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10 May 2013

Review: Discover the Lightness and Miracle of L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil‏

Hellow Ladies! It has been a while, I am busy! and...that's actually a good news for me =D
Today's topic is all about hair! You know me! I have been experimenting different hair colour.
It all started from the ombre or dip dye trend. I am so obsessed!
When I was still in school, I wish to have colourful hair colour.
Ombre wasn't in my mind, well, I gotta thank whoever that invented this hair colour technique.
I can have colourful hair without looking like an ah-lian now. *yippie*
From blue, purple, red, pink, turquoise, green-ish, well, I have tried most of the colour
except yellow, orange, white or sort of..I am not a fan.

Anyway, besides going to Shunji Matsuo for hair treatment,
I have been pampering my hair with hair product like hair serum, oil, cream, conditioner, bla bla bla...
Today, I am going to recommend you guys an amazing product that works effectively.

It is the EXTRAODINARY OIL by L'Oreal!
"Discover the Lightness and Miracle of L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil‏"
The Extraordinary Oil is a truly remarkable hair treatment product that is ultra-lightweight and non-greasy.
Cleverly designed for all women,
the Extraordinary Oil combines the nourishing qualities of oils while keeping the texture virtually weightless!

I believed you have seen the advertisement, the video and other promotional media. It is everywhere.

  My review:
I am a happy customer. I used to dislike applying hair product on my hair.
Reason one, some products are way too greasy, oily and sticky!
Imagine, I usually blow dry and style my hair before going out. I like my hair with a little bit of volume.
However, one day, after applying that one particular hair oil (let's name it brand A),
Holy! My hair became very oily and sticky. It even flattens my hair almost immediately.
That was seriously annoying, I felt like going into the shower and wash my hair all over again.
That's the reason why I have been avoiding any hair product that's heavy and
or at least apply it only at the end of my hair.

My life changed after I use the extraordinary oil! Haha *exaggerating* LOL!
But seriously, the hair oil is very very light and it smells good too.
You almost can't feel it on your hair after you apply it. It absorbs into my hair instantly.
I can totally feel that my hair is softer and smoother.
I highly recommend this product if you have very dry hair like me.
I rate this product 4.7/5.

Get yours now!
The Extraordinary Oil retails at $23.90 (100ml)
Extraordinary Oil is available at Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets

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