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18 May 2013

Best Hair Salon in Singapore - Shunji Matsuo by Caely!

I went back and visited my favorite hair salon in Singapore, Shunji Matsuo at 313 for a hair treatment weeks ago.
Now, a lot of you might think that;
"Hm..I don't I need a proper hair treatment, conditioner/ treatment oil is good enough."
"I think my hair is quite healthy. I didn't bleach or did any harsh chemical treatment to it. It should be fine."

My question is "Quite healthy? Really? Have you ever dyed your hair? permed? straightened? bleached?"
If you have ever did any of those, your hair definitely needs a hair treatment.

Everyone wants a well maintained and healthy hair, agree?
With the still on going trend - ombre or dip dye hair colouring, I do not deny that it somehow damages my hair.
Actually, bleach means removing the colour of my hair. In the other word, it means killing my hair. LOL!
Well, I have to thank the amazing and professional stylist in Singapore, Caely (Shunji Matsuo International Director)
and her team for minimizing the damages that could happened to my bleached hair.
I have ever said this, but, I am just gonna say it again. Honestly, the damages are way lesser than what I expected.
I even think of bleaching and lighten it a little bit more. I know..I current ombre hair is already gorgeous! Haha!

How to take care of ombre hair?
1. Use the correct hair shampoo. Beware! some shampoo does wash out your hair dye.
2. Use the right conditioner too. In most case, ombre leads to dry hair. You need to moisture your hair more often.
3. If possible, do not wash it too often. I wash my hair once every one or two day.
4. Treatment lotion, cream or lotion might help but,
5. Hair treatment works better and the result can be seen instantly. =)

A lot of us take every effort to look great by putting on make up, buy beautiful clothes and etc.
Hair care is often forgotten and it mostly leads to dull and damaged hair.
Hair treatment monthly or weekly is highly recommended. Fyi, hair treatment is different with you daily conditioner.
Hair treatment is more intense and works much better than a conditioner.

About Sherpa Pre-treatment;

The treatment retains some of the hair’s natural waves while giving it a smoother and glossier look.
The Sherpa pre-treatment helps to lock in the goodness of the cosme cream
by prolonging the effects of straightening, colouring and perming procedures.
It also replenishes the hair with essential nutrients on a daily basis, resulting in a healthier, shinier and more manageable mane.

Yes!! Those that you see above are all of the products used for the hair treatment.
Now, you still think that hair treatment is the same as you, using conditioner during shower? You are wrong!
It consist of miscellaneous steps that includes applying conditioning mist, serum, silk cream and etc
followed by scalp massage, steaming, shampooing and conditioning.
Hair treatment is best for those who have ever bleached or dyed or permed.
In short, if you have ever did any chemical treatment to your hair, you should try your best to visit the salon at least once every month.

Sherpa Pretreatment is ideal for your hair to regain its texture and shine.
The whole process took about an hour. Well, actually I wish to stay longer in the salon.
They have a lot of updated magazine and I often couldn't manage to finish reading them all at once. Haha!
Anyway, here's the final result. My hair feels extremely, soft and smooth after the hair treatment. Picture explains!

I love my smooth and shiny ombre/ dip dye hair! =D

I highly recommend my favorite salon to everyone, whether you are female or male, whether you just need a trim or a makeover.
Shunji Matsuo at 313 has never disappoint me. I have visited the hair salon countless time for hair colour, hair treatment and hair cut.
The stylists are extremely talented, understanding and professional. Get your bounchy and shiny hair at Shunji Matsuo at 313 now!

Look for the International Director, Caely when you visit Shunji Matsuo Salon at 313, Somerset.
Trust me, your will have a good hair day after visiting the salon, like me! Haha!
She is amazing. For me, she is the Best Top Hairstylist in Singapore!

Where to find Caely?
Shunji Matsuo Salon is conveniently located at 313 @ Somerset.
Oh! The salon is strategically located around Orchard road (just above Somerset MRT)

313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Contact No. :+65 6238 0226
Follow them on facebook page HERE

Last but not least, don't forget to quote "Irene" to get 10% off all service exclude haircut!

Here's Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at 313 Price List for your reference;

Have a good hair day everyone! *smooch*

After from the salon, I met up with my boyfriend around Orchard Rd.
We had hard time choosing for a suitable restaurant to have our dinner.
We walked from 313 Somerset to Paragon and finally decided to go to Ngee Ann City.
It doesn't end here.

We went to basement then, 3rd floor then 4th floor and so on to find a good restaurant. Queues were everywhere.
Bf wanted to visit his favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. So, we decided to go straight to 4th/5th floor. I don't remember.
We tried to go into several restaurants too! Unfortunately, most of the restaurant were FULL!
At the end, we settled down at Crystal Jade.
We were starving! We ordered a melon soup, a plate of his favorite pork, a plate of veggie, prawn and etc.
The dinner was good! In case if you are wondering, bf settled the bill.
Hahaha! I always pay for cheaper meal such as McDonald, KFC, Char Kway Tiao. LOL! 

That's all for today. Thanks for reading! #WINK!



  1. i'm smile reading your post in the end, you always pay for the cheap food ^^ but i see u always spend much money for beautifying yourself, hahaa...

    well, i never go to salon to get treatment for my hair, but i really want to go, i have no idea what treatment i want to get, i'm afraid if i dont get the result i was expect.
    i really love ur hair, look shining and health.

    May i asking u, i which is good for thin hair, rebon or smoothing? rambutku si lembut tapi kusut..
    help ya..

    1. Hi Sweetie,

      Perhaps, maybe you can try Japanese soft rebonding? The result is really good! =D
      Visit Shunji Matsuo @ 313 facebook page and view the photo album. You get to see a lot of photo there.
      Hope it helps. Cheers!

  2. hello! May i know when does the discount code ends :P

  3. how much do you pay for one visit there?


Thanks for your lovely comment!