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11 March 2013

Review: Etude House- Sweet Recipe Collection (Featuring: SHINee, Sulli & Krystal)

This month's Etude House Pink Box's theme is "Sweet Recipe" !
Yappie I was very delighted when I received their latest collection and I am really honoured to be one of their pink birds!
As usual, the packaging of Etude House product always "wow" me!

Have you read about my review on the Princess Etoinette collection? You have to! HERE =P

The new Sweet Recipe Collection was inspired by the 'Classic Fairy Tale Hansel & Gretel'
expressing mouthwatering dessert designed packages, vibrant textures and sweet fragrance
to full make-up line and accessories, which all perfectly represent the sweet desert fulfilling the five senses.

You know what? This Sweet Recipe collection is selling like hotcakes! Especially this 'Baby Choux Base'!
Most of the Sweet Recipe cosmetic were already sold out by the 2nd day of the campaign in Korea! Very impressive!

Now, look at all of the product featured in this month's pink box below..Aren't they adorably cute?
Think of cake, sweet, macaroon, ice cream..Think of Sweet Recipe by Etude House!

This month's Pink Box consists of;
Baby Choux Base, Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, Sliced Cake Puffs and Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Now, let's start from this 'Ice cream nails' nail polish! They are the cutest nail polishes I have ever seen!
Very straight forward! The colours and the packaging of the nail polishes are ice cream inspired.
It is a glitter and stone infused pastel nail colours in yummy ice cream cone design bottle.

Watch this video for the swatches:

Here's the colours available;

1. Strawberry Stars Candy - Instead of strawberry red, it actually looks like purple / pinkish colour to me!
2. Mint Choco Chip - A very gentle mint blue almost turquoise kind of colour! - Very nice!
3. Candy Apricot - A nude (almost transparent) colour with very colourful glitter in it!
4. Lemon Sherbet  - A fun pale yellow lemon kind of shade.

My Review:
The colours are really interesting and unique. That was for the first time I applied pastel coloured polish on my nails.
Usually glitter comes in gold or silver colour but these ice cream nails nail colours consist of
pigmented coloured glitter such as blue, orange, red, pink, green glitter which is really new to me.
It creates a textured kind of effect on my nail.
I applied about 4 coats to achive solid colour! I need to pick up the glitter and distribute them evenly on my nail too.
Overall, this is a good-buy if you are a pastel colour lover.

To make it even more 'Ice Cream' I added some scallop pattern with white and silver polish on the tips (shown above)!
Cuteness overloaded, isn't? My favorite colour is Mint Choco Chip!  

Move on to another product, Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base.

The moist and fluffy choux cream textured makeup base and primer 'Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF25/PA++'
completes the skin by holding the moisture and having fluffy finish.
The silky control powder controls the sebum leave the skin flawless soft skin for long time.

Baby Choux Base is a cream textured makeup base that supplies moist, bright coverage for flawlessly soft skin.

You can apply the product directly with your finger, or you can apply it with that 'Sliced Cake Puffs' (show below, on the right).

Oh how creative is that! The puffs are stored in a plastic container and came in sliced-cake shape - Interesting!
They are soft and easy to use.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base comes in 3 colors :

Mint Choux (#01), Berry Choux (#02) and Peach Choux (#03)

Here's some swatches (with and without flash) for your reference;

Colour -Berry Choux (#02)

My Review;

Let's start from the packaging. The product came in a jar made of glass and plastic, which I think it is a little bit unhygienic.

I need to dig the product out with my finger to get the cream. Alternatively, you can use a cotton bud or spatula to get the product.
The cream was a little bit heavy and sticky when I first apply it on my face.
However, after a while, the cream turns into a powdery texture and my skin looks naturally flawless.
It has a medium coverage which is really good if you need to cover some scars or mark on your skin.
I personally think that this product can be used alone. Meaning, you don't need to use foundation after this product.
All you need to do is to set your make up with some loose powder and there you smooth skin!
Tips: A small amount of cream is good enough for the whole face. Do not use too much!

Talking about the scent, this baby choux base is the sweetest makeup base I have ever used!

It has a strong sweet fruity kind of smell - Yummy! The scent faded after a while, don't worry!
The texture is very light and it has moisturizing effect. It makes my skin smoother and softer.
In addition, this product is actually good for skin as it contains several
high quality and natural ingredients such as milk proteins, dandelion, safflower and etc.
Overall, I think this product is good for those with normal to dry skin.
This product really hydrates my skin and doesn't give cakey result. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

Now, move on to the "Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk lipstick".

Vibrant and shiny jelly textured 'Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk' supplies juicy shine with translucent colors for long wear comfort.
Also the 5 kinds of plant extract help the lips soft and bouncy with sweet jelly scent that lightens your mood sweetly.

It comes in 8 colors!

Here's the swatches of the product for your reference;


My Review;
This is actually a sheer-coloured lipstick!
Ps: Do not judge from the picture below! Haha!
I actually applied the lip vigorously for the Marilyn Monroe Makeup Challenge HERE 

The lipstick gives a sheer and lovely shine on my lips. The colours are definitely suitable for every use.
As shown, it has a punky glossy plumping effect that makes my lips looks juicy.
In addition, again, this is a good-for-your-lips product as it contains various plant extract that protect and moist your lips.
It has a cute and simple packaging. Just white colour and some fake pink pearl around it - Sweet!
Pocket friendly sized! I will definitely keep this lipstick in my bag and bring this out with me.

Now, about the Sweet Recipe Campaign!
 The new spokes model f(x) Sulli & Krystal play a sweet character each who creates the sweetest recipe
with SHINee who plays the sweetest owner of a bakery in the new CF movie!!

"Etude has announced on their official Me2day and Twitter that the SNS audition drama “Sweet Recipe”
will be released on January 23rd through their Youtube channel.
On the promotional poster is written, “Spring, a sweet recipe battle for a sweet transformation.”
The CF will take place in a kitchen setting with two teams battling it out to see who has the better recipe for sweetness"

Curious? Watch these videos!

Alright. That's all for today!
Products are available at ETUDE HOUSE stores around the world.

For more information, you can check out here


  1. pengen banget dapet box gitu dari etude tapi aku bingung caranya gimana , aishh parah bener" racun banget T_____T nangis dah aku ini wkwkw x_x
    itu baby choux , lipstick sama kutek yang warna biru sih bener" racunnn , udah tau aku lagi bokeeek hadeh" lol maap lebay T_T wkwkw

  2. can i know, did you buy the box of the etude house sweet recipe?
    thank you.

  3. The pink box is sent by etude house and it's only for pink bird (bloggers). You can get the product individually at your nearest etude store.

  4. Anonymous22 May, 2013

    Hi :) Is the packaging for the Sliced Cake Puffs really flimsy or is it the hard plastic type? I don't want it to get squashed if I carry it around in my bag...

  5. Hi, the case is made of plastic.

  6. Anonymous11 July, 2013

    hmm hi ehm I wanted to ask does the baby choux base is also suitable for combination to oily sensitive skin? :( I'm afraid it could cause break outs


Thanks for your lovely comment!