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02 May 2013

Review: Bust-Me-Up Treatment at Tokyo Bust Express - City Square Mall


Today's topic is all about boobs!

Alright, so, on one random day, I saw a Tokyo Bust Express ads on MyFatPocket website..
It was so tempting that I decided to register myself!
Soon after, they contacted me and invited me over for a complimentary treatment.

Well, I was just like you!

When I saw their advertisement on magazine, TV and internet, what's on my mind were,
"I don't think I need to do anything to my boobs. I am satisfied with it."
"This is a scam. It is impossible to see result in just one treatment."
"I don't believe in such treatment."

Well, guess what? my perception has totally changed after experiencing the treatment!

Keep reading !

Tokyo Bust Express promised these;

1. Fuller bust without undergoing surgery.
2. 100% natural and safe. No pills or injection

"Natural breast enhancement is the safest and healthiest way to attain a fuller, more curvaceous bustline.

With no costly and dangerous breast implants, no injection and no pills,
Tokyo Bust Express is the key to all of your disconcerting bust issues and concerns on painful procedures
Tokyo Bust Express uses an all natural approach in solving bust problems.
With the usage of their proprietary soy essence/serum along with
traditional manual Japanese bust massages, it will help to counter the concerns of your bust"

It is completely NATURAL.

So, I thought, well, it sounds like I've nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?
Ps: I was not aiming to get bigger boobs.
A perfect, nicely shaped boobs is what I desired (not necessarily big, huge).
Get what I mean? It is better to have small but nicely shaped boobs than big but looks like papaya (Saggy, loose boobs)
I want to look good in tube dress. I want to look good when I take off my bra too (for my future husband).
Muahaha! I am thinking a little bit too far here. LOL!
and Hey! Summer is coming! Don't you want to look good in bikini?

I decided to have my treatment done over at their City Square Mall outlet last week.
Reason? It is their newest outlet and it is conveniently located just above Farrer park MRT.
Well, in fact, all of their outlets are strategically located in town.
It is just that, It is more convenient for me to visit their City Square Mall outlet.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by their friendly and approachable staffs.

A cup of warm rose tea were served too. The ambiance was comfortable and relaxing.

About Tokyo Bust Express

Tokyo Bust Express sets the pace in its foray of bust solutions to provide surpassed and

progressive results executed through technological programs coupled with productive ingredients.
Embarking on to a higher level of efficacy with the most advanced technology,
Tokyo Bust Express has adopted the purest of organic soy extracts.

"Tokyo Bust Express is with you in solving your bust problems."

Btw, guess what?
They specially prepared those lovely lilies for me! Aww..loved! Thank you so much, Tokyo Bust Express!

Before the treatment, my therapist did a consultation with me. She educated me with a lot of information too! 

I have countless of question about my boobs and I do not know who to ask to.
So, on that day, I spammed my therapist with tons of question. Haha!
I think, we spent almost more than 15 mins discussing about boobs! Haha! Pardon my curiousness!

Question one:

This is embarrassing, but, I notices some bumps around my nipple. Is that normal?
Description: The bumps are like pimple but I don't really feel them. They are not itchy or sore or anything. They are just bumps.
Answer: They are perfectly normal. In fact, they are supposed to be there. Google "Montgomery glands"
According to scientists, they secrete liquid that lubricates the nipple area.

Question two:

I always feel better to sleep with bra on, is that okay? Because, I heard, it is actually not recommended to sleep with bra on.
Answer: The purpose of taking our bra off while sleeping is to let it relax, however, if it is more comfortable for you, go for it.
Tips: Choose bra that has no under wire that's suitable for sleeping which does a great job of lifting and supporting too.

and a lot more other question..

After answering all of my silly questions patiently, Taylor, my personal therapist asked me to striptease in front of her.

HAHAHA I am kidding LOL!
I was asked to remove my bra so that she can take the measurement. She asked me to stand in front of the mirror too!
Then, she started to examine the shape, the proportion, the size and etc of my boobies.
To be honest, I am actually quite confident and satisfied with my current boobs size.
But, after the consultation, I went... "Oh man! I thought my boobs were perfect! No?"
Taylor said "Yes, you got the size! But, as you can see, it is sagging and, your right boob is smaller than the left one
and also, there are some fats under the arm (Oh! I am totally unaware that those are caused by my boobs!)"

 After measuring, she explained about the products she will use and also the treatment that she will do on me.
Here's the procedures: Collagen Scrub >> TT Bust Up >> Senchi Bust Massage >> Suction  >> Daizu Mask.

These are some of the natural ingredients in their product;
Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexican Wild Yam Root, Humulu Lupulus, Dang Gui Root and Pueraria Mirifica.
They sounds alien, in short, they are like bird nest (expensive and natural ingredients) that's good for your boobs!

My treatment focused on lifting and firming my bust, make them look fuller, adjust them and bring em back to the center.

After the consultation, I was led to a V.I.P room and omg!

They actually decorated the room with rose petals - So romantic and sweet of them!
Talking about attention to detail? Picture talks!
The room was not very spacious but it was comfortable enough for me. Btw, I love their floral pattern bed sheet!

Ps: Picture on the left was taken after the treatment that's why you don't see any rose petals on the bed. Hihi!

