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15 March 2013

Review: Caffein Cafe at Nagoya Hill - Best Cake and Coffee in Batam

Firstly, let me warn you: This post is NOT for the faint hearted. Do not read this while you are hungry!
Alright, so today's post is all about dessert (cake, tart, muffin), sandwich, burger, tea and coffee!
I am going to introduce you guys a newly opened, well-established boutique cafe in Batam!

Before I start reviewing their yummy menus, allow me to show you around first?
As you can see! They spent a fortune on its interior design!
Caffein Cafe has a French-inspired interiors highlighting its classic design with wood panels and menu well-written on a chalk board.
The moment I step into this gorgeous boutique cafe, I smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee.

I believed that this is the first cafe with self-service ordering system in Batam other than Starbucks?
(correct me if I am not wrong)
How to order? Simply go to the dessert counter, choose your dessert, order your tea/coffee,
settle your bill and find your seat (You can choose to sit on level 1 or level 2 or al fresco)
The cakes and drinks will be served to you by their friendly and attentive staffs.

Who's the owners?

Behind this elegantly decorated cafe is two passionate youngsters, Joe and Pandudinata. 
One of the owners, Joe himself is an experienced professional Barista.
Before opening this cafe, he has been researching and upgrading his skill in Melbourne, Australia.
He worked for various high-end cafes and gained fruitful knowledge before finally decided to open his own business in Batam.
Both owners are Bachelor's Degree holder. They choose to leave their high-paying job to pursue their dream.

Many café owners in Batam have no experience to what they are selling and they rely heavily on their staff to run the business.
That's the reason why, many cafe in Batam did not survive and closed down.

Please note that - Caffein Cafe is different.

The bosses are also the staffs, the waiters and they are barista too!
They work hard and put a lot of effort in everything.
That explains why the quality of service, food and drink are well maintained.

In addition, they have their own in-house professional pastry chefs, who enjoy making dessert.
Their pastry chefs and team make fresh-baked tarts, cakes, muffins, sandwiches, burgers and desserts on daily-basis!
All of the item on their menu are made with original and authentic recipes.

The pastries are minimalist and contemporary, featuring fresh and unique flavors.

Most importantly, all of their food and drink are made with high quality and freshest ingredient!
Suppliers are carefully chosen with excellent reputation and ranked highest in qualities.
You know what? Even the breads they use to make their sandwiches and burgers are specially made by their in-house pastry chef!
More over, the buns and breads are made from wheat! Talking about healthy food? Caffein cafe cares!
They pay attention to detail!

They offer freshly baked cakes, muffin, tarts, sandwiches and other brunch items.

A red velvet is a cake with a dark red/ bright red/ red-brown color.
It is traditionally prepared as a layer chocolate cake filled with cream cheese frosting. 
The cake is very soft but stable and the texture of the frosting is very smooth.
Yes, some of their customers even call and reserve the cake before coming.
Red Velvet is a seasonal menu. It is a must-order whenever I see it sitting in the dessert counter.

One word to describe 'Extraordinary'.
Their Chocolate Mousse should be on top of your list if you are a chocolate dessert fan.
They use high-quality white and dark chocolate to make this yummy dessert.
It is sinful, and really good! So damn good that it melts in my mouth!
Doubtlessly one of the best chocolate dessert in town (I am very sure).

Firstly, I am not a fan of cheese cake. After hesitating, I decided to give it a chance and tried a few bites.
They were indeed yummy! It is very soft, tasty and not overly sweet or heavy.
In my opinion, the texture is what makes it so unique, interesting and good- it is so light.
Duh! just thinking about it makes me want some. In short, their Cheese Cake is different, satisfying and worth trying!
"It's so extremely fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Their Fruit Tarts definitely deserve a mention.
The crispy base, leaving a hint of savory saltiness that compliments the fresh fruits on top.
I love the fact that it is light, refreshing and perfect for dessert even after a heavy meal.
It is very simple and it taste simply nice.

I like how the bitterness of the chocolate well-blended with the light and fluffy cake.
The chocolate cream is like a little piece of heaven. It complements the cake very well.
The cake has the right texture and flavor! It taste as good as they look.
Definitely one of the exquisite cakes that want to put in your to-eat-list when you visit the cafe.

