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04 March 2013

Review: Nutriganics - Drops of Youth (Best Sellers)

About Nutriganics - Drops of Youth
The Body Shop certified organic range has been created for the first signs of ageing.
This innovative concentrate helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.
Fine lines appear smoother in just four weeks. Smoothes Instantly moisturising 99% of ingredients are of natural origin

How to use?
Gently massage two to three drops into skin, and allow to sink in before applying your usual moisturiser or serum.

My Review:
Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. The product came in a glass bottle as shown.
I like the packaging! it comes with a pump which is not only hygienic but also convenient as it prevents wastage.
The product smells refreshing and comfortable. I love the natural light-weighted scent.
I have been using it for a month already! I absolutely notice a better, smoother and fresher skin after using it.
It appeared slightly sticky when I first apply it on my skin, but after less than two minute,
the product magically sinks into my skin without feeling greasy or oily - two thumbs up! It was easily absorbed by my skin!
To be honest, I find the price a little bit high. However, this is totally a worthy investment!
You know what? From my experience, even serum that's more expensive than this drops of youth are mostly sticky and oily.
So I really don't mind to pay the amount for amazing product. =D
This is an anti-aging product, which is exactly what I need! I am 23, turning 24 years old this year (duh! feeling old!)
I noticed some lines on my eyes and face already. Thanks to drops of youth! The lines is now less obvious.

I rate this product 4.8/5 and I would definitely re-purchase it again.

You can try the product at any The Body Shop store and feel it yourself! Trust me, this is really a must-try product!

Nutriganics Drops of Youth (Price S$58.90) 

Star Product of The Body Shop as it is a hero product that has been selling well through the months!
Drops of Youth is one of the best sellers even though it was launched only last year.
8 in 10 Asian women now use Drops of Youth everyday with one bottle sold every minute.

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  1. From your reviews it seems a great product.Can i get it online?


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