Tada! I am ready! Ready to have fuller, sexier boobs =D

 First up, the massage!

The purpose of the massage was to relax my shoulder and muscle around it..
Ps: Eyes on me! Not on my lovely therapist boobs. =D

 Then, move on to the next step, the Collagen Scrub. It was kind of ticklish but bearable.

Now, the TT Bust up machine.
Taylor placed those devices (as shown below) on my boobs and they kind of vibrates and I can feel the electric waves.
The TT Bust up Machine helps to tone, firm and stimulate mammary glands to make my boobs fuller and toner.

The painful part was the Senchi Plus Massage- Japanese Style Massage

My professional therapist, Taylor, enhanced my bust region by performing a manual Japanese massage techniques around my boobs.

It was quite uncomfortable. However, remembering the quote "No Pain No Gain", I beared with it.
Senchi Plus Massage uses a patent bust serum that help to distribute volume for under developed busts whilst stimulating the formation of healthy breast tissue.
If you would ask me, which is the most worth-it steps from all the treatment mentioned? I would say the massage!
In this process, Taylor massages my boobs upward and inward. To me, this is the most important steps! 
The massage requires technique and it works like magic! I believed the immediate, obvious result is caused by the massage.

In addition, the Suction machine works very well on my boobs too.

Tokyo Bust Express has the most advanced technology!
The suction devices were place over my boob and they do this - suck, release, suck, release..
After about 20 mins, surprise! I can totally feels that my boobs are firmer and fuller! Mamamiah!

Now, the last part, Taylor applied Daizu Mask on my boobs! 

The mask is very interesting! It gets warmer and when it dries up, it became as hard as stone! LOL!
The signature of Tokyo Bust Express, Daizu Mask complements and completes the enhancement treatment.
Infused with organic Japanese Soy essence, Daizu Mask delivers the ultimate result for healthy maintenance of the treatment.

In short, It was a combination of technologies and massages aiming to maximize the bust
and giving it a perkier lift and to restore the shape of the breast to make it rounder and fuller.
The treatments and therapies aim to:
Revitalises and strengthens breast support tissues to enhance the décolleté area.
Utilizes Japanese massage therapy and special equipments by trained professionals 100% natural and safe.
No pills or injections.
Higher efficacy with the most advanced technology
After just one session, you’ll be able to feel and see the difference!
Restoring Fullness and adds volume to shape
Lift and shape sagging busts due to age or post natal conditions etc
Improve circulation to lighten possible pigmentation. E.g. Lighter nipple colour

I noticed the result immediately after my first treatment! I could feel that my boobs were definitely fuller, toner and perkier.
It became sexier and prettier too! Haha! I can't stop admiring my boobs now.
I used to have Saggy Breast and after the treatment, I was so extremely happy that I've got my perfect breast shape back! =D
Now, strip yourself, stand in front of a mirror, look at your lovely boobs and find out if they are really perfect?
Perfect? Are you sure? Really?

I thought my boobs were perfect too, but I was wrong!

I am really glad that I made my decision to go down and try out the treatment at Tokyo Bust Express!
You know what? After the treatment, I care my boobs more than ever!
I do not wish it to be saggy again. I want to maintain what Tokyo Bust Express has did to my boobs.

I was given with a tube of bust firming gel to apply everyday after shower and I have been using it diligently!
Yes, the result is permanent! However, it needs about more than 5 treatment to get the perfect shape.
Well, I am already satisfied even it was just one treatment!


Here's the current ongoing promotion!
Opening exclusive - Any purchase in City Square Mall, entitles you a FREE Bust-Me-Up treatment!

Well, you are lucky! Because, my readers get to win FREE treatments without any spending!

-Personalised Bust Analysis 
-3x Bust Volumizer Treatments worth $1088
-Kou You Tender Decollete Masks worth $488
-Lucky Dip Chance to win $500 worth of vouchers from Sephora

Simply Like Tokyo Bust Express Facebook Page HERE
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Leave your details Here. That's it! Good luck!

Terms and Conditions to apply:
a. Females above 18 years old and above only
b. Strictly by appointment only.
c. Promotion valid for 2 months
d. While stocks last for prizes

That's all for today! Have a good boobs day! =D

Ops! one more thing! Watched Star Awards 2013 that was held last Sunday?
Tokyo Bust Express had a prize presentation - Tokyo Bust Express Perfect Curves 2013 and the winner was Belinda Lee!!
Congratulation to her! She deserved it! Look at her hot figure! *Envious* =D

Tokyo Bust Express Singapore's Outlets;

City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 S (208539)
Park Mall 9 Penang Road #11-06 S (238459)
Nex Mall 23 Serangoon Central #03-32 S (556083)
Novena Square 2 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 S ( 307506)
Facebook Page : 



  1. Sis, does ur boobs looks more saggy or does it feel uncomfortable few days after treatment? :)

    1. Hi jen, no I didnt experience those =)

  2. Anonymous03 June, 2014

    Stop and prevent from going Tokyo bust! It's all a scam and bullshit! All they will do is to keep selling and make u buy more and more. Warning! Do not even step in else you will regret and I'm one example! Consultants ONLY want your money and nothing else!


Thanks for your lovely comment!