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25 April 2013

New Spring Hair Colour by Caely Tham, Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

"Seasons change, so does my hair!" - ReneOct

Dear readers,
If you have been following my twitter or instagram, you should have known that,
I have changed my hair colour to RED, PINK and PURPLE! That's the cutest / sweetest colour combination ever!
My previous hair colour was peacock colour (turquoise, blue and purple) remember? click here
The turquoise colour became green-ish and I am not a fan of green colour so, I decided to change it!
Trust me, it was a challenging process as they need to remove the turquoise colour first.
Luckily, Shunji Matsuo has the most professional team ever! You can totally leave your hair with them.

My eyebag is sexy and I know it! LOL!

After all of the bleaching, colouring and re-colouring, are you ready to see the result?
Tadaaahh!! So sweet! Aw!!

 It has been almost two month and I am surprised that the colour is so extremely long lasting!
I mean, you know right! bright colour such as red, pink, blue or purple will slowly fade away..
But, see this! my pink and purple ombre or dip dye hair colour is still so bright! #SuperSatisfied
and notice that? my hair still shines bright like a diamond! =D
Haha! Okay..maybe not as shiny as a diamond but it is definitely shinier than I expected.
I have bleached my hair for countless times and my hair is still amazingly soft and shiny!
I have to thank Caely for taking care of my hair, of course!

Btw, my hair has 4 hair colour now, brown, red, pink and purple! From far, it looks like two-toned or three-toned!
Oh! it wasn't easy and super troublesome to achieve this beautiful colour.. They need to remember the steps...

E.g: lowest layer: Red, Pink, Purple then repeat, Red, Pink, Purple...
Then the second lowest layer, Pink, Purple, Red, again, repeat Pink, Purple, Red...
Haha! Confusing much? =D
They need to do that in order to achieve hologram or gradient kind of effect!

Lookig for or interested in trendy hair colour? ombre hair colours? dip dye hair colour? creative hair colour?
You should look for Caely Tham at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at 313 Somerset!
She's probably best hairstylist in Singapore! I have been to many salon and she's totally the one that I have been searching for!
#SoundsLikeALoveLetter haha! I am very particular and picky when it comes to hair and she always know how to surprise me.

This is how it looks like under bright lighting. 

...and this is how it looks like indoor! The colour is safe for school or work, don't you agree?

I love being unique and different, I mean, to me, black or brown is boring and sooo not me!
That's the reason why, I love to dye my hair. I want to be different. =)

Personal experience:
Before going to Shunji Matsuo, I actually have ever been to other salon and requested for ombre hair colour.
Satisfied with the result? No. =( The ombre effect was not obvious. The outcome doesn't even close to ombre!
The stylist was not daring enough. My ombre hair looks just like normal hair colour.

My life changed after I met the awesome top hair stylist, Caely Tham!
I strongly recommend Caely if you want to have creative hair cut or long lasting hair colour.
"You can definitely trust her with you hair."

She know what's trending, she's updated and most importantly, she's really creative and fashionable.
Ah! I wanted to share with you her current hair colour but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Want to know what's the current trendiest hair colour in 2013? Blonde/ bright colour inside and dark colour outside!
Caely has it on her hair and it's super cool! You have to check her out when you visit the salon.

Where to find Caely?
Shunji Matsuo Salon is conveniently located at 313 @ Somerset.
Oh! The salon is strategically located around Orchard road (just above Somerset MRT)

313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Contact No. :+65 6238 0226
Follow them on facebook page HERE

Last but not least, don't forget to quote "Irene" to get 10% off all service exclude haircut!

Have a good hair day everyone! *smooch*



  1. yes, pink is the most cutest color, but i would never coloring my hair with pink :)

    you look more attractive with new hair color,
    oia, may i know, what u do to make u hair health.


  2. what a gorgeous ombre color xD

  3. huwaaaa..bagus...pengen bgt coloring kyk gitu, tp kantorku kira2 ngebolehin ga ya..hihihi..ntar dikira saingan ama mahasiswanya..

    but..i like it so much

  4. OMG Cee!!~ rambutnya!~ oke deh

  5. Lucu banget warnanyaaaaa >.<


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