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28 April 2013

Review: AC Clinic Intense collection (Pink Powder Spot & Red Spot Balm) by Etude House

Aloha! Today's topic is all about my all-time-favorite Korean Skin Care and Cosmetic brand, Etude House!
Again, I was sent with a few products for review and these babies flew all the way from Korea to Singapore and to me!

This month's the beauty pink box came with a little surprise! I am a happy #PinkBird <3>

I received some accessories, a mask and some nail polishes!
I will review that Fashion Queen Nail Polish in another blog post. Stay tuned.

Now, back to the product of the month - AC Clinic Intense Collection!

Before I start, as usual,  here is some information about my current skin condition:
I used to have acne-free skin and that's before I give up to accutane. After stop consuming that medicine, omg!
I have been experiencing terrible breakout especially during my menstruation period.
That is insane and irritating! My pores will appear larger than usual, skin will become more sensitive and zits everywhere!
Oily skin, pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, rough skin...Oh! That's holy stressful! =(
Here's a picture of my current skin condition which I am definitely not proud of! Hiks! Do not judge please!

Thanks to Etude House, I received two sets of product for review and they are from AC Clinic Intense collection.


Foam Cleanser -> Toner -> Gel Lotion -> Red Spot Balm Whitening -> Pink Powder Spot Extreme -> Pink daily spot, Calming Mist

These babies came just in time! I need a serious rescue! Let's start from this Red Spot Balm Kit!

AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm Set
1. AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 30ml 
2. AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm 20g

My Review:
Good skin starts from good regime! You need to cleanse your skin thoroughly every single day!
Especially if you are like me, who use makeup almost everyday, live in country with humid weather and pollution everywhere!
I love the smell of this Acne Foam Cleanser. It is refreshing and calming. After using it, my skin feels clean and soft.

It actually smells like a medicated-cleanser which is good! Haha! I know I am weird, but I dislike cleanser with heavy fragrance.
The cleanser produces thick and creamy foam and my skin feel doesn't tight after rinsing.
I have been using cetaphil my whole life and I think, it is time for a change as it is too gentle for my skin.
I will use this acne foam cleanser when I had terrible breakout.

Next, The AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm!

Product Information:
Formulated with Madecassoside (skin Healing agent). Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress extracts. 
AC Clinic Red Spot Balm heals, clarifies and soothes facial trouble spots.
Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with improved texture and skin whitening formula.
Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested 'Non-Comedogenic' means it will not produce nor aggravate acne.
AC Clinic line is formulated without acne inducing ingredients to promote clear skin.

My Review:
As what the name suggests, it is a balm. The texture is thick and easy to apply.
I am amazed! The product absorbs onto my skin within a minute!
It has minty herbal scent and I can definitely feels that the balm is working on my skin.
I have been using it for weeks and I can see that my pores are getting smaller and my acne gets better too!
I will definitely recommend this to people with large pores.

Move on, AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Set consists of;
1. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot 20ml 
2. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water 15ml

Product information:
This skin-clearing duo works gets to the root of acne breakouts to restore skin clarity and health.
Potent spot treatments are formulated with salicylic acid and hinoki express, robust ingredients
known for their ability to dramatically reduce swelling.

To use, allow the pink powder to settle before dipping cotton swab into Pink Powder Spot. 'Do Not Shake'
Coat acne with solution and allow to dry.
Now, shake bottle of Pink Powder Water then use finger to apply solution directly on acne.

My Review:
If you have acne and you want to get rid of it ASAP, try this magic potion,
The AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot and cover it with Pink Powder Water.
It works effectively on my skin. I had some huge pimples days before and after applying the pink powder spot for days,
I noticed that those irritating acnes became calmer and less swollen. #JumpUpAndDown
 I always leave it overnight and the next morning when I wake up, I can see that my acne is almost disappear. You should try it too!
It does have whitening effect. I can see that my scars are getting better and less visible too.
Again, like other product in AC Clinic range, this pink powder spot smells like medicine.
I do not mind the smell. In fact, I find the smell comfortable.

Alright, that's all for today! I hope the review is useful for you! Cheers to clearer skin! #yay!

Etude House is available in these countries (click to visit the website of the respective country):
Check out their global website here

For more information, you can also check out here



  1. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    I quite like reading through an article that will make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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  2. I tried the pink powder spot and nothing happen :( it didn't work on me.


  3. Ah I really want to try this
    thank you so much for the review
    I love your blog, new follower here ^^

  4. woah, did etude house contact you and ask you to do a review? thats amazing! BTW back to the topic, i love your review! its full of emotions and I just got mine today! Hope it will have the same effects on my skin as you do. Thanks for such a beautiful review :D

  5. Woah, did Etude House contact you and ask you to do a review on their products?! Thats amazing! I just got my set today and hope it will have to same effects on my skin as you do. Thanks for such a good review, it is filled with emotions and looking forward for more reviews to come :D

  6. I've read other reviews about the AC Clinic Intense products and from what I've read, the Pink Powder Spot was supposed to be used at night and the Pink Powder Water was meant to be used at day. I'm a bit confused.
    I ordered my AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I did what I read in the other reviews and put the Pink Powder Water at day and the Pink Powder Spot at night. But I like your review more, I've got a good feeling about it, idk.
    Anyway, I'm trying your method tonight and let's see if my skin feels better or not.

    My trial kit didn't include the Red Spot Balm, but I'm planning to order it soon.

    Thanks for all the useful information :)


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