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25 June 2013

Blue and Purple Ombre or Dip Dye by Caely, Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @313, Singapore (With Youtube Video)

Hellow my dear lovely readers !! How is your month so far? I have been busy omg!
If you have been following me, recently I have been busy with Singapore Blog Awards 2013.
Voting period has closed, thanks to those who have voted for me. You guys are awesome.
As what the title said, today's blogpost will be about my awesome ombre hair. Again!?
No, this time round, I decided to go extreme, fun and exciting. =D

I decided to bleach my whole head. Yes, from the top to the bottom. Except roots.
I was super duper excited and happy. I have been waiting for this moment for the longest time.
I am always a fan of "light" and special hair colour. Not really red, orange or brown.
Since when I was still in high school, I always want to have fancy hair colour such as blue or purple.
But, you know, mum always say "no" to those colours. Well, I have grown up and am an adult now!
I can finally do whatever colour I want #wohooo!! Best of all, my job allows me to have such hair colour.
Btw, what's even more awesome is, my parent LOVE my hair. I have the coolest parent on earth.

The first step was to bleached my hair, the process took about an hour.
Oh! Btw, I didn't read magazines or browse the net like what I would usually do.
Instead, I filmed the whole process! =D Yes, you get to watch it at the end of this blog post.
Man...That was a big changes, at least for me.
I want to record it so that, when I am a mum already, I can show my daughter/ son how cool their mum was..and is. Haha!

So, that's how I look like if I were to have blonde hair. I think I look fierce. XD
After the bleaching process, they applied blue hair dye on the top of my hair.
Btw, I was rushing for time. I need to attend a LEVI'S 501 Party at Zouk on that day click here.

Note to Caely: If you are reading this, I would like to apologize for rushing you.
You are the most patient and friendly hair stylist in this world.

She was so nice. Omg! She knew that I was rushing for time, so, she did what she could for me.
I felt bad and guilty about it. She just said, it's okay, as long as I look good at the party.
Omg I felt even guiltier. Thank you so much, Caely.

So that's me, feeling very tired after the party with eyebags (above) and here's some pictures that I took the next morning (below).
Omg. My hair colours look so nice even it was only half way done.
I have this urge to tell Caely "I think, we can just stop here" Haha!

Btw, when I was at the LEVI'S 501 Party, I have about more than 10 people telling me that my hair colour was nice!
Haha! See, I should just keep this ash-red hair colour LOL!
Vernon from The Muttons compliments my hair colour too. He said, the colour is cool!
Well, I really think so.

However, thinking about my dream, I decided to complete the whole process.
I went to the hair salon the next day and continue the hair colouring process. I am really glad that I did..
Because, Blue and Purple combination is even more awesome!! =D
I am extremely pleased, happy and exited with the result.

Here's a view of my hair from the back, I love the ombre gradient so much!
I have blue, slightly pink/red from my previous hair and purple!!
That's the coolest hair colour I have ever had in my whole life.

Click here and watch ME in real life and the whole hair colouring process =)

Forget my face, I told you I was tired after the party LOL!
Look at my hair under the soft lighting. That's so gorgeous man! #proud #proud #proud
Seriously, I think only Caely can did this colour. To me, she's the best hair stylist in Singapore.
Man! This is not my first time trying to dye purple or blue hair, I have ever did it in another salon.
None of them can give me such vibrant and bright purple violet kind of colour.
They always end up looking like dark red/dark pink kind of colour.

Well, in Caely case, Purple is purple. Blue is blue.
She'll get you what you want and almost nothing is impossible to her.
She have rich experiences and fantastic skills. Fyi, she has more than 13 yrs of experiences in this field.
Click here to read about her amazing journey She's an educator/ teacher. Now you know why!
My hair always gets tons of attention when I walk out from the salon. I am so happy. =D

Here's how my blue hair turns ashy after weeks and I am still loving it.

Let me end this post with a gorgeous picture of my hair that I took weeks ago when I was in Jakarta for a business trip.
I get a lot of likes, questions and compliments on instagram !! Follow me @ReneOct, if you haven't =D

More of my purple and blue hair photo HERE

Where to find Caely?
Shunji Matsuo Salon is conveniently located at 313 @ Somerset.
Oh! The salon is strategically located around Orchard road (just above Somerset MRT)
Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Contact No. :+65 6238 0226
Follow them on facebook page HERE

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    Just want to ask, in this blog, the color is done in 2 days? But can they do the purple pink in just one day?



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