Coffee cake is a cake filled with coffee flavored cream. It is highly raved by a lot of their customer!
Think of Tiramisu, think of Caffein Coffee Cake! They taste similar!
The cake itself is soft and fluffy. The coffee cream is not overpowering as it is of a light texture.
The cakes are not only pretty looking, they are moist and flavorful as well - impressive!
It's an extraordinary cake which is exclusively available at Caffein Cafe only.

My favorite? It has to be something chocolaty and rich, of course!
I highly recommend their Chocolate Mousse, Opera Cake and Coffee Cake.
Rest assured. They strictly control the quality and the sweetness of their dessert.
They always make sure that the desserts are not over-sweet.

They have other new desserts such as Lemon Meringue, Kue Lapis or (Layer Cake), Black Forest
and a lot more other seasonal desserts that I have not try! >_<
I heard they will launch their Chocolate Lave Cake, Macarons, Waffles and etc soon (I hope the rumor is true)

Overall, they offer the yummiest cakes that are simply divine! The pastries and coffee look like works of art!
The plate art are so pretty that I almost cannot bear to eat them!
The coffee is freshly brewed with the best coffee bean and texture is nice smooth and aromatic.
Coffee lovers should visit this place, seriously!
Latte art is not their main focus. Their selling point is the taste and quality of the coffee itself.
Latte art will be provided upon request, I think (Double check with the owner?).

Lastly, they have a wide-variety of flower tea too!
Earl Grey, Sun Down, Berries of Forest, Jasmine, Chamomile, Green Tea and a lot more..
Regardless of the processing method, brewed tea not only tastes and smells good, but can have many health benefits as well!
Drinking tea is preferred after a heavy dessert feast. It helps with digestion and reduce bloatedness.

Price Range: Rp 8.800 to Rp 24.800

To be honest, it is a little pricey for a dessert and coffee (in Batam), but trust me, it’s worth every cent.
Btw, if we compared to Singapore, the dessert are definitely under-priced!
It costs you only SGD 3 for the most expensive cake in the cafe..!! Shocking right?
You have to try this when you are in Batam. It is conveniently located near to Nagoya Hill, Batam's largest shopping mall.
Comparing all of the pastry shop I have been to,
I am very sure that Caffein Cafe offer the best dessert tea and coffee in Batam.

The Caffein Cafe is a place where people can meet, reunite and enjoy good, healthy food and freshly baked French pastrie
 in a comfortable, cozy, calm and relaxed environment.
As classic music filled my ears, I laze back in my chair, I forgot about the hustle and bustle of the busy city for those precious moments.
It is a perfect venue for birthday, proposal, company event or any occasion!

By providing quality and healthy menusamazing food presentationa homey and relaxing environment, and excellent service,
I can see 'Caffein Cafe' as one of the trusted brands in the food service industry particularly in Batam.

Looking for delicate finger sandwiches, beautiful cakes and pastries?
Visit Caffein Cafe today!

Address: Komp. Ruko Nagoya Hill blok R3-A3A, Batam, Riau, Indonesia
Telephone and Reservation No.: (0778) 7493712

Here's a list of instagram photo with #CaffeinCafe hashtag! See!! they have a lot of satisfied customers!

Follow them on Instagram for daily update or @CaffeinCafe
Follow their twitter too @CaffeinCafe


  1. Ahh...i'm hungry reading your entry, full of dessert, cake.

    desainnya keliatan mewah, pasti harga dessertnya juga mahal ya.
    *maaf udah spamming udah 3 komen.

  2. Hi Babe, jgn salah! ga mahal lo dessert nya..di tambah cafe keren di Batam ga banyak..jadi klo nyari tempat me, caffein is the place. They offer unique and cute dessert =D

  3. Im coming back... for sure!

  4. I'm planning to visit the cafe on my trip there soon (: Just wondering if this cafe is in the mall or is it located outside the mall itself,which is aound the parking lots. I've been to Nagoya Hill alot since I have a relative there so I so far know the layout of the aea but I have never seen this shop before! And your post is well written which makes me want to try out and the prices are really cheap especially if you're a Singaporean! Thanks:)

  5. It is located in front of matahari store or zenbu sushi japanese restaurant. It is not located inside nogaya hill mall. It is located outside the mall, shophouses side.

  6. Hello..
    Apa macaroon nya Selalu ready ?terhitung per piece or per box?
    Specialist for macaroon,kisaran Berapa harganya? Thanks before


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