I have sleeping disorder. I can't sleep!
I always think, think, think, there's tons of idea in my mind. I just can't stop thinking and this is insane!
Mama, I want to sleep =(

Lack of sleep can causes loads of problem you know!
Bad complexion, dark eye circle, digestion problem, bla bla bla...
If are someone who can sleep easily, you are lucky!
Well, I think, everyone can sleep easily, except me loh.

Anyway, here's some master pieces that I've done during the blackout period.
The first one is my new samsung galaxy note 2 cover courtesy of one of the instagram sellers.
I bling it up with some studs that I received from an instagram seller too and also,
a necklace that I received from an instagram seller as well.

It's pretty easy, just take those diamante out from the necklace and stick them one by one with UHU.
Then, attached those studs and stars and you're done! I spent 2 hours doing it though.
As the cover is made of imitation leather and it is thick, so I need to use needle to poke whole first before attaching the studs.

Anyway, what do you think? I like it very much! It can be used as a small bag or clutch too.

The next masterpiece that I want to share with you is my minions nail art!!!

I filmed a tutorial for you too. Enjoy this video below.

I LOVE MINIONS from Despicable Me! They are so stupidly cute!
Btw, that's etude house new nail polish from their Color Pop collection, I will blog about it soon.

Thanks for reading and watching. Cheers!


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